MC Talk from Popcorn Concert @ Osaka

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Here are some of the MC reports i heard from fans who participated in Popcorn concert in Osaka.
Since i was not there, i’m not sure of the orders of the talk, just tried to translate what i heard.
Japanese wordings are credit of Japanese fans~


Aiba, Riida, Jun’s trip to New York

翔:ニューヨークに行ってたでしょ? You went to NY right? (talking to Riida)
和:勉強になったんじゃない? Must have learnt a lot
潤:ミュージカルで、この振りすっげ面白いって(リーダーが)言ってたよ Riida said the steps(dance) are very interesting while watching musical
翔:相葉さんは?How about Aiba-san?
雅:ニューヨークツアー、フライドチキンばっか食ってました New York tour.. i keep eating fried chicken
和:チケット代だけ返して貰っていいっすか Can you please refund back the air ticket
潤:(相葉さん)出演者のエネルギーに感動してた Aiba-san was touched by the performer’s energy
翔:ははははは(再び爆笑) HAHAHAHAHHAHAAHAH (laughing again)
和:エネルギーの勉強してたの So you learnt energy ya
雅:だから俺今日そのイメージだから So, you see i’m full of energy today, right?
和:パッションなんだね Passion ne
翔:でもさぁ三人でって初めてでしょ?何してたの? But it’s the first time three of you going on a trip right? What did you all do
潤:(リーダーは)タイムズスクエアの絵描いてる人ずっと見てて Riida keeps staring at those people who are drawing at the times square
和:プレッシャー! PRESSURE !!!
翔:買い物とか三人で行かないの? Not going shopping together?
雅:リーダーは行かないって言うから(←笑)二人でね Riida said he’s not going (LOL) so two of us went together
翔:ショーとかって夕方じゃん。そういう時何するの?Musical starts evening right, what did you do before that
智:広場でお昼寝したり taking afternoon sleep at the ground..
潤:セントラルパークって知ってる?大野さんが言ってるの、それ The place where Riida mentioned was Central park
雅:お友達出来たんだよね? Riida made new friends ne
潤:お友達? New friend?
智:小鳥さん Little bird
翔:ニューヨークの小鳥とは日本語で話すの?英語なの? You spoke japanese to the little birds in New York? Or english?
智:いや、半々(笑) Hmm… half half (lol)
翔:半分は英語なんですね So use use english too ne
潤:(英語)言ってないでしょ。飲み物頼む時もコレ、コレみたいな(飲んだりしたのか聞かれ) Definitely no! Even when ordering drinks, he keeps saying “kore kore” (meaning “this this” in japanese)
和:飲みに行ったりはした? Went drinking?
智:行ったけ? Eh, did we go?
雅:飲んだよね。リーダーと二人で。フライドチキン食いながらね Oh yeah, we drank together ne (Aiba & Riida), while eating fried chicken
和:二人で? Two of u?
雅:三人でいると、俺英語あんま喋れないじゃん? When three of us are together, i’m the one who cant speak english right
翔:みんなそうかなーと I think everyone thinks the same
和:えー!とは言いません Nobody will say “EHHHHH” and shocked to hear this (HAHAHAH NINO!!!)
雅:なのに(外人が)俺に話しかけてくんの But those people likes to talk to me.
和:やっぱ相葉さんなんだな。それなりそう、この人 Yappari Aiba-san ne. People find it easier to talk to
翔:どういう会話? What kind of conversation
雅:でかい人が、Hey、Man!って。まじかと…Hey、Man!って返して、英語で頑張って二、三分話したよね A very big guy appeared in front of me and say “Hey Man”.. I was surprised and dunno how to react, so i replied him the same thing “Hey Man!”.. and we talked for 2,3 minutes..
和:相葉さん、わかんないならごめんなさいって言えないの?なんで乗るの?Hey、Manって返されたらこいつ喋れるってなるじゃん Aiba-san, cant you appologize if you cant understand or talk? You replied “Hey Man” and people will think that you knows English!

Talking about Drama
雅:今ね、聴診器でマネージャーとかいろんな人の(当てる真似)練習してます。メディカルサスペンスエンターテイメントです Now i’m learning how to use the stethoscope, practising it with manager and other people. It’s a medical suspense entertainment
雅:聴診の達人って本があんの There’s a book on stethoscope specialist
翔:ははははは(爆笑) HAHAHHAHAHAH
雅:どこどこの心臓音って…(皆出てきたの確認)あ、俺も着替えてこよ It teaches on how to listen on our heart beat, where to listen.. Ah, it’s my time to get changed now (And aiba gets in to change clothes)
和:俺思うんだけど、役が決まると相葉さんそーゆーの(聴診器の練習したり)やり出すじゃん?俺思うんだけど…台詞覚えたらいいのにね Hmm.. when it comes to drama, Aiba-san always starts to prepare a lot of things (Nino referring to practising using stethoscope), why cant he just stay still and memorize his script? (AHAHAHAHAHAH)

潤:いつか決まってないんですけど、放送されるんで見て下さい Hmm i dunno when’s it on air, but do check it out (Talking on Lucky Seven SP Drama)
Then the topic changed to Nino’s Platina Data.
潤:すごい見たい I wanna watch it very much
翔:どんな話? What kinda story?
和:メディカルサスペンスエンターテイメントです Medical Suspence Entertaiment (HAHAHHAAHAH NINO !!!)

