Popcorn ♪

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YEAH!!!! popcorn is here~~~~ Flying get !! (Flying get = get it the day before the actual release date)

Arashi Popcorn booth welcomed me today at the CD shop ~

Mine is the first edition. I didnt get the normal edition.
This time, they have totally different cover and photo lyrics books for both first and normal edition.
I saw the normal edition at the booth, KAKKOII !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Too bad, i don’t have too much money to get both of them… 😥

OK, here’s the first edition.

First, the box.

Popcorn CD Box (Front)

Popcorn CD Box (Back)

First edition comes with a comic book and stickers

When opened……

KYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!! KAWAII !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The CD itself is very cute too!!!

First edition comes with comic book and stickers.
The comic books are a short story about 5 corns living in the popcorn land. People in the popcorn land are not happy, so the five corns tried to think of a way to make them happy. They travel around popcorn land and sing and danced, and brings joy to the people in popcorn land.
The comics are all illustrations of popcorn, but they include two pages at the end with Arashi pictures.
It’s said that the five corns grows up and turns into the following! *LOL*

As for the stickers, here is it!! KAWAII-NE !!!!

I just got my CD now, and i’m writing straight away :p
Havent listen to it, so i cant write any reviews on the song now.

Anyway, popcorn festival is here~~~~ るんるん (音符)るんるん (音符)るんるん (音符)るんるん (音符)

Available at Amazon

Only the normal version is available now.

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