That’s why i like him! That’s why i like them! Behind the scene story

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I’m very tired today, after handling the Kotatsu DE arashi & VS Arashi SP photos, but i MUST write this before i sleep!
A backstage story during the Kotatsu DE Arashi recording.
If you can read japanese, you can read this report written by a japanese fan here

Have you all watched Kotatsu DE Arashi?
During the last 20-30minutes, it shows several of their 10seconds challenge.
Those 10seconds challenge were ideas from audience, FujiTV opened to audience to give idea on the game, and those idea which are selected are invited to the recording.
Today around 20 (or more?) audience were invited to the recording.
All the games are written on papers and put inside a box for lottery, they will draw it out and play it at the spot.
They have only 20-30minutes for all the games, so before the recording starts, staffs made an announcement.
“We only have 20-30 minutes for this , so we appologized if your game (idea) is not chosen. Please note that not all games will be played today, only those which are picked through lottery will be played”.

Sho's hand ♡

So as you can seen on tv, they tried to play each game very quickly.
They only managed to finished 10games, and the recording time is over.

When the staffs announced that the recording is over, some audience looks so dissapointed. Some of them are from very faraway place, and they came here specially for the recording.


This time………………………

The guy whom i respect most stood up…………………

Sho : How many of you that your games has not been played, can you put up your hands?

Some of the audience put up their hands.

Sho: Eh.. alright, we’ll just play it yo! But it wont be broadcasted, we’re just going to play it now, is that alright?

The staffs are a bit panic.
Staff : Eh… but the time…….. XXX, please check if the time is ok!! (talking to some other staffs, or their manager)

Then the other four starts to say.
Let’s play it yo~ Daijyobu dayo! We wanna play yo~

The audience all saying “YASASHII….”

And they spent time together finishing all the games which are sent to the show by the audience.

Hontoni yasashii…….. 翔ちゃんらしい (This’s the Sho-chan i know)

This fan said she always respect Sho ever since she attended their VS recording last time, and now she respect him even more.
This is the second time she went for the VS recording.
She said, the first time when she attended it, she saw Sho and Nino talking non stop and laughing non stop while waiting for the recording to start, just 10secs before the recording is going to start, the director or staff walked over to Sho and told him that they’re going to change the standing position and change all the words (their speech).
Sho said “Hai, wakarimashita (OK i got it)”, and when the recording begins, Sho talks his new words without any fail and control the situation well. Sasuga…

After the recording, five of them say thank you and got in.

Those fans were talking to the staffs then. They told the staffs arashi are yasashii.
And this’s what the staff replied.

These boys (Arashi), they’re really good people, it’s unbelievable to say how yasashii they are. Maybe that’s the reason why they have so many fans, they can know what fans want and their feeling, they’re just a bunch of very good people

It’s not the first time we heard people praising them ne.
No one describe them as big stars, when people talk about them, they always tend to say these guys are just like those boys next door, they are nothing different from those normal boys, except that they’re idols.
I really admire those staffs who gets to work with them. If you watch the New Year Shiyagare SP, and you notice it, the staffs call Nino his nickname “nino”…
It’s unbelievable!!!! Normally staffs will call those artist their name with “san”, like it should be “Ninomiya-san”. I never hear staffs calling artists their nick name!
So you can imagine how’s the relationship between them and staffs, especially NTV staffs.

Thank you for the happy new year hours!

p/s: i realized i forgot to mention something very important, besides playing those “hidden” games, since they have no time limit, they took their time to talk with each of the fans who sent the idea. Sometimes you know they’re quite serious in playing too, so when they’re too absorbed and enjoying themselves in game and forget about the audience, Sho always walk to them and ask each of them “are you the one who sent in?” He is always trying to care about the situation 😥

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28 Comments on “That’s why i like him! That’s why i like them! Behind the scene story”

  • amivie neski
    4 1月, 2013, 2:03

    kyaa~~ thank you for posting this!! it really makes me feel good and happy… i was feeling down lately… arigatou!!! and it was really nice of sho to suggest arashi to play the games even though it will not going to be broadcasted.. arashi is really yasashi. the fans must be super happy!! it will be a nice memory to be able to work with them~ ^^

    rei125 Reply:

    they know how to put themselves in others shoes 😥

  • she746
    4 1月, 2013, 2:24

    That is why I <3 them so much…
    Their kindness is really real…I believe that since some artist/comedian who work with them also their fans which means that they are what they are in show or behind the show

    rei125 Reply:

    they’re not popular not only because fans like them, but all staffs and other artists like them too, everyone wanna work with them, especially NTV staffs (this VS is fujitv though) , glad that i like them too 😥

  • 4 1月, 2013, 4:08

    That is a really touching story!  Arashi is one of us, normal people, indeed 🙂 

    Im so glad that they [staff, managers etc] let Arashi make their own decisions. Sometimes it just feels like their lives are too controlled (well, all of the japanese society seems too controlled for me, living in europe) and everything is decided beforehand.  So its good to hear that others will do what Arashi says. ( I mean, what’s the point of being a big star if you gan’t demad anything, LOL — just kidding!)

