Ura Arashi Popcorn Osaka 11/17 – by Nino

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Yeah~~~~ Ura Arashi is here again~~
First writer, Nino!!!!
Talking a lot about J *LOL*

Ninomiya Kazunari
11/16 (Fri)
Kyosera Dome Osaka

So that’s it, finally it’s heredouble exclamation
Arashi Popcorn Tourぴかぴか (新しい) :D double exclamation
It’s very POP! (LOL)
To those wo participated…
Thank you very much m(__)m
Looks like J was very nervous…(LOL)
Iya… he IS really very nervous(LOL) double exclamationdouble exclamation
Sugoi nervous(LOL) double exclamationdouble exclamation
He has been feeling very restless at the “gakuya” (rest room).
Well, i was thinking hmmm.. it’s so unusual for J to react like that, but yappri when it’s the real time , it’s different ne (LOL)
He was very pop! (LOL)
Maa, whatever it is the tour has started :D :D
For those who are joining us hope you can enjoy yourselves m(__)m
Alright, i’m going to enjoy my second day at Osaka now~ ぴかぴか (新しい) :D ぴかぴか (新しい)

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4 Comments on “Ura Arashi Popcorn Osaka 11/17 – by Nino”

  • jenice
    18 11月, 2012, 0:06

    He gossiped J.
    itsumo kawaii Kazu!!

  • memo-toma
    18 11月, 2012, 0:22

    thanks sweety,
    I wonder why Jun was nervous ?!!

  • 18 11月, 2012, 3:27

    Ehh, Nino is always talking about MatsuJun :) Well, they did say that J is the one to get the most nerveous before concerts…

  • Daiana
    30 11月, 2012, 23:20

    It seems Nino is very fond of J lately. Lovely! :D

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