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OK, i will try to write report on it although i actually cant remember much at all!
I just know i screamed, i sang, i danced, i jumped the whole night and when i got out of the stadium, my voice is hoarse, my throat is painful, and i almost couldnt speak at all! *LOL*

I set off to Kokuritsu with the cute shopping bag designed by Aiba D, and also thanks to one friend who managed to get me one wrist band which was out of stock when i queued for it, and of coz the RED hair band. I didnt buy the tshirt because the size was quite big to me… Gomen-ne, Aiba D.

This year’s mascot is soooooooooooo cute!!!

Main entrance into Kokuritsu.

P/s: All pictures here were either taken from the news on tv or some grabbed online, i didnt capture any of them except the Arafes mascot and signboard above :p

My seat this time was quite behind and high, but when i got into Kokuritsu, i finally understand why people said every seat is a good seat! You can view the whole stadium and the scene was so gorgeous and beautiful!!!

This year, they have more lanes, all five lanes plus the main center lane (center stage) and also main stage. On each lanes, there are a lot of big orange balloons put there.

When the clock strikes 1730, music starts, and all the orange balloons are let off to the sky and every big balloon on the stage suddenly rise up……… And suddenly, RED, BLUE, YELLOW, PURPLE, GREEN balloons are let off to the sky at once!!! KYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA ! It’s so hard to describe the scenery, it’s soooooooooooo beautiful, just take a look at the picture below and you’ll know!!!

That’s Amnos color, and right in front of me are all green balloons, and i straight away know that Aiba chan is going to appear at my side!!!

Although my seat was quite high, but it’s just in front of the lane, I’m going to see Aiba chan right in front of me !! KYAAAAAA ! And BANG !!! Aiba chan appeared out from the big balloon !! KYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA !!!! AIBA-CHAN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! KYAAAAA !!!!!!!

They started off with the song “Happiness” Yeah, yeah yeah~~~~ ♪
And followed by 五里霧中 (Gori muchu) and then Carnival Night.
They changed the part “C-A-R-N-I-V-A-L Night” to “F-E-S-T-I-V-A-L Night”!! I’m so stupid! I realized it only half way when i saw them giggling!! *LOL*
I love the opening costume, yellow coat and yellow pants, and with all florescent tshirt inside. Kakkoii yo !!! And i noticed that this year, they didnt wear only their own color, Sho wears green instead of red, Aiba wears blue instead of green etc, so i feel the freshness in it!

From the beginning i could sense that they’re trying hard to let every audience have a good look of them, five of them change position running from this lane to the other lane non stop!
As most of you have known, this Arafes is their first time performance without back dancers (Juniors), only five of them on the stage, but i feel this is much better !!! Everything looks simple and yet not simple at all!! Five of them were “shining” and “gloring” on the stage!! Kira Kira ぴかぴか (新しい)ぴかぴか (新しい)

As usual short greetings after Carnival Night.

Jun:YEAH !!! KO-KU-RI-TSU!! Minasan omatase!!! Summer is here!! Summer is not going to end yet! Are you ready? Are you ready to enjoy yourselves? Are you ready to be happy? Five of us will make 70,000 of you happy! Enjoy Arafes!

Nino:Irassyaimase!! Irassyaimase!! This’s the Arafes created by minnna, enjoy yourself! Enjoy yourselves till the end! OK !! Yoroshiku till the end!

Aiba:Are you high? It’s not enough! Let’s go! More! More! MORE !!

Ohno:Ha—i! Ha—i! Ha—i!!! It’s Arafes Festival today! Yoroshiku!

翔:調子はどうだ?トーキョーーーーーー!上のほう調子はどうだ?上のほう調子はどうだ?下のほう調子はどうだ?下のほう調子はどうなんだっ?東京調子はどうだ?東京調子はどうだ?楽しむ準備はできてっか?俺らはもう準備できてんぞ!Everybody Say 嵐!嵐!Say 嵐!嵐!もっと嵐!もっと嵐!もっと嵐!最後まで楽しんでって下さい、よろしくーっ!
Sho: How’re you doing, TOKYOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! How’s above? How’s above? How’s the people down there? How’s the people down there? How’s Tokyo? How’s Tokyo? Are you ready for the party? We’re all ready dazo! Everybody say Arashi! Arashi! Say Arashi ! Arashi! Motto Arashi ! Motto Arashi ! Motto Arashi! Enjoy yourselves till the end! Yoroshiku!

