Sho’s Talk (Popcorn Promo) @ ZIP 2012.10.31

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Sho’s interview was shown on today’s ZIP as a promotion for Arashi’s new album Popcorn.
※Sorry, no time to capture, photos all grabbed online

Interview 1st part

When asked on why is the album named Popcorn, Sho said their previous and previous’s previous album was quite “emotional” and with a lot of messages, so they thought of producing one which is more cheerful, so they decided to choose those songs which are very “pop”, and so eventually this album was named “Popcorn”.

Then they talked about Arashi’s JET.

When the host asked him, “so did you all travel with the Arashi jet everytime?”
Sho laughed and say “ohh, it’s not out private jet (LOL), if the flight schedule and our schedule are matched, then we can take it”
Sho said, last year during BW concert, they coincidentally had a chance to travel with the Arashi Jet to Fukuoka for their concert. Just before they land, an announcement was made in the plane.
“For everyone who are attending Arashi’s concert, please enjoy yourself much”.
Sho said, five of them were sitting in the first row, they were so embarassed and keep saying sorry to the passengers..” (LOL)
Sho said most of the passengers are not their fans, so they feel embarrased, but still very happy to hear such an announcement.

Interview 2nd part

The host for the interview is Baba-san, who worked with Sho before since his juniors day in a variety called “Gyu to daki shimetai”.
So, they played a flashback on the VTR when Sho was a junior.

When asked if Sho remember Baba-san, Sho said of course he does.
He said he has not debut that time and he doesn’t know everything about tv program, but he remembers all the staffs.

Then they talked about Popcorn’s jacket (cover).

Sho said, it’s a “playful joke of an adult” (大人の悪ふざけ)
He said they never expect it to turn out in this way.
They were thinking that maybe they should have a change, not only always taking picture of their face or whole body. And when they voiced out their opinion saying they wanna make it something very cheerful and interesting, the next day, the staffs came with the idea of this popcorn… *LOL* The staff shows them the ilustration of this…

Sho said they had much waiting time during the photo session.
They sit there waiting with the popcorn on their head (LOL).
When he turned around, he saw Ohno and Nino playing with their handphone, and it looks so funny that a popcorn is using a handphone (LOL)
And they were confirming the schedule with the staffs, and it looks even more funny to see popcorn talking (LOL)

Topic changes to Popcorn live tour starting this November.
They flashed back on the Arafes at Kokuritsu.
Sho said, they feel honored to be able to hold concert for the 5th time at Kokuritsu, and since Kokuritsu wont be able to be used again after next year, they decided to make it something different. It’s something like a “thanks giving concert”, thanking the fans, and also the Kokuritsu.

When asked if it’s tough to hold concert with only five of them, Sho said at first he did worry but Maa… Maa…. Maa…. it’s ok 🙂
Sho said they wont hold it if they think it’s tough.
And he was laughing and say “I wont want to attend any singer’s concert who complained that it’s tough”
Sho-san, subarashii !!!!!! 指でOK

Then Baba-san said someone sent him one VTR, it’s Masu-san *LOL*
Baba-san said Masu-san wanted to come for this interview but he couldn’t make it.
Then Sho was joking and say “well, i don’t mind, i’m happy it’s Baba-san here” (LOL)
Look at his expresssion!! Pretending to be innocent!!! (LOL)

Masu-san’s VTR first congrats Arashi on their new released album. Masu-san said he has pre-ordered.
Sho was so surprised and said “USO?!!!” (LOL)

As usual Masu-san said he’s still feeling troubled and dunno how to shrink the distance between him and Arashi. Masu-san asked Sho to teach him how to narrow the distance between him and Arashi. Sho shouted “MAJIKA YO” (LOL)
Sho said he thought Masu-san and Arashi’s relationship has been closer now.

I like this pic!! Sho in short pants!! showing his kneesss! (≧∀≦) LOL

They showed the VTR Arashi x Masu last time, Nino’s distance with Masu was quite far (LOL).

Sho said the best way to make friend with Nino is through game. He said they had 5 hours of break the other day, and Nino was playing game with the staff for the 5 hours!!! (LOL)

When asked what about Jun, Sho said Jun likes entertainment, like movie and music.
Baba-san said Masu-san’s favourite movie is Armagedon, and Sho said… oops… Jun likes Deep Impact… (LOL)

The interview ends~

As usual, his talk always bring me joy~~
Sho-chan, arigato!!! 黒ハート

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