After 24hour tv show…

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How many hours did they sleep after the 24hours tv show? A simple question, but something which fans like to know yeah! 🙂

Ohno ⇒ 10hours
“I had a glass of drink after i reached home (LOL). We had an ending party after that but just feel like drinking again, as if saying Otsukaresama to myself. And i slept a lot after that, i think around 10 hours!”

Aiba ⇒ 8hours
“We had a simple ending party after that and i went home straight away. I drank a little and slept straight away. Yappari feel very sleepy, and i slept very soundly for 8 hours!”

Sakurai ⇒ 9hours
“I slept straight away after i reached home. Ah! I had a glass of drink before sleeping. I think i slept a lot for around 9 hours. And the next day, i went to gym training.”

Ninomiya ⇒ 8hours
“We had an ending party after that, and i slept straight away after reaching home. Yeah, i really slept, really (LOL) I think i slept for around 8hours. And i feel refresh after that!”

Matsumoto ⇒ Didn’t sleep that much
“We had a light ending party after that, and i took my own time to have a bath after reaching home and it’s already 4am when i was about to sleep. And i have to work the next day, so i think i didn’t sleep that much”

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