And after the greetings, they took off their coat and sang Love Rainbow and Step and Go.
When they took off the coat, their shirts are so nice too, the design of the side part of the sleeves are same as the one of the shopping bag!!! *LOL* With all the song titles on it!! I love this costume!!!

Since this concert has only five of them performing on the stage, there are no juniors dancing on the stage while they’re changing costumes. So, instead, they showed animation on the big screen, five Arashi animation with their own sound talking, introducing this Arafes and also the result of the songs voted for this Arafes. Yes, Arafes songs are based on the songs voted by fans. It’s quite interesting to watch the video~

The next costume starts with Wild At Heart.
I don’t really like this song (I dont mean i hate it, just that it’s not my preference) but I’m always amused by the dance, the Nyan Nyan cat move *LOL*, and when i heard it on the concert, first time i feel that the song is sooooooooooooo nice !! They really look so happy and funny when dancing. The dance and their performance is really SAIKOU !!!
Wild At Heart is ranked No 2th for single voting.

And also this movement!!!!!

I think Jun didnt kick the standing mic this time :p (I didnt see it)

They sang Summer Splash, Love Situation and Fight Song in this costume.
And also since there’re only five of them on the stage, they need to perform quite long, and very short time for costume changes, so they talked a lot on the stage too.
Sorry, my memory fades… i cant remember whether it’s Fight Song or Energy Song when Sho asked who vote for the song? Not much raise hands… *LOL* Then one of them say, “ohh,,, a bit of them vote ne”, and Sho was kinda shocked and shouted… “HUH? THEN HOW COME THIS SONG TOPS IN THE VOTE RANKING?? maybe those voted for it cant attend it today.. hahhahhaha”

The next part is one of the climax!!
First, Aiba Chan appeared, singing his solo, Friendship.
And………… during the second half, four of them appeared and they performed as back dancers for Aiba-chan!!! KYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA !!!! Well, i guessed this situation will happen before the concert starts わーい (嬉しい顔)
They danced with both hands holding very big gloves, like the Mickey hands. I can see that the other four are really enjoying themselves, fooling around while dancing *LOL*

After Aiba’s solo, it’s followed by Jun’s “Shake it”.
Yeah, you know, Jun’s sexy in this dance, the point is you can see the other shake their butts too!!! *LOL*
They were shaking and twisting their body, their waist, and the stadium roared with KYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!! *LOL*
I admit i’m one of them !! *LOL*

Nino & Jun “shake it” so near to each other !!!!!

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH Sho-chan’s shake it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I wanna DVD to be out QUICK !!!!!

I really love this part, they were really enjoying themselves. Look at Sho’s smiling face~~~ KYAAAAA ! Majide Tanoshisou!!!!! 目がハート (顔)

See the way four of them playing around at the back there!!! *LOL*

They were totally exausted after “Shake it”, and all fall on the floor.. *LOL*

翔 : いや~まさか松本さんのシェケを5人でやるとはね 笑
Sho : Iya…. Never expect that five of use will dance Matsumoto-san’s shake it ne *LOL*

にの : シェケったね
Nino : Shaked-it ne!

Jun: Ninomiya-san’s shake it is incredible desuyo

Nino: I shaked it!
(Urm… it’s less interesting to translate to english… orz)

Then Nino said, “This’s the first concert where i really feel gratitude to the juniors” *LOL*
The last part is same as the one in BW concert, where Jun took off his clothes. This time, the performance is like when Jun took off his clothes, the stage was filled with gas.
Sho then said, “I think Matsujun didnt realize, the last part, when he took off his coats sexily, the gas all let off to our direction, we cant breath at all!!”

There is something special about the stage this year. They have this sliding lane!! Just like the one in airport, where you just need to stand there and the lane will slide itself, this year they have that! *LOL*

They then sang 3 coupling songs, season, Natsu no owari ni omou koto, and Still !!
The lyrics are tooooooooooooooooooooooooo good! The music are toooooooooooooooo good! And Sho’s Rap !!!!!!!!!! 神!!! (GOD *LOL*) Still turns out to be coupling song No.1 for the vote result.

