Waku Waku School Event 2012.06.17(PM)

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Alright, here’s the report for 2012 Waku Waku School Event!
Please note that i’m not very good at writing report.. but i’ll try to…. All the photos are captured from the wideshow news on the next day.
I attended the last lesson, the PM session on 2012.06.17. YEAH, Nino’s birthday!!!

Preparation for Waku Waku school on the night before 17 June 2012

It was raining on the first day of Waku Waku.. hmmm… as usual, just like their name, stormy on the day their event is going to be held!!
Luckily the weather turned good on the next day!!
Look at the Tokyo Dome… full of people here and there!!!

The signboard is still the same as last year~

And here i’m going in !!!!!

Big set of stage in the middle, it reminds us of those VS Arashi sets :p
And there are a series of Arashi teachers posters at the opposite side, and Waku Waku slogan written by five of them.
“日々是気付” (Hibi kore kizuki) = Everyday is a learning.
The five letters are written by each of them.

17June was Nino’s birthday. Already learnt that they gave him a surprise birthday celebration in the AM session. I was wondering whether they will celebrate again for him in the PM session because if they do the same thing again, it wont be anymore a surprise…
Just when waiting for the even to start, the large screen shows message from Arashi.
“It’s Nino’s birthday today. We are going to wish him happy birthday, so before the go sign, please keep to yourself and don’t be too urgent to wish him until we give you the sign”
YEAHHHH!!! The dome was roaring when this message appeared… i think Nino should have guessed by then… *LOL*

School starts at 17:00 sharp. The introduction video was quite funny.
Jun was running in the gym, when suddenly a macho guy (coach?) appeared in front of him. The coach has the Arashi School logo mark on his breast, and this strikes his mind.. “Ah…” and off he ran to the school and transformed into Matsumoto sensei.
Aiba was resting during his filming for Mikeneko Holmes, and when he opened his bento and ready for his lunch, the sea weed on top of the rice is the shape of Arashi School logo mark, and this strikes his mind..”Ah…” and off he ran to the school and transformed into Aiba sensei.
Sho was hosting Zero when suddenly the zero news screen showed the Arashi School logo mark, and this strikes his mind… “Ah…” and off he ran to the school and transformed into Sakurai sensei.
Nino was on his way inside the bus and playing with his 3DS game. Suddenly the screen on his 3DS showed “Look outside” and when he looked outside his window, he saw the Arashi School logo mark on the windows of the building.. and this strikes his mind.. “Ah…” and off he ran to the school and transformed into Ninomiya sensei.
Ohno was having a meeting with “Kagi no kakatta heya” drama staffs, and when he was about to drink his cafe latte, the bubble on top of the latte changed into Arashi School logo mark.. and this strikes his mind.. “Ah..” and off he ran to the school and tranformed into Ohno sensei.

And after the VTR introduction Arashi sensei appeared!!! KYA~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~!

Sho: Ohno sensei, onegaishimasu
Ohno: So, i shall begin the waku waku school now! ←talking in a very playful way
Sho: Stand up, Bow, Sit down

Ninomiya Sensei: 「カチカチ」の授業

The first lesson was Ninomiya Sensei’s lesson: “Kachi Kachi”.

Ninomiya sensei asked Ohno to get up and then he passed him a water bottle. There’s beads inside the bottle. Ninomiya sensei asked Ohno to open the bottle and take out the beads in 10 seconds. No matter how hard Ohno tried to open the bottle, he failed.

The reason was, the bottle was different from normal one which you need to turn it right instead of left to open. Ohno assume that he should turn it left, so instead of opening it, he’s shutting it tight. Ninomiya sensei wants to tell us, there are many preconceptions in this world, we tend to assume something, but actually it’s not always in that way, we need to be more flexible and try to find another way out if we’re lost.

Ninomiya sensei said Arashi members are very stiff and not flexible. To be more flexible, he arranged a rally (just like last year :p), The relay starts from Jun → Sho → Aiba → Ohno.
Sho was standing in front of my side waiting for relay from Jun~~~黒ハート

I couldnt capture Aiba’s relay, he really runs very very VERY fast!!

