Otonoha Vol.107 2012/10/15

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Otonoha translated ^^
He went to NY~ Anyone in New York saw him? :p

Title : Autumn in


It’s me.

Urm~ first of all,

In Arashi’s page in Johnny’s web, i wrote

“Popcorn starting next week!”

Urm… it’s not starting at all..


Me, i dunno why i thought it’s going to be released on the 17th… but actually it’s 31st…

So i’m going to make a correction here. Sorry.

Doumo sa-sen deshita ← playful way to say doumo sumimasenn

(↑ shows no sign of remorseful at all… Don’t follow me ne)

Urm, we’ve been making our preparation on the album during Arafes concert rehearsal.

“Whatever it is, we wanna make it a cheerful album”

“Whatever it is, we wanna make it a happy album”

This’s what we’ve been thinking about.

And it turn out to be what we expected, and i hope you all will like it.


Actually i’ve already finished recording for all the songs when i wrote my Otonoha last month…..

I’m not trying to hide it yo.

Just that we hope to announce the album to everyone in the Arafes.

So, just take it as we’re trying very hard to keep it a secret.

Pardon us for our bluntness.

Thank you !!!

Urm… and now… i’m at NYC.





2 days 1 night at New York.


I made a very deep coverage.
And i feel very fruitful.

And i’ve been listening to Mariah Carey all the while.
Please check the on air for the reason.

Hmm, i would like to take this chance to upload one photo i took during my free time.

Just when i want to press the shutter, the wind blows and the flag hung there.
This place is the starting point for my report this time.

I’m standing in front of the camera in suit.
I feel happy.

I’m going into the 7th year!!

I will try not to forget the “dream” i had in myself 7 years ago.

Sakurai Sho@NYC

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5 Comments on “Otonoha Vol.107 2012/10/15”

  • yannie
    15 10月, 2012, 23:36

    ganbarre Sho-chan~!! ( ^ o ^ ) /

  • Erika
    16 10月, 2012, 0:11

    Thank you for translating ^_^

    rei125 Reply:

    tq 🙂

  • Nik
    16 10月, 2012, 10:54

    thanx for sharing n translating…
    they really like to go to NY ne~
    do u know whether its for work or private?
    anyway arigatou ne!! ^_^

    rei125 Reply:

    it’s work, for ZERO

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