Incoming mail from Aiba~ 2012.12.30

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Just when i was cleaning the house, Aiba-chan’s mail came in~~~~~~~ ♪

Title = Aiba Masaki desu

It’s coming to the end of the year ne…

Year 2012, we had a lot of chance to meet with you all, “Waku waku school”, “Arafes”, “Popcorn tour”, it leaves me a deep impression!

So i hope in year 2013 we can do much better and have more events and live tours!

To make sure that year 2013 is a good year, we’re going to ganbaru at the end of year and the beginning of year (^o^)
Arashi-san will make appearance in a lot of tv program in this year-end and new year holidays.

So… i know everyone are busy, but i’ll be very happy if you can watch even a little bit of it. Urm.. i know you’re going to be very busy too (LOL)

“VS Arashi” new year special will be on 3rd Jan. Last time during Spring SP, we lost because of me… so this time i’m determined to have revenge!
SAA!! Will i be able to make my revenge? I’ll be happy if you can check it out on air (LOL)

Before that, during new year, we’re going to have “Arashi ni Shiyagare” SP dayo!
We tried to recover those old monster program and every members are given a big challange.
There are so many programs which are so nostalgic, and i’m given the task for the program “Hospe” (^o^)

Hmm… i’ve never tried something so challenging before.
It’s consider one of the very dangerous and challenging task in my history which i can count with my fingers.. well i’m not going to say how many tasks i’ve consider challenging (LOL)

Last hope will start 15 January. Hope that you’ll look forward to it.
It’s a drama which we took it very seriously, but the story isn’t that complicated, and i think you should be able to enjoy it.
Zehi mitene~~ L(^^)Y

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6 Comments on “Incoming mail from Aiba~ 2012.12.30”

  • Wen
    30 12月, 2012, 15:20

    thanks for the translation! Really looking forward to Last hope!

    rei125 Reply:

    me too!~

  • 30 12月, 2012, 15:27

    Thanks for translating…

    Happy New year in advance. :)

    rei125 Reply:

    happy new year to you too~~

  • Yuri
    8 1月, 2013, 0:38

    Thank you very much for these !!!

    rei125 Reply:


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