Incoming mail from Jun 2013.01.02

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Watching Jun’s “世界1のSHOWTIME” (Sekai 1 no showtime) and at the same time translating his mail :p

Title = ☆New year greetings☆

Happy new year 😀

2013 has started ne. I hope this year we can have more chance to communicate with you all, and at the same time trying out something new exclamation

Have you watched yesterday’s “Arashi ni Shiyagare SP” 😀 ? We did a big challenge right☆? Today is the day for “Sekai ichi no SHOWTIME”.
There are many new performance this time and i’m sure it’s worth watching exclamation Do watch it together with your family double exclamation I bet you wont regret 😀 ぴかぴか (新しい)

Tommorow,”Kotatsu DE Arashi” , “VS Arashi SP”, and “lucky Seven SP” is going to be on air. Spend your new year with Arashi ne 😀 手 (チョキ)
Let’s enjoy year 2013 too exclamation
Kotoshi mo yoroshiku onegai moushiagemasu ぴかぴか (新しい)ぴかぴか (新しい)ぴかぴか (新しい)


Photo uploaded by Jun. His script for Lucky Seven SP.

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4 Comments on “Incoming mail from Jun 2013.01.02”

  • 2 1月, 2013, 22:35

    Oh, I hope Showtime and Kotatsu will be up as soon after they air. I’d really-really like to see those, even though I don’d understand most of it. I’m just too impatient to wait for subs.

    Thank you for translating!

    rei125 Reply:

    i can understand it! :p I’m already standby-ing now LOL

  • Mika
    3 1月, 2013, 16:35

    do you know where i could possibly watch the New Year SP? with subs hopefully?

    rei125 Reply:

    gomen… i only know china website,

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