Otonoha Vol.105 2012/08/15

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Quite an emotional otonoha at the end…

Title : From East to West


In this one week,

Singapore… Malaysia… London… Japan.. and other places..

Sometimes i don’t even know where am i.

Sometimes i thought how good it would be if i can get exchange this travelling distance into something.. Sorry for the guilty thought.


The 17days of London Olympics has came to an end.

I’m sure many of you are having jet lag even though you’re at Japan.

Olympics has been on my mind for these 4 years.

I feel happy that i have the chance to take part in this project again after Beijing.

There are a lot of touching moments in this Olympics, but the one which has left a deep impression to me was Obara player, the contestant for wrestling 48kg.

I finally understand what people meant by “a thousand emotions”.

My heart was too full for words.
I’m moved to tears early in the morning.

And most of all, Kitajima Kousuke.

Ever since the representatives for swimming came back to Japan, i keep on thinking..

“What should i talk to Kitajima if i had a chance to speak to him. How shall i face him”

Yeah, my imaginations began to run wild.

What’s my first word to him when he’s walking towards me.
Maybe i shouldn’t say anything, or just shake hands with him..
And how will Kitajima react..

And finally it’s the 13th.

The live on air for the summary of Olympic tv program.

Just before the program start, i went to the toilet.
Washed my hand.
Drying it with air towel.
Walking out to the corridor, and just when i turned right..

I met him!!!

Kitajima !!!

“AH! Kousuke-kun!! Hontoni otsukaresama deshita!”

“Sho-kun!! Thank you so much!!”

“See you later. Onegaishimasune!”




The touching moment of our first meet.

It happens so fast without i realized it!

I hope i have another chance to sit down and talk to him slowly.


The other day, i had a talk with my very best friend.

I realized it has been 16 years since I entered Johnny’s Entertainment.

13 years old.

I don’t know what’s going to happen in the future, never think about it.
I just enjoyed my everyday.

I remembered i wore sneakers with chino pants, and a bit large size window breaker when i went for the audition.

Well, that’s my memory, it might be wrong.

I know my achievement’s today is not only my own effort.

I wouldn’t enjoy it if i’m alone too.

Hontoni Otsukaresama.


How far still can i go.

OK, i shall continue sprinting again.

Sakurai Sho

First of all, Sho-chan, London Olympic otsukaresama!! It’s not easy to travel 13 hours from Japan to London, and without resting, you’re always on the tv reporting us the latest news on Olympics. You never even rest after you came back from London, heading straight to Fukushima Waku Waku event, and later on continue with your live report everyday. I know, and i could feel it, because my recorder is full of you… :p That shows how much you’ve been working recently.. 本当にお疲れ様!!
For those who are Johnny’s fan, or Sho’s fan, maybe you can guess who’s the best friend he mentioned. I’m not 100% sure of it, well i guess no one knows the answer except him.. but it should be his Johnny’s mate Yonehana who quit Johnny’s recently. Looking at what he said.. he said he enjoyed his days at JE and he wouldn’t enjoy it if he’s alone.. from the way he wrote, i guess we can be quite sure that it’s Yonehana whom he’s talking. Guess Yonehana’s resignation must have made him think a lot. I know he wont regret for chosing this road, but maybe he’s a bit uncertain of what’s going to happen maybe 5 years later, or 10 years later.. But i’m confident he’ll excel in everything he do whatever road he chose! Hmm…. i’m not good at expressing myself… demo,daisuki desu, ganbatte!


Oh yeah, by the way, realized the date he wrote is 14th instead of 15th.
Does that means that he wrote it yesterday instead of today? Normally his date is the actual date where Otonoha is uploaded. It’s either he mistyped, or he really wrote it yesterday coz i believe he wrote it on that day, because last time he updated it from Beijing i guess.. and when he’s busy, his Otonoha is either short or very late in the evening~ 🙂

Sho & Yonehana’s photo.

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One Comment on “Otonoha Vol.105 2012/08/15”

  • Daiana
    19 8月, 2012, 21:26

    I’m kinda worried. Every time I see Sho I feel nostalgic like when something is about to end. He works way too much must be exhausted. I think that deep inside he wants to flap his wings and do what he really wants to do. Don’t pay me attention it’s just my stupid “worrier” side emerging. More than anything, I’m looking forward to see him happy with his life and career.

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