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This’s not a very good announcement to make… >< I know it's almost a mission impossible, but i still would like to ask if anyone has extra Popcorn tickets to sell or to let out, please let me know... I'm looking for ticket for Tokyo Dome, any date will do.. I know i cant repay this kindness... The only thing i can do is helping you buy the goods... Since i'll still be taking order for the goods, i will accept your order without any basic fee.. Sorry, that's the least i can do.... sighs... Thank you 😥

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8 Comments on “Looking for Popcorn Concert Ticket”

  • japanlori
    29 10月, 2012, 3:39

    Awww, Rei-chan, I hope there is someone in Japan who has a ticket for you!  I will keep my fingers crossed!  Ganbatte!

    rei125 Reply:

    lori, you’re sooooooooo sweet T_T thank you so much!! I will ganbaru!!! T_T

  • zydny
    30 10月, 2012, 5:41

    You may already know this but tickets are available at Lawson. http://l-tike.com/ I love reading your stories about attending Arashi events. Reading your stories helps me to share the experience. Thank you. I hope you will get tickets for Popcorn!

    rei125 Reply:

    zydny, thank you so much,yeah i know it already but still very grateful 😥 I hope i can call in…….i always cant call in for their event.. but i will “ganbarimasu” !!! Thanks for your compliment, it gives me strength to keep on writing!

  • azura
    9 11月, 2012, 3:20

    Hi there,

    It’s my first time leaving comment in this blog. I like reading your blog but too lazy to post comment =p Anyway, I came across this post:


    She’s selling her Popcorn Sapporo’s ticket. I know you’ve been looking for Tokyo Dome one but hey maybe you want to give this a try. Ganbatte!

    rei125 Reply:

    azura, thank you so much!!! they have closed the entry, but it’s alright, i don’t think i can make it to sapporo also.. but i’m very grateful for your help 🙂

  • ching
    30 11月, 2012, 21:42

    hi! reisan.. 🙂
    i saw a ticket-sales post in fb for tokyo dome.. here is what she wrote:
    “@japanje: Arashi Tokyo Dome POPCORN Tickets for 13th Dec, Gate 41, 1st Row @ 40000Yen. Email me if keen! ^^
    Email : japan.je@gmail.com” i thought of you when i saw it.. since i can’t purchase it & go to concert.. hehe 🙂 hope this might help you..

    rei125 Reply:

    Dear ching,

    thank you so much!! you’re so sweet~~~
    Unfortunately, the ticket is more than 5 times of the original price, i dislike people who sells higher for ticket, but i do really appreciate your help, thanks~~~~~ it’s really sweet of you to think of me ^_________^

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