Ura Arashi Popcorn Osaka 11/19 – by Jun

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Starting today, i wont be uploading the original message by them, just the translation~

Matsumoto Jun
11/18 (Sun)
Kyocera Dome Osaka


The third day for Osaka has finished yo~
Again we had a lot of fun today!!
Maybe because it was the last day for Osaka, we really had a lot of fun(^-^)。
I can see smiles from everyone, and i feel so happy, we also got alot of power from you all.

And today, i had much eye contact with member.
Especially Aiba-kun… we had a lot of eye contact…..
He really looks so enjoyable (LOL)
Aiba-kun, your smile was so charming (^0^)

One of my deepest impression is, there is a small girl sitting with her mum at the parent and child seat.
She gave me a flying kiss!
Majide kawai~ My heart was almost stolen.

We had three days of concert at Osaka, and it ends in just a blink of eyes…
But we think it’s not easy to be able to hold 3 days, and we feel happy.

We feel gratitude to you all.

We’ll use the energy we got from Osaka for our everyday.


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