Otonoha Vol.104 2012/07/15

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Talking on his trip to Singapore.
(Photo is different though :p You know right? Entry No.2!! *LOL* )


It’s me.

Kageyama now.

Story on my busy trip to Singapore.

Two round trips.

For one way,

Aeroplane x 3
Ship x 2

I’ve used up a lot of transportation in my trip this time.

And filming starts from morning till the next morning.

It wasnt an easy schedule.

…. So..!!!

When the filming starts a bit later than usual i woke up early in the morning…

When i have a little bit of idle time during my filming.. i tried to plan my time for…

Let’s Sightseeing !!!

I’ve always wanted to go to Singapore!!



I contacted my friends in Singapore..

And i headed to those places which are famous for it’s gourmet and all other sight seeing places!!

Anyway, i’ve went to those places which i think i should go.


I really enjoyed my trip in Singapore.

And there’s one photo which i think i must show you all.

I went to see the Merlion but… who knows it’s under construction.

Azamasu!!! ←a naughty way to say “thank you”…

Yeah,, it’s Azamasu!!!!

“Merlion under construction”

Not everyone had the chance to see it!


I really chose the right timing.

That’s all.

Head of Positive club
Sakurai Sho

Sakurai Sho

I thought he has been to Singapore before, looks like it’s his first time there ne. Glad that he enjoyed himself 🙂 Coz.. saw the photo when he reached there the first day.. restless.. not genki.. and looks like not in good mood… あせあせ (飛び散る汗) He’s not someone who’ll hide his feeling unless in those public show.. so guess he must be too tired to smile….. He looks more energetic and genki during his 2nd trip there. Heard that he waved to those Singapore fans!
And sasuga Sho-chan.. as long as he can travel he can sacrifice all his sleeping hour… if i were him, i would rather sleep more when the filming starts late… あせあせ (飛び散る汗)
Hmm.. i wanna go to those places that he went to!!! Sho-chan, where did you visit in Singapore??

OK, here’s the precious “Merlion under construction” !!! *LOL*
(Please do not repost this Otonoha and all the pictures. If found, i wont update it anymore. Thank you)

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6 Comments on “Otonoha Vol.104 2012/07/15”

  • Hui
    26 7月, 2012, 1:05

    oh my~ I wish I can tell him there are some other merlion elsewhere!!! Sho-chan! Pls come to S’pore again!

    rei125 Reply:

    oh is it? i only know the one at Marina Bay Sand.. and i never know it’s under construction. Why? To make it bigger? :p

  • Hui
    28 7月, 2012, 12:20

    Yes, there’s a reali big one (at least 10 storey high) in Sentosa which u can enter & view from the Merlion’s mouth… & there’s actually a ‘baby’ merlion near to the one under construction… honestly, I never reali cared about e merlions until I saw Sho’s pix!!!!!

    rei125 Reply:

    Sho should have visit the one at Sentosa! *LOL*

  • kawaiimontie
    2 4月, 2013, 0:14

    This is my first time posting here..
    I wanna say thank you, Rei san for all your translations and sharings!
    By the way, when Sho chan visited Singapore, the merlion at sentosa was undergoing renovation because.. It was struck by lightning! =X

    But its now all well~ So, Sho chan please come again! Maybe come when you have to promote Nazodi? XD

    rei125 Reply:

    struck by lightning?!!!! i wanna let him know! lol

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