和:DNAですべてが決まるんだー!…派と、そうじゃないんだー!…派との戦い It’s about a story between two groups of people, one who insisted that DNA explains everything, and the other group who doesnt believe in DNA.
翔:それ、どっちが勝つの? Who shall win the battle?
和:それをお金払って見に来て下さい Please pay money to watch it
翔:続きは劇場でね! Alright, so please go to the theater to know the story ne


Ending greetings
This time it’s not started by Sho, ending greetings in the following turn.
Jun → Nino → Aiba → Ohno → Sho
Reverse from usual ne~

Shower story
Aiba filled the bath tub with hot water, and put in the bath salt he got it from others. It’s a cake figure, and the bath tub water turned into pink color. And when he got into the bath tub, he heard “Konnichiwa”, and Nino came in. So both of them got into the bath tub together… (LOL)
Out of sudden, they feel awkward being inside the bath tub together, so they didnt wait for the bath salt to melt and they got out of the bath tub, and Aiba was thinking maybe Sho-chan is coming soon, so he wrapped the half used bath salt and put it aside for Sho.
Who knows, Sho did not appear today!! He did not use the bath tub today, he used the shower. But looks like he was having a hard time with the shower today, the shower nozzle is tight and he couldnt turn it properly, he said his hair and body were all bubbles and he was closing his eyes, so he had a tough time “fighting” with the shower tap (LOL).
When they were changing their clothes in interval at the backstage, Sho asked Jun on how to use the shower (Jun was always using shower) (LOL).

Ohno’s dance coordination
雅:大野さんが振り付けされたってことでオープニングから早々に。振り付け考えるのは時間がかかるんですか? Ohno-san’s dance arrangement was used at the opening of concert ne. How long did you take to arrange it?
智:Uptoyouは1週間くらい。でも、全部頭の中で考えてたことだから。あ、今、かっこいいこと言っちゃった! It takes around 1 week, i had everything in my mind. Ah, i guessed i’ve said something kakkoii

Ohno’s sleeping habit…
Looks like Riida has not been sleeping on the bed,, three days at Osaka, he did not sleep on the bed even once!!!

雅:リーダーのベッドは超キレイなの! Riida’s bed is super clean and tidy!
智:イスを3つ並べて寝てるから、ベッドは1回も使ってない I arranged three chairs in order and slept on it, and did not use the bed even once..
和:あなたホテルに泊まる意味ある?ここ(ドーム)の楽屋に泊まればいいじゃん! Is there a meaning for you to stay at hotel? Why not you just sleep in the Dome’s gakuya!
智:いや、だって怖いじゃん!ここ広いし暗いし! Iya.. but Dome is so dark. So scary..
雅:そんな狭くて堅いところで寝てると辛くない? Doesn’t it feel uncomfortable to sleep on such a hard place
智:逆にベッドだと寝れないの。腰が痛くなっちゃって… No.. i cant sleep when it’s on the bed.. Waist feel painful.
雅:ベッドが)柔らかすぎるってこと? Bed too soft?
智:うん。そうだと思う。だから最近は家でもソファーか床で寝てることもある Ya, i think so. Recently at home too, i sleep on the sofa or floor..
和:あなたそれはさすがに止めときなさい。 Anata, Sasuga stop this kinda behaviour
雅:うんうん!Yeah yeah
智:もうずーっとそうしてきてて、慣れちゃってるからね。何ともない。 But i’ve been doing this all the while, used to it, it’s ntohing.
和:慣れの問題じゃないでしょ? It’s not a problem of getting used to it or not.
智:やってみなって!1カ月ぐらいやってら慣れるから You try it for one week and you’ll get used to it also
和:それなら逆に、私はあなたに言いたい。 If you say like that, i would like to say the same thing to you too.
智? (doenst get the meaning)
和:あなたも慣れればいいんじゃないですか?ベッドで寝ることに Why not you get used to sleep on the bed also?
The audience clapped hands…
和:ソファーや床で寝ることに慣れるまで1カ月かかるんでしょ?だったら、ベッドで寝るのに慣れるまでの1カ月は一緒でしょ? You took 1 month to get used to sleeping on sofa or floor right? So you can take one month to get use to sleep on the bed too right ?
雅:そーだよ!リーダー。やっぱり身体にはあんまり良くないと思うよ? Sodayo, Riida. Yappri it’s not good for health
Looks like Aiba and Nino are really worrying about Riida ne…

Stop writing now…. tired after writing for 2 hours *LOL*
Will update again if there are other stories.

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    Oh my, their MC talk is so entertaining. I wish Arashi can go to New York as a group, just like when they were younger. 

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