Otonoha Vol.108 2012/11/15

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Thursday is always a very busy day for me!!!
VS (well no VS today), HNA, and now this month’s Otonoha falls on thursday!
But no matter how tired and how busy i am, translating his Otonoha on the day he wrote it is what i MUST do! 😀

Title = One month


It’s me.

Winter is approaching near.
Today, at this moment, how’re you doing.

Me, i dunno “which” outer should i wear at “which” timing.. so now i’m still wearing only tshirt, with slightly thick outer.

I hope i’m not being chased by the winter season, so i’m trying to slow down my tempo.


By the way,

The interviews after the press conference for being the host this year..

MC for this year’s Best Artist..

Rehearsal for many music varieties and meetings…

Many jobs follows up and it marks the end of the year..

In the midst of it i managed to attend two meetings hold for my friend’s wedding party

【I’m living life to fullest whether it’s work or private】

And !!

The most of our life circle now is the rehearsal for our concert.

After Arafes, we had been preparing hard for it.

And finally.

It’s going to start tomorrow.

Hmm.. the time when we did our recording… i guess it was summer ?

Oops… or before summer?


Actually i don’t really remember when was it, but finally we can perform it in front of you.

Hope that you all can enjoy it.


Once again,

I would like to shout it loud.

Starting tomorrow.

Popcorn starts !!!

Aza-su! (means Arigato Gozaimasu)

Sakurai Sho

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4 Comments on “Otonoha Vol.108 2012/11/15”

  • Daiana
    16 11月, 2012, 2:35

    thank you so much for translating and sharing! Sho-chan is really an admirable man. how he keeps that work-life balance. Always giving his all. I wish I could be like that.

    rei125 Reply:

    Me too, despite his tight schedule, he still has time for many things, unlike me… not as busy as him but doing nothing all the while!!! orz………

  • marisa
    17 11月, 2012, 3:09

    actually I have comment here yesterday as soon as you posted, I wonder why the comment is missing… I have waiting for this post since yesterday morning X3
    thanks for translating it anyway ^^
    sho chan is really busy these days right, I am waiting for him MC-ing at best artist & kouhaku X3

    rei125 Reply:

    thank you 🙂 i’m also always waiting for him on the 15th heeheee

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