Ura Arashi Popcorn Sapporo 12/1 – by Sho

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Sho-chan !!! GOMEN !!! I didnt realize he updated the Ura Arashi…..
So, i’m late one day…….. orz….
And… my pc spoilt…. so i don’t have any of their photos right now, esp the recent one.. so.. an old photo for htis time… 😥

Sakurai Sho
11/30 (Fri)
Sapporo Dome


It’s me.

Sakurai desu.

First day of Sapporo.

I had been worrying on the weather for this weekend, finally the first day of the concert has end successfully and we’re happy that concert is not cancelled.

For those who came, i think most of you must have worried about it too and feel relieved that everything is alright.

Hontoni arigatou gozaimashita.


After the concert, we went to had sushi.

During sushi time, we had a chance to talk to the staffs from Hokkaido, the staffs who had been taking care of us since we debut.

We talked a lot on those old episodes which we dunno, or we forgotten about it.

And i feel that time flies…. those forgotten episodes shows that these staffs has really been taking care of us for a very long time.

…Thank you!

Dewa, dewa,

There are still 2 days.

And I’m going to rock here in Sapporo! m(__)m

Yoroshiku Douzo.

Sakurai Sho

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