First experience attending recording for VS Arashi aired on 2012.11.01

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I went to the recording for VS Arashi which was aired on 2012.11.01.
The recording took place more than 2 weeks ago, and we were told not to spread out before the show was aired, so i’ve been keeping silent since then *LOL*
Frankly… i cant remember much episode on the recording day, so don’t expect me to talk on a lot of backstage stories…. ^^;
Just would like to share my experience on how the recording was done, maybe you can have a rough image of how five of them are working 🙂

Recording took place in Fuji TV studio. For Shiyagare, they record three episodes in a day, but i’m not sure for VS. I think it should be either 2 or 3 episodes a day, and mine was the last session.

We were told to gather in front of the studio at around 18:00, and the recording is going to take place for 4 hours. I feel so excited that i can see them for 4 hours!!!
But… the recording starts around 19:00. Before it starts, there are lectures from the staffs, teaching audience how to clap, how to cheers etc. I am not under the fan club member for this recording, so my seat wasnt’t near Arashi. I am sitting very faraway at the corner there, but thanks to it, i got to see them from the front angle! *LOL*
And although i’m faraway, believe me,, the studio looks so wide and spacious from the tv, but actually it’s VERY VERY VERY small, which means, although you’re far, you get to see them very close !!!!

And….. staffs say let’s welcome ARASHI !! YEAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

Five of them came out from behind… KYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA
Then the followed the director’s instruction and record the opening talk for the show.
They talked on their new Popcorn released yesterday, and also they’re going for the 14th year after 3 November.
I dunno whether it’s because i love Sho-san so much, i must say that he’s really kakkoii!!! Just like what i mentioned in those concert reports, he’s always much much better looking in real compared to tv!! If you find him kakkoii on tv, it’s hundred, thousand times much better!!!! 黒ハート
Jun is another one who looks much better compared to on tv too.

Once the talk is over, the director says “CUT” and…… five of them went backstage !!!
Since VS is a game show, they need to replace all the game set. So after the talk, they just dissappeared into the backstage without saying anything…. あせあせ (飛び散る汗)
I must say that the staffs are really quick !! In just around 5 minutes, the set are ready!! The first game is pinball runner, and it’s ready in just around 5 mins… sugoi..
And when the set is ready, five of them came out again. So, is the image clear? :p
So after one game finish, they went inside while the staffs change the game set, and came out again.
Sho is always the one walking in front, followed by the rest of the four.

Depends on the game, sometimes audience are required to change their seat. I was sitting at the last row, at the left corner, but during Kicking Sniper, our block was asked to shift, and i was required to sit on the stairs at the end there.. But it’s nearer to the stage, and it’s Sho & Aiba in the Kicking Sniper !!
I get to see Sho & Aiba in very near distance!!
See, how can you stand this kind expression (right pic) in front of you?? LOL

I’m so happy that i can see Sho in Kicking Sniper & Cliff Climb today.

I dunno how you all feel about the cliff climb, it doesn’t look that tall on tv? And i didnt feel that the cliff is tall when i saw the set, but when they start climbing i can sense the height……. it’s not easy…..

During Bank Bowling, i had to shift my seat again.. lol
This time i’m next to the bowling stage, and it’s right below it, The camera was taking from the other side, so i was totally hidden (LOL) BUT I SAW NINO & JUN & LEADER JUST RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME !!! (≧∀≦)
Nino was beautiful, his hair was really beautifully set (LOL)

Jun was kakkoii, Jun & leader’s part was changed into naration during the on-air… >< Before they played, Jun tried to choose the bowling ball, but none of the ball seems to fit his finger.. he just couldnt choose one which he thinks is right, he put his fingers in almost ALL the balls from left to right.. then the audience was laughing, and he said "hmm.. none of the balls fit my hands yo..." And the staffs walked to him asking if it's alright, and he said ok, and he simply chose one ball after that. During the game we're asked to shout "Nino Haruka Nino Haruka" when Nino pair is throwing, and "Riida Matsujun Riida Matsujun" when it's leader & jun's turn. The bowling set in front of me totally shut out my view, and i cant see the other members at all, but Sho was sitting at the most left side, and i managed to steal a look of him from one very small angle.. LOL

The last game was KoroKoro Viking. I’m so happy that i get to see my favourite game, Kicking Sniper, Koro Koro Viking and Cliff Climb in this episode.

In between Arashi gave souvenirs to the guests. It’s photo frame, framed with their picture taken during the game. Sho passed it to Nakamura-san, the one who co-acted with him in Nazotoki wa Dinner no Atode. They had quite a long talk, but of course, i couldn’t hear it from my seat.

I was faraway from them, so i dunno what happened but it seems that during interval or talk in between, Nino and Aiba exchanged their shoes!!! (one leg)

They lost in the game this episode, so i got to see the MDA too.
The platform was really HIGH !!!

At the end of the game, they bowed to the audience and left the studio.
It’s so fast and without much talk….. orz….

Hmm, from this experience.. i can totally feel that the toughness in creating a variety.
The recording took more than 4 hours!!! It ends around 11pm or 11:30pm, and it’s only broadcasted for 1 hour including the CM…. orz…
During interval, five of them were normal, not much action, sit there quietly, Sho looks a bit solemn, sometimes talking to the staffs, Jun looks cheerful. But once the camera starts taking, they turned into professional artist, guess they must be tired but still professional. 

I hope i can go to the Shiyagare recording one day………………… my dream……………..

