Waku Waku School Osaka 2012.07.15 AM (Somo Somo lesson on Aiba)

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Initially, i didnt plan to go to Osaka Waku Waku School and i didnt even apply for it..
But when somebody said she has extra ticket and asked if i wanna go, i just say “YEAH YEAH” without thinking twice.. although i did regret a bit later because the journey to Osaka is not cheap… あせあせ (飛び散る汗)
It was a hard day today, the weather was REAL HOT!! I cant stop sweating.. あせあせ (飛び散る汗)
This’s my first time to Kyocera Dome.

I thought the lessons would be slightly different as they had different programs at the Tohoku Waku Waku, but it’s almost the same as in Tokyo (except for some part).
So, if you want detailed report, please read my report here
In this post, i’ll just write briefly on anything different from Tokyo, and also some episodes which i remember…

In Ninomiya Sensei’s lesson of “Kachi Kachi”, Ninomiya sensei asked them to shoot each other with the water gun, instead of asking one of the students to open the pet bottle as in Tokyo.
When they began the water gun battle, the water came out from the end of the gun instead of the front part, so funny *LOL*
Another funny part is when Ninomiya Sensei asked Aiba-chan to stand up and read a passage. He said Aiba is baka, so he just write everything in hiragana. *LOL*

Nino:I want Aiba-kun to read, but since Aiba-kun is baka, i wrote everything in hiragana

Aiba:OI!!! I’m going to call my parents yo! (LOL)

The main part which most fans are anticipating i guess, is Jun’s “Somo Somo” lesson.
He picked up on Nino at Tokyo event, and on Sho yesterday, and it’s Aiba today.

Here are Aiba’s mum answer on Jun’s questions.

Q:Do you still remember the time when he was born?

A:He’s my first child, and so it’s my first experience giving birth. The pain is unberable and no words to describe it, but when the moment i saw him, i forgot everything about the pain. It’s so unbelievable. When i was carrying him for the 8th month, the doctor said he’s not stable (breech baby), so i remember i did some exercise during that period.

Q:What’s the origin of his name?

A:数ヶ月色々な本を読んで、画数で悩みました。私が雅という字が好きで雅紀と付けました。気持ちにゆとりがあって、優雅な心で生きる人生をおくってほしいと願いを込めて名付けました。(.゚ー゚)< はい、お母さん、残念ですっ! A:I've been reading a lot of books for many months, and thinking about the strokes of his anme. I love the word "雅", so i called him "雅紀" (Masaki). I hope he has a room in his mind/heart when doing things and lead an elegant life.
This part is funny, just when Jun finished reading Aiba’s mum answer, Nino shouted “Hai, Okaasan, Zannen desu!!”, meaning Aiba doesn’t turn out to be what his mum hoped him to be *LOL*

Q:What kind of kid is he?

A:He is very shy and keep to himself, but when it’s the time for presentation, he looks so steady, even we as parents are shocked too!! And he’s very weak, we’re always at hospital.

Then the other four starts to talk about Aiba’s character.
You often see him laughing and talking joyfully on tv, but in fact he’s a very shy person, and he almost never talk to anyone he knows for the first time. Nino mentioned this first in HNA ne (尋常じゃない人見知り)
Aiba said he doesnt know to what extend he can joke with the person if they just meet each other for the first time. Sho said he almost cant remember talking to Aiba when they were juniors. No wonder Sho said he met Aiba the first time in Hawaii.. but….. Sho-chan…….. you and Aiba were playing on the sea in juniors TV show… orz…
Aiba said he’s alone when he entered Johnny’s so he always keep to himself.

As for presentation, the other four asked him what presentation is that.
Aiba said, he never mentioned it to them… actually he learnt piano and he used to play piano on the stage!!!

As for the hospital episode, yeah, Aiba-chan goes to hospital as common as other kids going to school… orz…
He said his mum has become friend with the doctor there because they went there too regularly.
I guess the biggest reason is his lungs, but after 2 operations, he should be better now 😀

Aiba said his mum forced him to learn swimming when he was three years old because he was too weak. Doctor asked him to swim to become more healthier and stronger.

Q:What’s the most precious thing you have with him?

A:Maternity record book (In japan, they have this maternity record books for each new born baby) and umbilical cord, that’s the only thing which ties a knot between me and him. Now he has grown up and he achieved more than his parents. Thank you for coming to this world as my son. I keep these things in my bedroom’s closet and they’re very important to me. Sometimes i will look at it.

Aiba said he never know about this, his mum never mention this to him.

Q:What did you do to create memory with him?

A:We went to the sea, mountains, ski, and a lot of places. Now when i think back, i’m glad that i brought him to those places when he was small because…..when a kid has reached a certain age, they are reluctant to go with you….

The audience roared with laughter *LOL*
Aiba said when he was around 13 or 14, he prefer to go out with his friends instead of with his mum, but now he’s willing to spend time with them.
Sho asked him when’s the last time he went travelling with them, he said the new year this year, to Hakone.
And Sho said “AHHHHHHHHH the time when the Hakone Ekiden? (Hakone marathon)”
Aiba said, yeah yeah…. the time when the road was full with traffic jam, and their car reached Hakone slower than those marathon runners! HAHAHHHA

I thought Aiba’s going to cry when talking about his mum… you know he’s emotional and sentimental :p
And sometimes he looks like he’s lost for words, but still he tried to joke 🙂

Today, during Matsumoto sensei’s “Somo Somo” lesson, when he was interviewing a small kid, one fan in front of the small kid keep showing up her uchiwa and this block the small kid from camera….
Sho…. voiced out.. “Please put down your uchiwa, you’re blocking the little gal”

Oh yes, the “discovery” for today is Ohno fishing in the river near Kyocera Dome, Many fans were crossing the bridge and looked down at the guy fishing there, but no one realized it’s him!!!

Alright, i cant remember anything now… tired…

Oh yeah… i lost my badge………. i think i’m not going to bring it to any event anymore 😥
I feel relieved that it’s not the “土曜の嵐” badge which is not sold anywhere!!!!

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    5 8月, 2012, 10:22

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    AIBACHIIIIIIIIII~!!!! he keeps most of the things to himself ne? poor kid…he must be really  considerate or shy….or like Neen says,’baka’!! haha…but his present is esential to the group~~ thanks alot for sharing this~!!

    rei125 Reply:

    yeah, we seldom see him being very joyful, but he’s actually quite shy, he is only open to close friends~ Nino knows him most i guess~~

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