Ura Arashi Popcorn Sapporo 12/2 – by Ohno

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Ohno Satoshi
12/1 (Sat)
Sapporo Dome

Doumo~手 (パー) Ohno desu~ぴかぴか (新しい) Iya…. Hisashiburi holding concert at Hokkaido! It’s cold. Cold… Cold…~!! 冷や汗2 (顔) But once the live starts, it’s so amazing, we’re perspiring non stop (LOL) Sugoi-ne~~ Must be minna’s power 指でOK指でOK指でOK Well, for the tour this time, we did a lot of performance which we never tried before, and i’ve arranged the dance for some of the songs, it’s very fresh. And also minna’s reaction was very good, so we feel very happy~黒ハート I “fished” a lot today too (LOL) There are a lot of uchiwa saying “Please fish me” in Hokkaido especially, so i fished alot 手 (チョキ) Besides that, there are some uchiwa with “Peace shite”, “Yubi sashite (Point at me)”, “Bang-shite”, and recently there is a new version, “Kagi akete (Please open the door)” (LOL) At first i couldnt stop laughing, but alright, i “opened” it already. Arigatou gozaimashita ぴかぴか (新しい) 😀 It really feels good to have fun with you all and it’s a good way to enjoy the concert. Anyway, it’s really very fun today. Thank you 黒ハート And now we’re going to have Genghis Khan レストラン (Lamb)

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  • kaka
    3 12月, 2012, 16:55

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    Satoshi-san yasashii ne. 

    rei125 Reply:

    hontoni yasashi ><

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