Ura Arashi Popcorn Tokyo 12/17 – by Ohno

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Sorry, this Ura Arashi was totally late…. i was feeling very down after failing to get ticket for Tokyo Dome, so i was not in the mood to check on it..
It’s only until today that i finally can forget about Popcorn.. nope.. i cant forget.. it still hurts.. but today the Arafes DVD ease my pain 🙂
Never mind.. i had a very sweet memories for Arafes.. never mind.. 🙂

Ohno Satoshi
12/16 (Sun)
Tokyo Dome

Doumo~☆ Ohno desu. 4 days of Tokyo Dome, otsukaresamadeshita!! It’s our first time to hold concert 4 days continuously at Tokyo Dome!! It’s was like a dream 🙂 And the moment passed very fast, minna’s power was really sugoi ぴかぴか (新しい) We really enjoyed ourselves. Thank you☆ Today we had a birthday surprise for Aiba-chan, Aiba-chan looks so “shiawase” (happy), and i feel like crying when i saw him so happy (LOL) Once again i feel that i’m blessed with very good members, staffs and of course all of the fans! (cry) Many things happened this year, thank you for always giving us support, i’m feeling really grateful, from the bottom of my heart (cry), There are still a few days left for 2012, but i would like to say thank you!! Hope that we can have chance to enjoy together in coming 2013☆ And lastly, thanks again for making the 4 days of concert so successful! Hontoni arigatou gozaimasu 黒ハート

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  • Riruda
    27 12月, 2012, 14:25

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    Thank you~!! m(_  _)m
    I want to read it from their web but I can’t.. T^T
    I’m a little late, but I really enjoy all of Arashi diaries from you!!
    After Ura Arashi, now I’m reading Sakurai’s Otonoha.. It’s so fun! \(^_^)/

    rei125 Reply:

    welcome~ i’m just direct translating their words, hope to keep the nuance as well as the meaning, hope that it’s understandable 🙂

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