Incoming mail from Ohno 2012.12.31

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Late to translate orz…
Riida sent the mail before he went to Kouhaku rehearsal yesterday morning~
The title…. lol

Title = Kansya kangeki ame satoshi

Doumo~ exclamation Ohno desu~exclamation 2012 is coming to an end ne.. Many things happened in this year ne. For me personally i’ve had a drama this year, had a chance to go abroad for NHK Disney’s program, in charge of the dance for our live tour, i really learnt a lot this year. As for arashi, we have waku waku school, 24hr tv show, Arafes, and Popcorn tour now, we really had a lot of chance to contact with fans, shiawase deshita exclamationexclamation And the last spurt shall be Kouhaku exclamation We shall try to be relax and enjoy the kouhaku while flipping back to our year 2012. Thank you for supporting us this year exclamation Hope that we can walk together in the coming 2013 too exclamation
Sore dewa, i’m going to Kouhaku now~exclamation


Photo upload by Riida, the name plate outside their gakuya during Kouhaku.

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