Ura Arashi Popcorn Tokyo 12/15 – by Nino

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Ninomiya Kazunari
12/14 (Fri)
Tokyo Dome

So that’s it, the 2nd day has end 😀
It was high double exclamation

Hmm.. i saw it in newspaper,
Arashi-san are really sugoi ne (LOL) double exclamationdouble exclamation

Too sugoi, until i forgot that i’m also one of them (LOL) double exclamationdouble exclamation

But i know we wont be like this if without you all m(___)m

Really “Kansya kangeki ame arashi” desu m(___)m

Hontoni arigatou double exclamationdouble exclamation

Alright, i think i have the power to ganbaru for the rest of the concerts 😀

Yoshi exclamation I’m going now~ exclamation

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