Ura Arashi Popcorn Fukuoka 12/9 – by Ohno

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Ohno Satoshi
12/8 (Sat)
Fukuoka Yahoo!JAPAN Dome

Doumo!! Ohno desuぴかぴか (新しい) The 2nd day for Fukuoka has ends successfully 指でOK I slept a lot yesterday so i’m feeling great (zekkouchou) today! パンチ Maa.. anyway i always feel great (LOL) I saw a lot of smiles today~ 😀 And i had a lot of communication with you all today too, Shiwawase ! I cut my hair.. anyone realized ? (LOL) I cut it yesterday 手 (チョキ) And now the hair setting is much easier 指でOK It’ll be the last day for Fukuoka tomorrow, and i’m going to enjoy it much! For those who comes and join us, who support us, thank you very much!! Arigato 揺れるハート Alright, i’m going to have “Yakiniku” now レストラン 😀

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  • amivie neski
    11 12月, 2012, 22:12

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    thank you!!  ohno really likes to communicate with his fans~ like fishing, pointing and etc… it’s super nice for the fans!! i’m enjoying myself reading this!! hehehehe~ thanks again!~

    rei125 Reply:

    thank you for your reply~ this makes me know that people are enjoying reading~~ 🙂

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