24Hour Television Pavillion at NTV

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I never know they have this pavillion at NTV, I just heard that there are HUGE pillars on Arashi at Shiodome and i thought it was at the station. I asked the NTV staffs there, but i was just too shy to ask where is the huge Arashi pillars, so i just simply asked “I heard there are huge pillars on the 24hour tv, may i know where is it?” *LOL* I guess the staffs must have seen that i’m true Arashics *LOL*
She told me it’s at the 2nd floor and when i went there, i realized they actually have one small pavillion for this 24hour tv show.

Posters here and there around the pavillion.

And here’s the pillar inside the pavillion.
I must say that the photo quality isnt good, because the pillar is REALLY HUGE AND TALL !!!!
And it’s very small inside, which means you cant stand far away to take photo, the pillar is just right in front of you.. so without a wide range camera, this’s the best i can take with my iphone4S :p

First just have a look at the back of them :p

Wooooo looking at the back is enough to make me high *LOL*

And now from the front! 🙂

Aiba chan!!!! The best shot!!!

Aiba chan!!!! The best shot!!!

Sho-chan~~~Just cant capture it nicely... i have tried to squat very low already..



oops... leader... gomen... no space for me to take his shot from better angle..

Well’s that’s all about the pavillion… あせあせ (飛び散る汗)
Nothing much to see actually except the pillar *LOL*

Today, i met up with 2 arashics, we had “Araoke” (Arashi Karaoke) and DVD session, we watched the AAA 2008 at Kokuritsu グッド (上向き矢印)手 (チョキ)
The place where we had our session was really interesting!!! Looks like they’re used to hold party for fans.
Can see some of Arashi’s uchiwa at their decoration glass there *LOL*

DVD session るんるん (音符)

Arashi Around Asia 2008 Party time!!

Of course we did not go empty handed, all the mini uchiwas and penlights are essential items !!! 😀

The place is very interesting, when you told them you’re arashi’s fan, they will have this kinda special service for you (need to tell them earlier), my friend asked them to give us a surprise (i’m first time there), so a big dessert with Arashi logo mark decoration on top was served in front of me!!! Three of us, 2 Sho fans, 1 Aiba fan, so my friend asked them to write the plate “Sakuraba Daisuki” 黒ハート


Had an enjoyable day today, need to work hard again tomorrow….orz…

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4 Comments on “24Hour Television Pavillion at NTV”

  • japanlori
    30 7月, 2012, 3:37

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    Thank you for the pics of Shiodome. Was it very crowded?  I am surprised you did not have any other Arashi fans in your pictures!  Will you try to see Arashi in person during the 24-hour television?  Looks like you had fun at karaoke.  Your dessert looked so delicious!  I laughed when I saw the back sides of Arashi.  You can always tell who is Sho from his sloping shoulders–hahaha!

    rei125 Reply:

    it is not crowded at all *LOL* maybe because the pavillion has opened for quite some time.. and it’s already evening when i reached there.
    hahahha sloping shoulder has become sho’s significant… :p
    but frankly i dun find his shoulder sloping at all… maybe i should have my eyes checked… hahahah

  • Hui
    30 7月, 2012, 16:06

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    Where is this karaoke located? Hopefully e next time I go Tokyo, I can make a trip there!!!

    rei125 Reply:

    it’s “Pasela”, located in a few places i heard, the one i went is at Shibuya

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