Arashi : To my future (2012 24hr TV)

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The 24hr tv has come to an end last week.
In 2004, Aiba chan wrote letter to the other members, and in 2008 it was Nino.
This year, fans were anticipating for that moment and waiting eagerly to see who’s the one who’s going to “confess”.
Actually deep in my heart, i hope no one is going to do so this year.
Of course, i would love to see the scene, i would love to hear what the member has to say to the other four, the situation must be very sweet and touching, but it wont be any more “valuable” if this has become one tradition, anyone understand what i am trying to say? Fans love to see such scenes, but 24hr tv is a show for everyone, arranging them to read their letter to the other members every time will make everything looks so “fake”, as if it’s created just for the tv show. It would be wasteful. It would be more meaningful if this was arranged in their own show. Aiba’s letter was precious because it was the first time and it’s out of everyone’s expectation. Well, that’s my personal opinion.

This year, although feeling a bit “sabishi”, i’m still glad that it turned out to be what i hoped for i.e no letter from any of the members. Instead, they read their own letter to themselves, a letter to their future. It’s something different and match the theme for this year’s show 🙂


To my future.
Are you smiling? Can you still keep on smiling no matter what happen? I guess it must be difficult but i would be happy if you could keep on smiling. For me now, i think many good things will happen if we keep on smiling, so i’m smiling a lot now. I think future depends on how we spend our days now. So i’m living to my fullest each day. When i think i’m working hard, i will look around. Everyone is working hard. I’m surrounded by a lot of nice people. And i can still keep on smiling with these kinda nice people in my future too.

Aiba’s dream during kid
Primary 5 Group 2 Aiba Masaki
My future dream is to become the president of a company. I wanna be a kakkoii president with moustache.


From today to tomorrow, it’s FUTURE.
10 years later, 20 years later, that’s also FUTURE, but tomorrow and day after tomorrow is also a FUTURE. So i’m living life to fullest today. Even though the future might not be what i’m expecting and hoping for, i wont deny what i’ve did today. Our future is today, that’s what i’m keeping it in my mind everyday.

Nino’s dream during kid
Primary 6 Group 1 Ninomiya Kazunari
My dream is to become a professional baseball player. I will definitely stand in Tokyo Dome and be the pitcher for the opening ceremony match.


To my future,
What future will be waiting ahead of me. How will i lead my days in my thirties. I’m looking forward to it. We earn a lot of support from many people all these while and i hope i can do something meaningful, something which is useful next time. I hope i am able to become someone who can help to push someone going when he’s in need. I wanna create a bright future, and i think i can do it.

Jun’s dream during kid
Primary 5 Group 1 Matsumoto Jun
I wanna be a professional baseball player. I wanna play hard and build a big house and buy a kakkoii car.


To my future,
I dunno what to write when i think of myself tomorrow, myself next year, or myself in 10 years later. That’s because i think that future is the accumulation result of what we did in the past. What we did yesterday will results in today, and what we do today will results in tomorrow, and what we do tomorrow will results in future. So i’m living life to the fullest now, so that i wont be laughed by my yesterday. And i hope i can smile more tomorrow.

Sho’s dream when kid
Primary 5 Group 0 Sakurai Sho
I wanna be a musician in future. I play piano since i was small, i love music very much


To my future,
I think i will keep on doing thins i like. Well, same as fishing, i will keep on drawing, creating items, and i will be happy if i could still continue doing things i like in 10 years later, 20 years later or even 30 years later. I think if we live to the fullest everyday now, cherish our days well, there will be a bright future waiting for us. So i’m cherishing my everyday, and continue doing things i like and i believe it will lead to a beautiful future.

Ohno’s dream when kid
Primary 2 Group 1 Ohno Satoshi
I wanna be a bakery in future. The reason was because i love bread.

At the end of his “To my future” speech, Ohno sent a short message to the other four.


Arashi’s Future
Matsujun, Aiba-chan, Sho-chan, Nino
Let’s stay smiling always. Whatever happen, we shall pull through together.
And let’s stay five together in the future too

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    Thank you for translating! Sorry if it’s here somwhere but to you have Nino’s letter translated too? Aiba’s on is so famous that i haven’t even heard of Nino’s.

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    You mean the one on year 2008? sorry i didnt translate that but i think many people did already, maybe you can try googling around?

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