Celebration for Aiba’s birthday on Popcorn Tokyo 2012.12.16

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As mentioned in my facebook, they celebrated Aiba’s birthday in today’s Tokyo Dome.
I’m still very sad.. for not being able to get into the Dome.. but i’ll try to write the report..

First, four of them came out singing Aiba’s “Friendship”
There is a big meaning for them to sing Friendship i guess. This song was Aiba’s solo, and he said this song was sang to the other four. So today it’s the turn that they sang it for him~
Aiba was standing there looking at four of them.
The screen shows photos of Aiba when he was a kid.

In the middle of the song, four of them went backstage and the screen shows message relay by members themselves.

Nino: Aiba-shi, Tanjyobi omedetou (Happy birthday). We have been together for 15 years. It means half of our life are spent together, how’s it? You’re feeling happy right? Hmm.. seriously, i’m someone with very few friends, in my life, besides my family you’re the only one whom i’ve spent my 15years together. You’re very previous. And important. So, yorokupi (means yoroshiku in naughty way) in future too~ Ninomiya Kazunari

翔:相葉くんへ。 お誕生日おめでとう。 相葉くんと連絡先を交換したのは嵐になったあとでしたね。 どちらかの誕生日だった気がします。 10年以上の付き合いになりますね。 いざ、未来へ。 これからもよろしくね。 櫻井翔
Sho: Dear Aiba-kun, Tanjyobi omedetou (Happy birthday). We first exchange our contact only after we’re Arashi ne. It’s either during your birthday or my birthday. We have been friends for more than 10 years. and it shall continues to the future. Yoroshiku. Sakurai Sho

Ohno: Aibachan, tanjyobi omedetou. Welcome to the adult’s world. Hmm.. i guess nothing is going to change anyway. We have been very close since debut ne. Let’s kampai at Ginza again.

潤:相葉くんへ。 お誕生日おめでとう。 人見知りが激しかった相葉くんだけど、 今ではいつも明るく元気ですね。 おかげで僕らの現場はいつも明るいです。 いつもありがとう。 これからもよろしく。 本当におめでとう。 松本潤
Dear Aiba-kun, Tanjyobi omedetou. You were shy with strangers last time and now you’ve become a very genki and happy guy. Thanks to you that our working place is always full of laughter. Thank you so much. Yoroshiku. Hontoni omedetou. Matsumoto Jun

Nino’s words made me so touched…. 泣き顔
Remember in the letter during Year 2004 24hr tv show? Nino said, “相葉ちゃん、ずっと一緒だよね。ずっと、ずっと一緒” (We’re always together, always)
Nino said he’s someone with very few friends and Aiba is very precious to him…
My friend who never cry in Arashi concert said she cried for the first time…

Aiba cried when watching the video, and wiped his tears with the towel.. but….


After the message….

Four of them appeared again in cosplay!!! LOL
As usual….ふざけてる!!!!!!(playing a fool)
This is ARASHI !!!! :p

They cosplay in chinese costume style.. And the screen shows “HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAR Aiba-chan”

Jun wore like a chinese cook, and he was carrying a chinese wok!!! pretending to be Aiba’s papa! HAHAHAHAHA

And Sho…… Nino……. Ohno……

They appeared in CHINA DRESS !!!!!!!!!!!! LOL

Sho sleeveless…. hahah
Ah, Sho said he specially wears a sexy underwear for this (勝負下着) LOL

Aiba was wiping his tears during the video message, but when he saw four of them coming out in cosplay, he laughed *LOL*

Aiba: Urm… hold on (LOL) Yeah, my house opens chinese restaurant, but our waitress dont wear like this.. and my father isnt like this(LOL)! But.. i’m happy yo

Jun: Everybody is taihen yo. Masaki has grown up ne
←pretending to talk in Aiba papa’s style

Sho: It’s papa! (LOL)

Aiba: Thank you dad

And Aiba hugged with Jun.

They then passed the DVD to Aiba, the one which was played on the screen with their message.
The cover was not popcorn man but “gyouza-man” (dumpling-man) HAHAHAHAHAH

They then took out one big birthday cake, it was big and tall and looks like a wedding cake.

Before they cut the cake, Aiba said he wants to take picture.
Then Jun said he has prepared. And he took out his smartphone from his pocket (looks like iphone 4S), and started to take picture.
Sho then said “ていうか松潤誰か変わってあげて” (Someone please help Jun (us) to take pic)
Sasuga Sho-chan, he then asked the pro-camera man to take photo for them in front of the cake.

智:幸せかい? Shiawase? (Feeling happy?)
雅:幸せ!本当に嵐でよかった。ありがとう嬉しい!!YES! I really feel happy to be Arashi. Arigato. Ureshii
和:本当におめでとうだよ Hontoni omedeto yo
翔:(歌の)dearのあと決めとかないとだめだね。まさ…ばちゃーん!ってた(笑) What shall we say after the “Dear” ? (birthday song). Masaba-chan ? (Masaki + Aiba LOL)
和:まさばさんではないですねw It’s not Masaba-san? (LOL)

翔:相葉さん?抱負とかは? What’s your wish or ambition ?
I feel happy for the celebration, it’s a bit early but very happy to have Arashi members and 55000 fans to celebrate for me. I’m turning 30, and i will still ganbatte as Arashi, do support us. Arigato gozaimashita

智:途中泣いた? Did you cry just now?
雅:全然! NOPE
和:どうせ泣いてたでしょ Don’t bluff, you sure cry!!
翔:どう思ったの? How do you feel?
雅:ほんとにうれしー……ておもった♡(ローラで) I’m really happy….. (and he starts to mimicry Roora…. (as in hna)

This’s not the whole MC, but it covers the birthday part.

Photo grabbed from online Yahoo Auction ><

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11 Comments on “Celebration for Aiba’s birthday on Popcorn Tokyo 2012.12.16”

  • naflo86
    17 12月, 2012, 1:56

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    I was moved by the way that Arashi celebrated for Aiba’s birthday. It’s so close and the full of love in friendships. It’s also reason that i love Arashi so much.
    Thank you for sharing about Arashi. Ganbatte ne!

    rei125 Reply:

    The song friendship match the situation!!

  • Hui
    17 12月, 2012, 2:20

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    They r soooo cute as usual~ hopefully this part can be included in e DVD!!!! I’ll die a happy gal then!

    rei125 Reply:

    i’m praying too ><

  • Amu
    17 12月, 2012, 3:30

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    Waaaaah!!! They’re So cute *_* That’s our dear Arashi! <3

    Thank you for this report!!!! I nearly cry trying to imagine the concert T.T 

    I wanted to ask for your permission to translate your report in French.. Is it Okay? é.è 
    You CAN say no xD I'll understand ^_^ 

    rei125 Reply:

    Thank you for asking, do feel free to do so~~~ Urm, if it’s convenient, u can put a link back here? If not convenient, that’s alright~ 😀

  • Dani
    17 12月, 2012, 8:48

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    I just love them!

    I love you too! Thank you very much for sharing this with us!
    I humbly ask to use this link for my blog.
    Don’t worry, the credit all goes to you!

    Futatabi, hontoni arigatou~

    rei125 Reply:

    Kochirakoso arigatou~ Sure 🙂 It’s my honor~ and thanks for asking~

  • 17 12月, 2012, 15:40

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    Ahhhh, that is just perfect! Sugoi! Kakkoi!

    You know, one might think that Aiba is just for “kicking around” and have fun with but actually, other 4 really care about him…. 

    rei125 Reply:

    real friendship ><

  • 2 6月, 2018, 10:08

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