Ura Arafes – Arafes Goods Report (Aiba D’s talk)

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If you don’t intend to buy the Arafes goods, i advise you not to read the following post… because i’m sure you will be tempted to buy ALL of them after reading it! *LOL*
Aiba D (Director) talks on his concept on this year’s good, yeah, he’s the director in charge of this year’s design.

Arafes Goods Report

The party between Arashi and fans, “Arafes” will begin soon from 9/20-9/21 at Kokuritsu Stadium.
We’re going to introduce the goods for this year!

And the design for this year’s concert goods is Aiba Director!
So, we’re going to present you the comments of Aiba D(D=director).

First of all, live concert = 【Tshirt】!!
This year, we have clear orange color as base and there will be a slightly change on the usual Arashi logo mark, turns out to be a bit yankee version?

Aiba D: “Arafes logo and orange as theme color was decided by members. I’m in charge of chosing other colors in between design and also in charge of the design of the tshirt”

Aiba D: “Tshirt represent the party, so i was thinking maybe we can change the style of the logo mark”

So this year the logo is a bit like hand illustration yankee version. And also the can badge for this year will have the yankee version logo on it too.

Aiba D: “Well, this idea originates from the tshirt, to me, can badge is something where we’re going to wear it on the tshirt, or maybe pin in on the shopping bag, or the hood towel, there are so many ways we can use it”

There are 2 designs of pin badge, Type A and Type B, each with 3 in sets, one big size and 2 small sizes.

Aiba D : “We have two types so that fans have more variation to arrange it. ”

Aiba D (pointing to the part below the logo) : “If me i would pin it here, i wonder where how the fans would use it”

Arafes is a party for Arashi & fans, and the theme for this year is “A festival created by Arashi & Minasan”, so this year we had a vote earlier, which will determine the songs Arashi is going to perform.

So, there’ll be only one type of poster this year, with all the titles of the singles and albums at the back! It’s white with orange, blue, brown wordings, and random title in between.

It’s the day when five of them were in kakkoii costumes and stood in front of the board with all the titles printed on the board taking picture for promotion.

During camera setting interval,
Matsumoto : “Hmm.. it’s nostalgic”
Ohno : “Only singles?”
Sakurai : “Album is included also!”
Ninomiya: “Wow.. really.. all are included..”
They were talking happily on the design.

The shopping bag will have the similar design as the poster. The big side will have all the titles of the singles & albums, and the side with orange and blue design.

Aiba D : “The colors match right? I was thinking whether should just include all the wordings design but still i think colorful is better, so it turns out to be like this. Blue + Orange is the point. But the handle is brown, so looks a bit classic, well, it’s pop, but classic, hmm… looks like overseas product! (LOL)”

Aiba D : “Besides thinking of the design, we need to consider that Kokuritsu is non-roof stadium, so this time we chose the material which can stand rain. It’s something like the leisure mat, it’s all to protect it from the rain!”

As for the penlight, the strap is orange, and the light part is square and transparent. And don’t forget to check the design in the square!

Just like the poster, the jumbo uchiwa and clear file will only have group version this year.
Member’s wearing tshirt with the words Arafes.
Matsumoto : ア (A)
Ohno : ラ (ra)
Aiba : フ (hu)
Ninomiya : エ (e)
Sakurai : ス (su)
and they took pictures with it.
The jumbo uchiwa will show members crossing each other’s shoulder and wearing the tshirt, and making expression on each of the wordings on the tshirt(LOL)

Another thing is the towel with hood, something which is essential for outdoor performance.
It can protect from sunlight or even drizzle.

Aiba D : “I was thinking whether we should choose towel or cap, but this time, rather than producing a lot of items, we decided to choose only a few which are typical items, so this time we decided to produce the towel”

The color will be light gray base with the orange color logo.

Aiba D : “Orange is our theme color, but if everything is orange, then the whole body will be in orange color (LOL) so i thought a lot on the total cordinate”

Aiba D : “Gray + Orange is great, and it makes orange more outstanding. Actually i was wearing a gray cap when i was having meeting on this, then i just had the feeling of Oh! let’s use this kinda gray! so that’s how the decision was made (LOL)”

Members gave good response on Aiba’s decision too. The right part will have the year and location wordings, the left part with the concert logo.

And the biggest point is there will be a big arashi logo at the hood part.
Aiba D : “I think it will looks cute when you put on it!”

As for kids item, we have misanga and mini towel.This is also gray base with orange logo mark.

Aiba D : “This size is rather convenient right? Although it’s designed for kids, you can use it as mini handkerchief too. Kids can bring it to school too”

Aiba D : “But i think it’s a bit sabishii to have only the minitowel for kids, so i add in the misanga. You can put it at your bag or your handphone.”

And as for wrist band, it’s white with orange logo, and there will gray lining .
Yeah. Aiba D said before he doesnt want everything looks so orange, to the base for the wrist band is white.

So, the theme color is orange this year, and the base is orange, but we’re going to have orange x white, orange x gray, and also blue and brown. And also special logo mark!

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  • japanlori
    17 9月, 2012, 4:28

    Hi Rei-chan, I will be visiting Fukuoka and Hiroshima from the 22nd to the 28th so if you don’t hear from me about the shipping fee, please wait until I return and I will get back to you.  Aloha, Lori

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    OK, no problem~ enjoy your trip!

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    Thank you for the translation~!! and as you can see this is my first time commenting here 😀
    Haha, well I’m a new and recent fan of Arashi. So I’ll probably be stalking you about more info about them, since I’m all new about them ^^;;

    I’m from the Philippines, but actually this month I’m going to be studying in Japan for college, which is awesome. It’s sooo different from the Philippines.

    Would love to hear more from you 😀

    Oh, and I’ll probably would be asking a lot of info about how to be their fan here in Japan since I’m still a newbie here, lol~

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    oh, welcome to japan ! u can watch a lot of them on tv lol

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