Otonoha Vol.106 2012/09/15

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The long awaited Otonoha day~~
But……………. this time……
Sakurai has nothing to talk about!!! *LOL*
Forgive him…. :p

Title = Otonoha for September


It’s me.

In a blink of eyes, it’s already 15th September.

It has been 2 weeks since the 24 hour tv show.

Otsukaresamadeshita to everyone of you too.

I bet you must have stay in front of the tv for a very long time.


Comparing the 1st time to the 2nd time,

And the 2nd time to the 3rd time..

I dunno why the more we did on this the more we’re used to it and we feel the time past very fast.


And it’s going to be Arafes soon.

We’ve been doing rehersal everyday.

Trying to recall back those old dance..

And we even need to practise for those songs which we never danced before..

And the time is coming soon.

OK !!

Wait for us!!! Kokuritsu !!!

…Eh ?

Majide ?

So,,, you noticed it?

You realized it..?

You’re really genius..

Nope, i should say, you’re bright.

Yes… you’re right….

I have nothing much to write actually….

【Nothing special】

Datte.. we only had rehersal all these while!!!

Nothing much to report at all !!!

Maa… there are times like this.

We’re human.

Sainara ← A playful way to say “Sayonara” (bye bye)

Azamasu!! ←A playful way to say “Arigato gozaimasu”

Sakurai Sho

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5 Comments on “Otonoha Vol.106 2012/09/15”

  • Erika
    16 9月, 2012, 23:45

    He’s just too adorable! ^_^ Thank you for this..

    rei125 Reply:

    the first time i see him short of idea of what to write.. lol

  • nik izyan
    24 9月, 2012, 23:54

    thanx for the translation~ ^_^

  • sho
    16 10月, 2012, 3:59

    anoo .. where can i find his Otonoha ? like the official page or something 😐

    rei125 Reply:

    His Otonoha is charged (monthly fees), and you gotta subsribe and pay to read it, but it’s only open to people in jpn.. (with only jpn’s mobile). It’s not viewable in any other sites

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