    rei125 Reply:

    i believe they know how to say “NO” when they really dislike something ^^

  • laoracci
    4 1月, 2013, 10:51

    that’s why i love them esp. sho-chan <3 <3 <3
    †ђąηk ўσυ for sharing this

    rei125 Reply:

    i love him too~~~ ♡

  • ohmiya
    4 1月, 2013, 18:39

    wooooaaaahh… this story… honto nie I’m cry right now,,, cos I know,, I l love the right peoples!! And I’m really not wrong to love all Arashi members!! lately I just dont care about ranking for them,,, maybe I’m a mature fans right now,, just happy to see them still around make and doing something…!! and I believe they have do things like ur story many times…

    I will love them even more…!!!

    rei125 Reply:

    hush hush.. :shy:
    a lot of hosts (variety, news etc) and commentators said they are now because of their own character~ so i believe we all love the right ppl :p

  • Wen
    4 1月, 2013, 21:01

    Thank you so much for this report.. I cried reading it. Arashi is not just a group of idols, but 5 kind boys who care for others and for each other, that’s why i love them so much… Each and every of your blog post is awesome, will continue supporting ! 

    rei125 Reply:

    hush hush… :p
    thank you , your words are my encouragement ^^

  • 5 1月, 2013, 3:01

    Oh dear.. I was just having a conversation with my friend, discussing how sometimes Sho looks like a snob in front of the camera.. Well, thankfully it’s just my feeling! Reading this is such an eye opening… And this makes me love those 5 adorkable boys more, how nice and humble they are.. I hope they will never change, stay being the “storm” next door, hahaha..


    rei125 Reply:

    oh is it? lol
    he’s quite “cold” to people he doesnt know, but to friends and family, he (and the other besides him) describe him as “slave”, meaning he’ll do anything requested ^^
    as to fans, i think he treated that as his job ^^;

  • Sartika
    5 1月, 2013, 22:11

    Sho – kun,,YASASHI <3 <3 <3
    same with you, Sho is my Ichiban and i respect him very much ^0^
    Thank you very much for sharing!!! 😀
    Every of your blog post is make me fell happy ^_^
    especially Otonoha translation v^-^v i always waiting,,,hahaha XD
    I will continue supporting you,, Ganbatte \^0^/
    Arashi Daisuki <3 <3 <3

    rei125 Reply:

    thanks~~~ otonoha translation is what i love most, so i’m happy to hear people likes to read them ♡

    5 1月, 2013, 22:47

    haven’t watch yet but wow…
    They’re so amazing!!!
    and that’s why we really love them not becoz of their appearances.
    Thanks so much for this ^^

    rei125 Reply:

    they have today not because of fans, is because of themselves 🙂

  • daíana
    7 1月, 2013, 0:46

    Thank you so much for sharing this! It really makes me happy. They are always themselves, humble, kind, respectful there is nothing faked about them. That’s why I love them so much, it’s kinda La Familia feeling. 2ms5

    rei125 Reply:

    totally agree~~~

  • kimi
    7 1月, 2013, 18:09

    Ever since I knew their 8year long worked relation with NTV (Shukudai-kun staff), I was in admiration with their work ethics and their attitude. I heard when they’re doing 24hr TV 2004, just before Aiba-chan read the letter, their staff n managers were already crying (I believe it’s Sho-kun who revealed this). That was the C/D no Arashi time ne. Fuji’s was not really that heard, maybe coz NTV was the first to make promo like Arashi Challege Week, then Do You no Arashi things, also those 24HR TV (n the upcoming NTV 60th year). Fuji was recently ne, Fuku, and Hana Arashi things.
    But, rei-chan, is it true about TBS – HNA staff, that they’re treating them rudely? I heard from a friend, but she’s also read from somewhere. Like the HNA staff from the change of VIPLimo, they’re not really nice to the boys. I was like…..well…in that case, I might not going to mss HNA anymore. Hehehe

    rei125 Reply:

    hmm… i’m not their staffs :p
    I dont believe TBS will treat them badly.
    From what i know, TBS wants five of them together, but Johnny’s does not agree to it, as for the real reason, only Johnnys know…… Guess some problem between Johnnys & TBS, not them.

  • Valerie
    7 1月, 2013, 22:28

    OMG.. i almost cry reading this <3
    they're so nice~
    i'm in the right fandom indeed
    thank you so much for this article <3

    rei125 Reply:

    me too~~~~ ^5!

  • Persephone
    8 1月, 2013, 0:03


    i so love this! reminds me again why i adore Arashi so much… (and why he’s my ichiban! )

    If he knew that we’re touched by this, Sho could be laughing at all of us!
    he’d be like, `ehhhh… majide? naze??? ‘  XD 

    rei125 Reply:

    HAHAHHAHAHHAH i’m imagining his “majide?” ‘s expression LOL

  • zie
    12 1月, 2013, 4:32

    uwaa…this makes me really really really love them <3<3<3
    owh seriously..they are so yasashii ne…sasuga sho-chan..he always act like the mood maker first i thought he's really a serious person u know..haha..
    demo that's arashi!! this makes me respect them even more..i'm really glad to know them..haha…uwaaa..cho ureshii after reading this..
    and love your blog so much! keep it up ne <3

    rei125 Reply:

    sorry.. i missed out your reply >_< sho's very serious in work... he always try to be the mood maker and control the scene well.. (from what i see when i attended the VS recording) i'm also glad that i'm one of the fans, they bright up my everyday!

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