Sho sang his “Taboo” for his solo. The costume was the same as BW. I was anticipating for “Hip Pop Boogie” but anyway, it’s still a pleasure to hear his Taboo ♪ I thought it would be good if the other four can appear in mini police :p but of course no.. it’s hard to change costume later i guess *LOL*
The other four came out as back dancers too, with the costume for the next song, and the last part, five of them lie on the floor (you know what i mean! :p)

It’s then followed by Pikanchi Double, Troublemaker and Energy Song. I cant remember how many times i’ve shouting and yelling here! *LOL* Ah~~~~Pikanchi Double, another epic!!!! I just love this kinda lyrics, Pikanchi Double, Still.. talking on those youthful days… don’t ask me how old i am!! HAHAHA

It’s MC after Energy Song.

Sho: Shall we listen to the audience scream today too?

Jun: Want! Come one, yellow voice! (I dun understand what’s that, but it should means gals scream)

Sho: Guys, get ready too!

Nino: Guys, if you could shout loudly here today, you can be the hero of the area

Sho:Jya, ladies, here we go! Se—no!

Ladies : A———RA————–SHI !!!

Sho: So the guys, here we go! Se—no!

Guys : A———RA————–SHI !!!

It’s really amazing when you can hear very loud low tones guys voice!!! The guy behind me was also very high!! So glad that they’re being loved not only by gals but also guys!!!

They then have a few talk, Nino keep on teasing Aiba because he looks like another comedia Hayashi Pepe with his pink coat and pink pants.

And suddenly, Sho appologized to the audience… He asked us to give them some time. Hey, what happened?
Ohh… they’re going to have press conference in the mid of concert!!! Sugoi!!! THIS’S THE FIRST TIME they’re having press conference during concert!! They went back to the main stage and you can see a lot of cameramen taking photo of them on the big screen, the camera flash non stop!!! NON STOP !!! and it’s really blinking non stop, even my eyes are painful while looking at the screen and i wonder how they can stand all the flash light.. taihen dane..
The light at the stadium was quite dark, and Jun said “Can anyone please make it brighter and show the audience too?”
So said, “Today is weekday, for those who skipped school, took leave, maybe you can hide your face if you’re scared of being taken photograph..” HAHHAHHA
I forgot who, either Riida or Sho said “OK, still time for make up” , referring to the audience *LOL*

Sho: We’re going to have tv interview, all of you will have the chance to appear on tv, so it’s still in time to re-make up, and since it’s weekday today, for those who told your boss you’re taking MC for another reason, you can hide your face with your uchiwa

Sho-chan, kawaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii! うれしい顔

にの or 相葉:結構隠してる人いるな~
Nino or Aiba : A lot of people are hiding their face with uchiwa!!

Jun: Minna, ganbatte for your work ne!
← hahahahhhah

When they’re being interviewed, they stood on the stairs, a bit higher and further from the reporters, Sho said to the reporters, “Sorry for standing so far away from you all, just hope that the audience could see us from their seat” Sho-chan,,,,,,,,,, YASASHIII !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

One of the questions was what’s their most unforgetable memories in this year’s summer.

Sho said it’s Olympics, he was the caster for the London Olympics and it’s his first time to London, so it leaves a deep memory to him.

Nino said is this rehearsal because he never gets out of his room around 6 months….. Nino~~~~~
He said not even for lunch/dinner.. When asked how he settle his meal, he said he always eat bento at work, at home, he never gets out… Then the reporters said, “wow, that mean you must have saved a lot of money yeah..” Nino was embarrased and tried to skip the question but the reporter keeps asking..あせあせ (飛び散る汗) And Riida jumped out “STOP asking on money!” (of course he said in joking style) And the whole stadium cheers *LOL*

Ohno said it’s his trip to America. (Sho shouted “Kakkoii” here LOL) He visited Disney and other places, he said he learnt how to talk to the birds *LOL* When asked to mimicry the way he do that, he rejects. *LOL*

Aiba said it’s also his trip to America with Riida and Jun. He said three of them drank together and it’s hisashiburi.

As for Jun he said he has been practising for something, some performance he’s going to show later. When asked if he could reveal it, he said “I’m not going to tell you~~~” (気になるぅぅぅって!) So funny!!! Jun was quite cute in this Arafes, he’s always very sexy or cool, but today he’s CUTE !!!

