Higashiyama Senpai talking on Arashi

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Today Higashiyama senpai talked on Johnny’s artist and when the host asked him on Arashi, he commented on them.

In short, Higashiyama senpai said
“Arashi, all of them are very kind nature. They’re not Arashi(storm), they’re soft breeze, when 5 of them gather together they make big storm”

Talking on Jun, he said Jun always ask him a lot of questions, basically on concert because Jun is always the one in charge of Arashi’s concert concept. Jun likes to learn and he always has a lot of questions to ask.

Host then asked him how about Sho.
Higashiyama senpai said he’s very serious in work and he thinks Sho’s a sugoi commentator.

About Aiba, he said Aiba is “tennen” (natural) and he really has a kind heart. You can feel very comfortable when you’re with him. When talk about Aiba, Higashiyama senpai always praise him for his kind heart ne!!

The host said “ここまで人気があるのはわかるね” (We can understand why they’re so popular ne)

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4 Comments on “Higashiyama Senpai talking on Arashi”

  • Nik
    17 7月, 2012, 9:27

    Yappa…Higashiyama-san ga ii sempai ne~
    Demo, wat about Oh-chan…huhu~
    Anyway…thanx for sharing ^_^

    rei125 Reply:

    He just said Ohno=no wind *LOL*

  • japanlori
    17 7月, 2012, 17:30

    I liked watching this show when I was living in Japan.  My favorite was Tokui-san.  Uyeda and Arita are so funny in Pekepon too.  Did Higashiyama say anything about Ohno and Nino? 

    rei125 Reply:

    He said Ohno=No wind, As for Nino, the host didnt ask, but when they mentioned about who is the most stingy among them, he said he heard ppl said it’s Nino.

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