Nino’s mum letter on Waku Waku School 2012.06.17AM

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I guess it’s a bit late now, and maybe most of you have read the reports elsewhere, but still i would like to translate Nino’s mum letter to him on the Waku Waku School Event on his birthday, the AM session.

I wasn’t there, i attended only the PM session (report here) , i got the letter’s context online.
※photos are all not taken by me, all grabbed online m(__)m

Origin source: here


Happy birthday.

You were 3900gram when you were born, your head was quite big and your neck wasnt stable.

You got sick very often.

Your ears got painful each time you had a fever, and there’s pus in your ear drum, and you had many times of eardrum incision.
You had heat cramp in the midnight and we had to rush to the emergency hospital.
During the summer when we went to sea, you had mumps and high fever continued for days, you look so painful.
During your secondary school, doctor said there’s an abnormality in your heart during an examination. I feel that it maybe caused by the mumps.. and i feel so sorry for bringing you to the sea.
Now you’re healthy, no problem with your heart, at least i feel relieved.

It was a medical checkup 3 month after you were born.
Doctor diagnosed you with scrotum blister, which means there’s water in your testis and it was swollen. Doctor said i should rub it gently when i am changing the pampers for you, so i rubbed it gently everytime for you and i was so happy that it wasn’t swolen anymore.
You didnt suffer from any big sickness after you enter the primary school, and you were playing just like other healthy kids.
I can see that you’re learning the way to communicate with others, the rule of this society even when you’re playing.

You didnt continue in any of those lessons you attended ne.
When go for tuition, you cried and said you dont want to study, when go for piano lesson you often pretend to be asleep.
But of all things, you continued with baseball.
You play almost everyday.

A lot of people loves you, a lot of people were taking care of you.
Never ever forget about this.

And you often say “thank you” when you come back home to have “monjyayaki” ne.


Thank you for coming to this world as my son.

Nino Mama

Ohh… the last phrase was so touching…. 泣き顔

Urm….. it’s such a touching letter and i thought i am going to cry.. but why she had to mention the testis story in such an important letter.. now i dont feel like crying anymore….

It’s because Kazuko that you got healed completely right! She rubbed it gently for you!!

So funny!!!

Never expect Nino is such a kid with so many problem (illness) when he was small. Really feel his mum’s love to him (well, all parents are the same ^^)

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8 Comments on “Nino’s mum letter on Waku Waku School 2012.06.17AM”

  • Celine Loh
    27 6月, 2012, 0:48

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    wow, thanksfor translating..I could understand haf of the letter if not for your translation :)) I had tears in my eyes..Nino is indeed such a lovable ‘boy’..i heard he often got bullied in school, who would want to bully such a lovable boy!
    Looking forward to watching this scene, hopefully it will be included in their next DVD..

    rei125 Reply:

    i cant imagine those days he was being bullied too.. i’m so glad that he now grows up as a normal person!! oops… he’s not normal, he’s an idol not only for japanese fans, but also an idol who drives fans all over the world crazy!!
    but seriosly, i can sense how much his mum loves him, it’s so touching..

  • 4 7月, 2012, 22:34

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    waw…your blog is too awesome >____<

    rei125 Reply:

    i love coments, i love encouragements!! thank you so much! 🙂

  • yuuki
    5 8月, 2012, 10:28

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    uwahhhhhhhhhhhh~!!! such a touching letter!! but hey Neen, u’re just giving excuses not to cover over the letter bcoz of the testis’s story…! XDD 

    oh well, the bratty Neen is what eveybody loves~! <3<3<3<3 

    thanks for sharing this!!

    rei125 Reply:

    welcome~ Nino’s story is the most painful one… *sniff sniff*
    But now he’s loved by everyone~~

  • jenice
    6 11月, 2012, 0:00

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    Wowww!! it makes me cry that know about his health when he was young. Thanks for get well and good health till now. ^__^

    rei125 Reply:

    same as aiba… *cry*

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