And Jun wore one ring on his fore finger, the reporter asked is there any special meaning on that… あせあせ (飛び散る汗) Jun was kinda shocked to hear this question… and he said no special meaning. Phew…….. I thought i’m gonna hear whatever bombastic announcement… orz………

They talked about the songs in this Arafes too, as usual members starts to tease Aiba, they said Aiba cant even remember the song lyrics not to mention the dance, even when they start watching past videos, he cant recall the video at all too! *LOL*

Lastly, the reporters asked them to give a message to those fans who cant participate. They asked Riida to speak. I think Riida’s a bit out of situation… i dun understand what he’s talking…orz.. and Nino gotta step out and helped him, whispered to him, and then Riida took this chance to play fool, acting as if he’s trying to convey Nino’s message.

The interview was around 20 minutes, and they continued with the concert later.

Jun: This time we did all the songs voted by the fans, but there are songs which we wanna sing despite the vote result right?

Sho:The so-called “My-Fest” ne

Jun: Any song?

Aiba: Let me think

Sho: Arashi’s song dayo. It’s not karaok, don’t tell me you wanna sing Mr Children’s song dayo
←HAHAHAHA 翔ちゃん、突っ込みするどいwww

Sho: Green
←KYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! One of the song which i hope to hear in Arafes!!! Sho-chan arigato!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sho: It’s the theme seong for Eco Week and also being used for CM ne

相葉:Hey Hey Lovin’ You
Aiba: Hey Hey Lovin’ You

Aiba: It’s the coupling inside Hitomi no Galaxy & Hero ne

Ohno: Kiss kara hajimeyo

Nino: Sketch
← ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Sho said they only sang Sketch in his solo concert once, and Nino added also in Time Concert once only.
As for Jun, he said he just want the others to sing the song they want to sing, so he didnt voice out on his preference. Then he took out one box, with 4 sticks on it, they had a draw to determine which 2 songs they’re going to sing today. It’s Sho and Aiba’s choice today.

Then sho said, “Jya, Aiba kun , Onegai”, something like giving him a signal.
Aiba said “やっちゃいますかね?(Yatchaimasukane? )” in the style like the opening talk for Energy Song.

When seeing that not much response from the audience, he blamed Sho.
Aiba: Only Sho-chan likes this, the audience are not laughing at all!!

And Sho-chan laughed until till cramped i guess! HAHAHAHA I saw his laughing gesture and face on the BIG monitor!!! MAJIDE KAWAII !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So, the concert starts again with Green and Hey Hey Lovin’ You.
Green~~~~ Nice song~~~~~~~~泣き顔

The next is Nino’s Gimick Game. KYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!
Although i like Nino with sentimental song, it’s really happy to hear him singing this kinda sexy or erotic song, and i love this song too!!!!! Nino was really sexy in the dance, as you know the lyrics are kinda “erotic”, his dance are quite daring too, and he licked his finger at the end.. KYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!

And it’s followed by Ohno’s “Rain”. Another great dancer!!!
I could hear audience all saying “woooahhhh” after his performance.

The next part is another climax.
Jun appeared as DJxMJ !! Yeah, performing DJ on the stage. KAKKOIII !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
That’s what he meant by he has been practising the whole summer ne! So happy that there’s the arashi logo mark at the DJ set. Kawaii ne~

He played the music for Come back to me, and then followed by Magical Song, Aiba came out in the Magical Song outfit and danced a bit, and it’s then Monsters music and………….. Ohmiya SK !!! *LOL*
This year, it’s version up!! *LOL* Not only one OhmiyaSk but 5×5!! Cant stop laughing at this!! 相変わらずふざけてるな!!(笑)

Jun then played the music for Re(mark)able, And……… KYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA !!! Sho came out rapping!!! DJ MJ x Sakurap !!!! KYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! Someone please hold me, i’m fainting….

DJ MJ’s performance ends here. Arigato-ne, Jun-kun! Kakko yokatta yo!!

It continues with “Lucky Man”, “La Tornamenta” and…..!!! “Tokei jikake no Umbrella” KYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA
Another song which i love it!! I like the tango rhythm in the music and really hope to see how they are going to dance it, it’s the first time i see them dancing this!! Heard that the dance were created by Riida! It’s really stylish and kakkoii, with those tango steps!!!

And songs like “One Love”, “Truth”, “5×10” continues~
I am not used to see them singing “Truth” in this white costume :p Ahhhhh~~~~ 5×10… 泣き顔

When they sang One Love, the screen on the main stage suddenly “opened”, and you can see all the orchestra which was playing behind the screen appeared in front of you. It looks so gorgeous!!!

