Story from Sho’s Keio classmate

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Happened to know this gal, whom her father had a chance to drink with Sho’s classmates in Keio days.
He knows that his daughter is Arashi’s fan, so he sent his daughter a mail asking any questions she wants him to ask from this friend regarding Sho. This gal said anything regarding Sho in Keio days.

So here’s some of the story from Sho’s classmate which i heard from this girl, information from his father 🙂

First of all, as a conclusion, this classmate keeps emphasizing that Sho is a very nice guy, he’s very considerate and yasashi, according to this gal’s father, the classmate has been saying this times and times.

  • Sho’s classmates and friends called him “Sho-kun”
  • The type of gal that Sho likes during their school days is those who are lively, same tempo with him and considerate.
    [rei’s mumbling] Yeah, yeah, sho hates inconsiderate people…
  • Sho is very professional in work even though he’s still a student that time. He keeps saying “I’m not alone, five of us forms Arashi”. The classmate can feels that he’s really serious in choosing this path, as an idol, and he’s proud of his job
  • This classmate knows Sho after he passed his Keio exam, but other friends around Sho were all his classmates since primary school. He said Sho and his friends are really in good terms, he has many many friends and those friends are always trying to protect him. Since he has been an idol at a young age, many people will try to look for him or curious about him but he always have a bunch of good friend to cover for him.
    [rei’s mumbling] yeah yeah… he mentioned it before. I believe he has so many friends because of his character!
  • For concert ticket, even Arashi themselves are given the most 2-3 tickets, so they cant even get tickets from him through connection. And even Sho’s family member queued up for Arashi concert goods!
    [rei’s mumbling] FAMILY MEMBER QUEUEING ??? WHO WHO??? LOL *curious*
  • Although Sho and the are members are consider as “colleague”, but all the Arashi members are really good friends. He said Sho often drink with the other members, two together.
  • When asked about the number of chocolate Sho received during Valetine’s day, the classmate say he never see Sho receiving any. Maybe Sho rejected?
  • He really loves his little brother, and he loves his family.
    [rei’s mumbling] Often heard Sho talking about his little brother ne. He and his brother was 13 years old difference, so when he was studying at Keio, his brother was still very small kid. Even many times we heard him talking about his brother in Otonoha (≧◡≦)~♥
  • They will have group gathering (old classmates) once a year, and Sho DEFINITELY FOR SURE will attend. This classmate says, he sure gets drunk and fall asleep….
    [rei’s mumbling] Kawaii…………… Can sense that Sho feels easy in front of his classmate ne..
  • Sho is always busy with work and before school exam, he always ask people to lend him their note and he will copy and study hard for it.

DAISUKI !!!!!!!!!!!! 黒ハート

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12 Comments on “Story from Sho’s Keio classmate”

  • kinantihundra
    3 11月, 2012, 18:43

    waw..i feel ashame, i’m not that busy, but i still dont take my school seriously..
    i’ll work harder!!
    (btw i must be a very good person since God gives me chance to find your blog 🙂 )

    rei125 Reply:

    yeah, ganbatte!! sho always strive for the best in his studies, sometimes he cant even sleep especially when he’s shooting drama at the same time, so ganbate~~ 🙂

  • Bea
    3 11月, 2012, 21:04

    Sho’s such a hard-worker even during his pre-debut days. 

    And about him disliking inconsiderate people; it’s really obvious especially when it comes to some fans who scream and take a lot of pictures. XD

    By the way, thank you for sharing, Rei-san!

    rei125 Reply:

    Yeah, he HATES people taking photo of him….. ^^;

  • laoracci
    4 11月, 2012, 9:33

    i love Sho and i love your blog <333
    *found this blog on ᒇ,btw

    rei125 Reply:

    thanks 🙂 Do visit me again~

  • marisa
    6 11月, 2012, 23:41

    It is nice to read about sho~
    as expected he has a lot of friends ne~
    I am glad he still can enjoy his school time despite of his tight schedule X3

    rei125 Reply:

    he lives life to his fullest, whether it’s past or present~ XD

  • Daiana
    10 11月, 2012, 1:55

    I so enjoyed reading this! thank you so much for sharing it 😀

    rei125 Reply:

    glad to hear people enjoying it~ tq~

  • 19 11月, 2012, 19:16

    Yappari, Sasuga na Sho-kun,.
    I never knew he really is a Hard Worker. 
    And he take his studies and work seriously,.
    Thank you for sharing this ^__^
    I will also do my best towards my studies >__<

    rei125 Reply:

    yeah, he’s really working hard, he almost didnt even sleep during the time where he took the drama “Yoiko no Mikata”, because the drama season was same as his exam season.. that was his most tiring days..

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