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26 Comments on “First experience attending recording for VS Arashi aired on 2012.11.01”

  • arashist
    3 11月, 2012, 14:04

    aaa~ so lucky
    how to become a studio audience member?
    I want to try it when I come to Japan 😀

    rei125 Reply:

    You must be Arashi’s FC member or FujiTV club member to join the ballot~

  • From SG :D
    3 11月, 2012, 14:05

    Wow that’s so lucky of you to be able to attend the VSA recording !! Thanks for reporting this ^^ It really gave me a super wide view and thought of how the recording took place !
    To be honest i was shocked when i saw that the recording took 4hours! oAo That’s super long.. even though VSA was only 1 hour.  And the constantly changing seating arrangement was a new thing to me . 
    All in all, thanks for the report ^^ Hope that you can visit Shiyagare recording one day!! 🙂 All the best!

    rei125 Reply:

    Yeah, every set is change once the game is finished.. the staffs are really fast! The cliff climb set is very heavy and i think more than 10 staffs were pushing the cliff… And the bowling took quite a long time also, to arrange the pin.. ^^; Thank you, i will definitely update on Shiyagare if i had a chance to go one day…

  • MystiqueDragon
    3 11月, 2012, 14:26

    That’s such a great experience neh!
    I hope I could attend their recording someday when I go to Japan too~

    By the way, how could one be accepted as an audience in the recording?
    Do you just go there in the studio? Or do you have to submit an application first?

    Just asking since I’m not really knowledgeable about these things. *sweatdrops*

    rei125 Reply:

    Submit an application and wait for the result of the draw, you can have a chance if you’re a FC member

  • 3 11月, 2012, 14:27


    rei125 Reply:

    Join their fanclub~ or FujiTV Club

  • Pamela Tan
    3 11月, 2012, 14:49

    Wow Your living every Arashi Fan’s dream!!!:D Good for you girl!!! Thanks for always sharing these awesome exciting experiences, I hope to go to Japan 1 day!:) Really appreciate all your hard work and effort to post and share about everything! Thank you so much<3

    rei125 Reply:

    Welcome, i don’t think i write well because i can’t remember much of the things… orz… but glad that you enjoy it 🙂

  • arashist
    3 11月, 2012, 19:19

    ah, it seems like there’s a different rules for different fandom.
    my friend became one of the audience member in one of SMAP variety show when she came to Japan for the first time (not an fc member).
    well, she was very lucky. one person who was supposed to be the audience didn’t come so she was chosen to replace the position.

    anyway, that was a great experience. thanks for sharing <3

    rei125 Reply:

    wow… that was super lucky… here we have to “fight” for it… lol

  • Becky
    3 11月, 2012, 23:57

    So are you under the Fuji TV Club since you’re not an FC member? What does that entail? How long have you been applying until you finally got to go? Because people make it seem like you apply for like 2-3 years before you can finally hit for anything. Did you just go alone?

    And the logistics of their shooting is really interesting. I did think they they’d film multiple episodes a day in order to have time other days for dramas, concerts, etc. But I was wondering if the audience changes, etc. But 2-3 episodes a day at 4 hours each is like 12 hours. Which is not only tough on Arashi (they get breaks during the non-filming portions, I guess), but the staff that are always on the move changing sets.

    Also, you live in Tokyo right now? How is that?

    rei125 Reply:

    I am a fan club member, i went alone, i forgot how long i’ve been applying… very very long…. I think they only take VS twice a day, Shiyagare is 3 times a day

  • Carlaco31
    4 11月, 2012, 0:41

    How I can be a member of fuji TV?or  FC Arashi?
    In the webide, where is the  request?

  • laoracci
    4 11月, 2012, 9:55

    wooow you’re so lucky ne~
    i can feel the fun you got there by changing the seat again and again XD
    and Sho is absolutely million times much better in real ><

    rei125 Reply:

    yeah yeah,,, he’s so kawaii, kakkoii ~~ (≧◡≦)~♥

  • Daiana
    10 11月, 2012, 2:14

    Kyaaaa!! You are such a lucky girl! Glad that you had lots of fun! Can I ask you something? well, I’m planning a trip to Japan next year so it would be awesome to have the chance to attend to any Arashi show. Do you think that is possible? Can international fans apply? considering I’m not a fan club member?
    Thank you!

    rei125 Reply:

    i think it’s a bit impossible.. plus, the draw is one month before the recording, which means we applied one month ahead of the recording..

  • japanlori
    11 11月, 2012, 11:28

    Rei-chan, congratulations on being able to watch a recording of VS Arashi!!!  I tried while I was living in Japan, but I am too old–hahaha!  Thank you for all the details of the recording.  I am glad you have a great time.  Have you found a Popcorn concert ticket?  I am hoping you will get one!  Thank you for taking Popcorn orders.  I know it will be cold by December so thank you for waiting in the long lines.  Mata ne!  Lori

    rei125 Reply:

    i am still trying to get one…… 🙁
    thank you~ i will wear more ^___^

  • amivie neski
    22 11月, 2012, 2:17

    thank you so much for reporting this!! it is interesting things to experienced!! how the staff work hard to finish one ep… and congrats you get to see them!! sugoiiii!!!! sugoiiii!! i hope you can go to anishi and then write report for us again!! 😀 hehehehe, good luck!

    rei125 Reply:

    shiyagare is my dream~~~~~~~ but it’s very hard….. thank you! i will definitely update if i ever had the chance to go!!

  • mimi0108
    31 1月, 2014, 8:59

    Thank you very much for sharing your experience. It was incredible!

    I wanted to know, how is access to the studio? Do you show your ID? Or invitation that you received?
    I will go to Japan in July, I’m French. But I have a friend who’s Japanese. If she joined the fanclub for me and she will made ​​the request to attend the show, I could go? Or foreign are prohibited?

    My dream is to see Arashi but I do not know where to see them in Tokyo so I thought that would be the simplest issue.

    rei125 Reply:

    only the person who applied can go, the same name and address as indicated in ID card, they go through every check very strictly.
    Studio is accessible easily

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