And they announced the voting for singles, No.1 is……………. *drum sound*

I voted for this!!! I wanna see this dance LIVE !!!! MAJIDE KAKKOII !!!!

It’s followed by “Meikyu Love Song”, “Oh Yeah”, “Hadashi no Mira”, “A・RA・SHI”.
“Hadashi no Mirai” is a MUST song ne!!! Of course dancing along with them~~~ And of course the “You are my SOUL SOUL” action *LOL*
They were singing these songs at the backstage, not too far from me, keep on waving to them. Sho-chan can you see me??? :p

Hadashi no Mirai

They had speech after A・RA・SHI

Sho: I never expect we can do concert in Kokuritsu for 5 years continuously, it’s really great. It’s because of you all that we have the chance to see such scene here. I will go as far as i can for the sake of you (in a very funny way). Thank you for today, Yoroshiku peace~

Ohno: Finally we get to meet here ne! Hontoni… Hontoni… Hontoni…

I forgot what he said.. but Riida really likes to use the word “Hontoni..” and audience already starts laughing.. *LOL*
And finally he said “Hope you all will ganbatte supporting us” HAHAHAHAHAH

Aiba: We’re having Arafes this year, they said we will have another one next year,, but you know we will never know what’s going to happen in future…

Audience screaming “eh……………?”
Aiba:Iya iya, we will ganbaru to make it true, not only Arafes but other works too. I think we have ultimate possibility. And lastly, to those who wears the tshirt, you look good in it!

Nino: To the top manager in our office, thank you for today.
We’ve “did” it today.. maybe we’re going to be scolded….. but.. that guy said he wanna do it! (Nino’s referring to Ohmiya SK performance, and he’s putting all the blame to Ohno *LOL*)
Aiba said something serious today, but we’ll try our best so that we can have another Arafes next year! Hontoni thank you for today!

Jun:Hontoni arigato gozaimashita. Arigato gozaimashita. Arigato gozaimashita (turning 3 ways). This time we thought of doing a concert with everyone participating in it, so we started the vote, although it’s only vote for one week, thanks to 270,000 ppl who voted. And with these votes, we managed to do a concert with all best Arashi songs. At first we’re quite nervous to know which songs will be voted, anyway, we really enjoyed it.
Arashi’s going to the 13th year, and i hope we can go for the 14th, 15th year, we hope all of us will be shiawase. Hope that you will continue supporting us. And it’s really fun today. Hontoni arigato gozaimashita

They sang “Kansya Kangeki Ame Arashi” after the speech.

And suddenly………… when they’re having their costume changing, the big screen shows one BIG NEWS !!!!
New album “Popcorn” will be release on 31 Oct. And………….!!!
YEAH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DOME TOUR STARTS ON NOVEMBER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! KYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA !! I’m jumping there non stop!! November!!! 2 months away!!! It’s only 2 months away!!!! KYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Kamisama… please…………. please……………… please………… i wanna go………泣き顔

After the announcement, they appeared in a pink costume. I like it!!!
They started with “Akashi” 泣き顔 It’s so hard to hear this in live…… 泣き顔泣き顔泣き顔
Followed by “Love so Sweet”, “Kotoba yori taisetsu na mono”, “Sakura sake”. Every song is soooooooooooo nice !!!

During “Love so sweet”, the hanabi (fireworks) are out! Majide BEAUTIFUL WORLD !!! I dunno why all the hanabi here are much better than those hanabi festival in japan :p There are a lot of colors, a lot of shapes and those hanabi “danced” !!! It’s my 2nd time seeing hanabi in Kokuritsu, it’s really AMAZING !!

Sakura Sake is the last song before encore. They gathered together on the main stage.
Sho as usual starts fooling with his zombie jump *LOL*

As usual, the most touching part is here.
What’s our name?
A—————-RA——————–SHI !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 泣き顔

Sho looks a bit clumsy here.. :p

There are not much encores this time.. Only one song “Eyes with Delight”, maybe too much time spent on the press conference………… orz… Heard that there is a very strict rule and regulation for Kokuritsu, must get out before 9pm, so they came out in Aiba D’s design tshirt and sang the last song.
HEY, Sho-chan !!!!!!!!!!!! I cant stop laughing!!!!!!! HAHHAHAHAHAHHAHAHHHAHA
YEAH YEAH, muscular guy character ne!!! Of course it’s SLEEVELESS !!!!!!! and pinned on the can badge at his shoulder!!!

