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Phew… i just wrote my report, and now there’s incoming message from five of them!!! *LOL*
Can you give me a break please? oops.. joking, i dun mind more and more from you all! (≧◡≦)~♥


To everyone who participated in Arafes, thank you so much.
It’s a festival created by everyone, and it’s our first trial, it was very funexclamation
And i feel a bit sabishii that it only last for 2 days.
And i will ganbaru everyday towards next year’s Arafes double exclamation

During rehearsal, near the flame holder place, there are 2 rainbows appeared and it’s so beautiful. I wanted to take photograph of it but it’s not well taken.. Thought of showing it to you all, too bad i failed to do so.. Gomennasai…

And, well it’s my personal business, this year i’m in charge of the concert goods, and i saw many people wore the tshirt, i’m very happy exclamationexclamationArigato double exclamation You look good in it! 🙂


Summer is coming to and end~

Thanks to minasan’s support, we had a very enjoyable Arafes.

Despite the short period, we received more than 270,000 of votes, we really feel gratitude (^-^).
Sasuga Arashist! ← Hmm, Jun-kun? Arashist? Not Arachics? :p

This year, we received a lot of requests and based on these request, we planned the song list. We’ve tried to put in all the top 10 songs. Hmm.. maybe a few are not include…. Doumo suimasen m(___)m
Well.. there’s still next year… Ne! (^_^;)

Members danced for me for my solo, and they performed for me for my DJ too, i’m very satisfied.

The arafes created by everyone, it’s really enjoyable!!!
I’m looking forward to next year~ (^-^)

Oops.. before that, we had Popcorn!!
Wait for us, Dome!! (^_^)v


Thanks to all who request, who participated in Arafes, and also to those who cant join but still supporting us 🙂

It has ended successfully double exclamation
Hontoni Arigatou gozaimashita double exclamation

Iya…. Tanoshikatta ! 🙂
There are many old songs, and i can see some people really happy to hear those old songs, and some feels fresh, i see alot of expressions from you all, and it’s really an enjoyable concert double exclamation

I wanna do another Arafes next year~ 🙂
Do participate ne! Yoroshiku onegaishimasu double exclamation


Doumo~! Ohno desu 手 (パー)
Arafes 2 days, otsukaresamadeshita!!
Iya… it’s quite a different live ne ぴかぴか (新しい) This time we sang all the songs requested by you all, so there are many nostagic songs, and many memories flashed back when we’re having rehearsal ぴかぴか (新しい) Yappari, every song has its own memories. It’s hard to recall back the dance.. ダッシュ (走り出すさま) Some of the dances were arranged by me last time, but i cant recall it back at all あせあせ (飛び散る汗) Anyway, it has ended successfully 手 (パー) And it doesnt rain that much and fireworks are successful too, SAIKOU 指でOK Matsujun asked me not to look at the fireworks, but still you know.. it’s hard not to look at it ぴかぴか (新しい) We’re so near it!! Sugokatta ne! And also i see many smiling faces from you all, and i really think that it’s all your effort that give us the chance to hold concert here. I feel it extremely this 2 days. From the bottom of my heart, i’m really grateful (Kansya kangeki ame arashi), Arigato!! And Album Tour is fixed, once again Arashi yoroshiku onegaishimasu ! That’s all from Ohno Satoshi~!



It’s me. Sakurai desu.

Arafes Talk.

The concert starts a bit later than previous years.
Normaly we had rehearsal in the midst of HOT summer.

This year… hmm.. it’s not…


It’s still HOT !!!


Well, although it’s hot, when i see dragonfly flying across us, i feel that summer is coming to and end..

Autumn is aproaching..


I feel the change of season throughout this rehearsal.

The concert created by all of us.

The concert with only five of us.

Although it’s our first trial, but as usual, it’s a concert full of fun.
Thank to all who sent your request to us.


The next is Album & Tour.

Album ne.
It’s already one.

I wrote and wrote the rap.
Record and record the songs, and it’s all done.


Do look forward to i !!

Dewa Dewa

I’m having rehearsal again!!

Please wait for us, Japan ! m(__)m

Sakurai Sho

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