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I didnt order the DVD at first but when i saw the photos of Sho practising the piano, i put the DVD in my amazon cart straight away *LOL*
They show very lengthy scenes on him practising and playing the piano!!! ARIGATO STAFF !!!
This is the making of Naodi SP Drama, not the drama itself.
I have wrote on the making of the drama, you can check here.

There is a small booklet with a few pages included inside the DVD.

Crank in

Sho cranked in on 25 January 2012. Yeah, his birthday わーい (嬉しい顔)

Started well with a few scene between Kageyama & Ojyosama.

Whenever there’s free time, he starts memorizing his lines..
Why didnt he hold the script on his hands? *LOL* Standing up and looking at the script on the table, at the same time mumbling to himself non stop :p
Sometimes putting on his hands on the table… :p
There’s one scene where he flipped through the script in very fast speed, you can hear the sound “PIAKKK” *LOL*

Ahhhhhhhh look at his long eyelash~~~~~~

There is one part where he had to look at the camera and talk his lines, yeah, you know the style where Kageyama always talk to Ojyosama, when he was talking half way, there’s somebody making sound(?) at the back there, Sho continued with acting, but after the “CUT”, the director or camera man shout “URUSAI!!” (=noisy), Sho laughed like anything~~ 😀 He said he didnt bother at all~~

Look at the way he smiled!!!! Someone please hold me.. i’m fainting… (≧∀≦)

They interviewed him during interval.
Sho said he needs sometime to get used to it, although he got the feel of Kageyama after wearing the costume, after looking at all the sets, but still he feels that he’s not 100% got into Kageyama role, but he’s getting used to it soon.

It was Sho’s birthday on the first day of the filming, after everything is finished they gave him a surprise birthday party~~
When saw the surprise cake, Sho said, “luckily my birthday falls on today” HAHAHAH
Sho said it’s his first job today, and he hopes it’s a good start, and he’ll be filming for 2 weeks from now and yoroshiku onegaishimasu~

Sho’s challenge: Piano

KYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA the part is here!!!! (≧◡≦)~♥

2 weeks ago before the actual filming, he was practising during interval break.
He just started to play the song, so you can see sometimes he play one handed, sometimes play two handed and sometimes keeps on frowning :p

Practising real hard..

And two weeks after that, the real shooting took place.
He’s still practising non stop while the staffs are preparing and getting ready for shooting.
So envious of the staffs, they get to hear Sho’s piano!!!

The staff asked how’s his learning, he said he has been practising hard, and he practised until 2am the night before.
Then the staff said “Eh… but you reached here in Okinawa (Okinawa is far from tokyo, they need to take flight) early today right?”
Sho just smiled…. and then he said “I’m desperate..” (必死ですよ)
hey, Sho-chan, did you sleep the day before??

OK, here are the scene which he was shooting.
Sho keeps on playing and playing the piano~~ ooohhh~~~ ♪♪♪
His fingers are so soft, dancing on top of the keyboard~~~ ♪♪♪

Kitagawa Keiko (Ojyosama) walked to Sho chan and saw him practising.
She was praising Sho saying that he’s talented, but Sho treat it as she’s not being sincere.
Then she said, “i cried when i heard your piano, i had to remake-up again”
Sho said, “嘘つけ!” (YOU’RE BLUFFING!)
Sorry for the poor capture… Sho’s eyes… orz…

Then Kitagawa Keiko said, i wonder when he practise his piano since he’s so busy.. Look at Sho’s eyes when he heard that… thinking that Keiko must be teasing him…
Then Keiko act like a reporter and asked him “may i know when you have the time to practise?”
Sho answered, “Well, i sacrifice all my sleeping time to do it” HAHAHHA

Sho’s challenge: Bowling

They asked him to put on the gloves, he looks so puzzled.. and asked what is the gloves for?
The staffs then explained that it’s to fix his hand. He’s like “oh i see…”
Look at his expression, so funny! and the mouth!!!!!

Then he tried to bowl, first learning how to hold the ball and his formation.
He said “Hmm… i seldom play bowling..”
Once again, the MOUTH !!!!! WHY SO CUTE !!!!!

Then he tried to bowl one time, to his surprise, he managed to knocked down almost all the pin, and he looks so happy~~~

Then he went to the backside of the bowling centre, looking at the backstage of it.
Looks just like a small kid learning new things! ヾ(≧▽≦)ノ

Then suddenly he said “oops.. i shouldn’t be here..” and he rushed out again, trying to practise bowling again..

After another take, he sit down and wait for the director’s answer.
When the director said “Sho-kun OK!” he smiled~~~~~
And he said “I’m much more happier than you expect” (≧∀≦)

Crank up

Sho’s crank up scene was at Okinawa. The other actors/actress still have one more week of shooting schedule. Kageyama’s scene finish first.

One week after that…

It’s Kitagawa Keiko & Shiina-san’s crank up.
Sho rushed to the studio to congratulate them. Yasashii~~~~
BUT !!!
It’s just one week after his crank up and he look so much different !!!!! SO MUCH THINNER !!!!
(Already getting ready for the SP drama Blackboard…)
Really too thin……………….

They asked him to give a small speech..
he said “ehh……….???”
And began his cute gesture…………………(≧∀≦)
crapped his own face……… and start talking………. said the staffs still have one more month to finish editing,it’s taihen but he will be anticipating to it.

Then at the end, he told them “luckily i am in time…”
Looks like he rushed there ne… And looking at the clothes he wore, it’s the costume for Wild At Heart, must be the day where he recorded for Hey Hey Hey ne~

P/S: Hey Hey Hey shown on 2012.03.05 (pre-recorded on 2012.02.19)

Looking forward to Kageyama in the movie next year !!

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