They sang another song “Voice” for the 2nd day…. 泣き顔
And Sho appeared with his solo concert towel on his head 泣き顔

This’s their best concert i’ve ever watched. I just love outdoor concert, the atmosphere is different from dome. And i can feel that they’ve tried many different things in this concert, and tried their very best to satisfy all the audience. During BW, i don’t find any freshness compared to other previous concert, but this Arafes, they really have a lot of difference performance, even the way the stage is built is so much different than previous years. Many sports athletes and artists attended too.. so envious of them, they don’t have to take part in the lucky draw to get the tickets… NEWS, YamaP, Hey Say Jump, Sexy Zone members atteneded on the 2nd day too. 泣き顔

Shimura Ken san & Kitajima Kosuke left message on their twitter after the concert.

I am back from Arafes. I only have one word to describe that is “subarashii” (fantastic). The contents, the performance, Arashi’s hardwork, i can feel that they really tried their best to make the audience happy.

Shimura Ken mentioned in his blog too, he has been attending Arashi’s concert since their first debut concert, and he said this Arafes is the best of all.

Arashi’s LIVE. No words to describe it. I’m touched. I wanna go to the Dome too

Here are all the song lists for Day1. Day2 is the same too except they sang another “Voice” at the end.

Song list for Arafes

And it’s the voting result for Single, Album, and Coupling.
My vote for “LIFE”, “Snowflake”, “Your eyes” is not there….. orz

Arigato Kokuritsu! Arigato Arashi !!! 最高の夏だった!!

OK, end of my report! Sorry… i cant remember much…. but i’ve spent more than 2 days writing it! Hope you enjoy and like it!

p/s: The wordings for their speech in japanese were googled online. I cant remember their phrase at all… orz…

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    Your comments are my encouragement~ It’s nice to see comment snd “likes” after writing (*^^*)

  • 23 9月, 2012, 22:05

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    thank you for taking the time and effort to write the report ! *loves reading concert reports because i can’t attend it myself =(*
    the setlist is soooo perfect i don’t even… (ノД`)・゜・。
    i saw on fb somewhere saying that on the 2nd day, many songs were shortened … is it true? =( 

    rei125 Reply:

    Ooops… is it? I didnt hear anything on the 2nd day, except that they sang another extra song, “Voice” during encore..

  • arashist^^
    24 9月, 2012, 0:46

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    uwwaaaa, amazed *0*
    indeed DVD for this is a MUST…thanks for sharing ur arafes experience^^
    *btw, how is it the dance for tokei??n is there floor dance during FaceDown??

    rei125 Reply:

    the dance for tokei is kakkoii !!!! i’ve been longing to see them singing this song, and as for FD, YEAH, THE FLOOR DANCE IS THERE !!!!!!!!!!!

  • ching
    24 9月, 2012, 6:05

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    ahhh~ thank you for sharing your experience with us.. it’s beautiful.. your feeling of KYAA~ makes me feel Kyaa~~ as well XDD one day i’ll be there, but when will that be?*prays heheh

    rei125 Reply:

    i cant find any other words , other than KYAAAAAAAAAA to express my feeling :p

  • 24 9月, 2012, 23:38

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    hahha then the only way to confirm it will be if it does releases a dvd! XD 
    look forward to future concert reports! =D

    rei125 Reply:

    but i personally dont think that they will shortened the song, because they’ve rehearsal it, so program wont change, maybe those mix version, where they sing continuously for some songs, and all in short versions? i cant remember…………

  • japanlori
    30 9月, 2012, 16:41

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    Hi Rei-chan, thank you for another fantastic report!  Seems like you had a great time!  I’m glad the weather for this concert was good too.  I hope you are able to go to their other concerts this year so you can tell us all about it.  Ganbatte ne!

    rei125 Reply:

    Thank you for your wishes *kiss* I will try my best to write if i can go!

  • 11 11月, 2012, 2:12

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    Mitaaaaiiiii~~~~~!!! >.<

  • amivie neski
    22 11月, 2012, 2:40

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    i love this!! thank you thank you thank you!!  i wish i can go to their concert someday… ^^ but seriously, thank you so much for sharing this… it gives me joy!

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