Bouquet wo nerae (Sakurai Sho) 2002.10.03

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Although the clip is blur, although i can only capture those blurrr pictures, i MUST write on this !!!
I love Sho in this, he never changes after so many years!!!
This is a variety program 10 years ago, they invited artists to the show and talked on their opinions on relationship etc. 100 female audience are standing by at the other room, they cant see the artist guest’s face and the voice was changed, they wont know who is the artist. At the end of the program, female audience are asked to vote and see if they’re willing to marry this artist.
Sho talked a lot on his opinion or view or thinking on dating & relationship.

Before the host introduced him, they showed up his requirements on choosing a girlfriend.

  • cooks well
  • working
  • in good relationship with parents

Oops………….. i must learn how to cook well… 😥
And i don’t like working………….. 😥 OK, OK, i will ganbaru……

First question, from where does he think it’s “flirtation”.

Sho said, if going out together with another girl without letting his girlfriend knows, that’s consider “flirting”.
If his girl friend knows it beforehand, then it’s not.
Then the host asked him, “whoever the girl is..?”
Sho said… “It’s a hard question ne…” and he laughed.. *LOL*

2nd question. An interesting one.
Q : If your girlfriend calls you up in the midnight and asked you to go and meet her right away, will you go?
Sho : “Hmm… if it will affect my job the next day, i won’t go…”
The host asked again, “what if she says she miss you a lot?”
Sho : “NO, i WONT go”
The host asked agian, “she said she cant sleep…”
Sho : “NO, i WONT go… consider that i beg her, please sleep!!! ” (HAHAAHHAHHHA 頼むから寝てくれって)

Yeah yeah yeah… i can imagine, that’s the SAKURAI SHO that i know!!

3rd question.
Q : What will you do if you saw your girlfriend walking with another guy ?
Sho : First.. i will get panic… (HAHAHAHAHHAHAHA)
Then he said, “but i won’t do anything at the spot, but i will question her later”

HAHAHAHHHA he used the word “question” (問い詰める)

I’m very touched with this answer… because in Himitsu no Arashi Chan in year 2009, during the corner of “Mote Arashi Dame Arashi”, when five of them was asked the same question, his answer was same as the one in year 2002 !!!
The only different part is, in year 2002 he said he will question her after that, but in year 2009 he said he will wait for his girl friend to confess to her.
Ohh…. the sympton of getting mattured ? :p
Afterall it shows that he never changed at all!! Of course small little change is there, but he really knows what he wants, what he likes and he’s someone who has his own policy, which he seldom change it.

4th question:
Q : Are you someone who will say “I love you” directly to his girlfriend ?
HAHAHAHHAHHA ! OK, this’s also as expected 😀
He said even though his girlfriend asked him to say “I love you”, he wont say it.
He said it sounds like a confirmation work? which he doesnt like it.

The host then asked which Arashi members is the one who easily says “I love you”, Sho said it’s Nino.
He said Nino likes to talk phrases, during concert, at the end of the concert, four of them just wave and say thank you but Nino says a long phrase, “I hope i appear forever in every of your eyes” (HAHAHHAHAA)

Soune, Nino said he likes to say “Aishiteru” in some other variety before. He doesnt feel embarassed, as for Sho he will not do this kinda “embarassing” action 😳

5th question.
Q : What are the 3 things that he doesnt like his girlfriend to do.
Sho : Flirting, Smoking while walking, exposure (meaning wearing those sexy clothes)

The 3rd answer received a bit reaction, then the host asked him what kinda clothes are consider exposure. They asked if he’s ok with camisole one piece. Sho didnt hear the word camisole i guess, he just said “Oh.. no… i don’t wanna her to wear one piece”
The audience and host was shocked… then Sho thought he got the wrong idea of what’s one piece, and he reconfirmed (HAHAHAH), and he said again, yeah… he doesnt like.
I read in other magazines before, he really doesnt want his girlfriend to expose herself too much, and he doesnt want her to wear short skirt, mini skirt etc…..
Then they chose ladies who wear one piece on that day and asked him on his opinion.

The left one, he said “ohh.. it’s ok”
The right one, he said “Chotto iya….. ” (doesnt like it)
Guess that sleeveless is “NO WAY” to him ne…. Fans, don’t try to be sexy to attract his attention HAHHAHA

6th question.
Q : What if you do if you learnt that your girlfriend was your friend’s ex-girlfriend ?
Sho : Hmm.. i don’t mind, as long as we like each other now.
The female host praised him that he’s a good guy, and he looks so happy~~~~

The host then asked him what if his girl friend was Nino’s ex-girlfriend… ?
He said…. Iya…. yappari it’s dame for member….

That’s the end of the talk, they asked the 100 audience to rate this artist.
How many of them are willing to marry this artist.
And it turns out to be 78 people!! Sho looks so happy!!!

Then they took away the mosaic and let the audience know who’s this artist.
And they asked the audience to vote again after knowing that that this artist is Sakurai Sho.
Sho said he doesnt want this kinda voting! HAHAHAHHA

The number turn out to be 94 !!! Sho was so happy and he “act” crying or he really feels so much like crying…? HAHHAHHAHAHAHAH

Majide KAWAIII !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I dunno where to get this clip.. if you know where to download it, could you please tell me?
Meanwhile it’s available at

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    1 12月, 2012, 20:35

    I found the sub and good quality here:
    Sho is somehow who don’t want to show his expression much ne…
    and yes, he will choose his works bw4 anything 😀

    rei125 Reply:

    thanks 🙂  i know this page, but my access was denied, tried to become a member, but looks like they are not checking for new members now…? >_<  that's the SAKURAI SHO that i know, and the SAKURAI SHO that i like 😀 ♡♡♡♡♡♡♩

  • yuiyamakura
    4 12月, 2012, 10:58

    I like Sho-kun even much more after read this post!!! >.<
    He is really kawaii,, XD
    but yet he is very very kakkoiiiiii….. *.*
    I think he likes a smart girl, right? I mean smart in attitude, dressing, etc…

    rei125 Reply:

    thank you thank you, i am happy when more people likes him~~
    i think so too.. and the girl must be decent~

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