Aiba Sensei: 「パクパク」の授業

Aiba’s sensei lesson was “paku paku”, same as last year, he talked on food.
This year, he made sushi for members. He asked the members to close their eyes and count to ten while he’s trying to put on his cook’s hat, but the members were peeping :p

Aiba sensei: 何が食べたい?何でも握ってあげるよ~
What do you want to eat? Anything you name up i’ll make it for you

Sho: garlic!!
Then i remember they said sho likes garlic ne… oh no… once again it drifts my distance from him.. i hate garlic….. >_< Aiba sensei's lesson showed a VTR on the tuna fish. Tuna's egg is normally easily eaten by other big fish before they could really grow up into big one. The possibility of them turning from egg to real fish is 1/6,000,000 so we must cherish the tuna we're having in our daily days. Aiba sensei has been learning on how to make sushi from chef. They played quiz on fish, only those who got the answer correct can eat it. The first question, all except Nino got it correct. Sho praised Aiba, he said he was slow on the first day and now he can make it so fast.

Then he tried to make with the ebi (prawn).
Sho: エビも習ったの? You learnt ebi too?
Aiba sensei: 習っていない。要領一緒でしょう?No. But it’s the same right?
But….. he couldnt get it done properly….
It’s very funny, he tried to stick the raw ebi and the rice together but they couldnt stick well, so Aiba sensei said, gomennasai, and he began to lick his fingers, licking away all those rice which sticks on his fingers *LOL*

Nino: Luckily i didnt get the answer correct!

Aiba appologized, washed his hands and made one sushi for Ohno. He put too much wasabi inside, at first Ohno said “Umai!” and in a second, he shouted “Karai!” (spicy) and he keeps coughing and pressing his nose! *LOL*

In another question, Sho got the answer correct and he said…
Sho: Do you know why i know the answer? I heard Aiba saying out the answer in the restroom…..
HAHAHAHAHAH everyone was laughing, Aiba was shocked, he don’t actually remember he mentioned about this before!!

Sakurai Sensei : 「ゴクゴク」の授業

Sakurai sensei talked on the importance of water. In Tokyo Dome, they collected the rains and dilapidated it and reuse it in toilet. It’s a way to save water.
They’re trying to do experiment and see how many pails of water is needed to take one shower.
1 pail = 1 Arashi (measurement)
The student who’s going to take shower today is Aiba. Of course, it’s not the real Aiba :p A mannequin with Aiba’s face mask on it! *LOL*

Aiba wears rain coat and helped the mannequin to take shower.
The mannequin came out in a green underwear.
Sakurai sensei: Just bath as the way you bath everyday.
Aiba: Alright, i know. And the mannequin wears the same underwear as me ne!

Aiba: I’m going to wash from the left body.
Sakurai sensei: But you’re washing on the right body now….
HAHAHHAHAHAHAAHAH Sakurai sensei, you’re sharp !!!

Meanwhile the others help to bring the water from the pool.
I thought someone’s going to jump into the pool when i saw 2 big swiming pool in the dome… Thought they’re going to have another “Fight Song” *LOL*

Aiba finished his shower very fast, the other members were quite shocked. He only needs 12 Arashi (=12 pails) to finish his bath. Jun needs 18 Arashi on 16th sesion, and even Ohno who doesnt use conditioner when washing his hair also need 13 Arashi (17th AM session). Sakurai sensei said, if we turn off the water when we don’t really need it during shower, like when you’re rubbing your body, you’ll save 50% of the water.

They all said Aiba’s fast in showering.
Sho: Yeah yeah,, you’re always fast ne ←Sho knows Aiba best? :p

Matsumoto Sensei: 「ソモソモ」の授業

Matsumoto sensei talked on the baby’s birth. He asked the audience, those who comes in parents and child to raise up their hands. There are indeed a lot of children !!!

Sho: Sensei, if our parents are here, should we put up our hands too?
Matsumoto sensei: Of course
And……………. Sho, Aiba, Nino put up their hands!!!! (I didnt see this because it doesnt show on the screen, but heard it from other fans later)
Does it mean that…….. Sho, Aiba, Nino’s mother were sitting in the dome too?? ヾ(≧▽≦)ノ
Anyway, I heard Sho’s mum appeared in the dome in the AM session, i am not too sure about the PM one…
Sho’s mum is a lecturer in the university, she wrote a lot of reference book too. Wonder what’s her feeling seeing her own son being a teacher in the Dome.. :p

Matsumoto sensei asked one boy whether he knows his own root, ex. what is the origin of his name etc.
Matsumoto sensei taught us to knows the origin of everything, so that we knows how to cherish things and people around us. He went to attend a delivery, and tells us how tough is it for mum to give birth to a small life.

Matsumoto sensei: Since my lesson is on learning the roots of yourself, today let’s talk on the roots of one of the students here.
Well… since today is……….. so……………..

Nino: YAMETE YO !! (Stop it!)
Matsumoto sensei: 1….2…! ←giving signal

And after his signal, the whole dome was shouting, “NINO, TANJYOBI OMEDETOU!!!!” (Nino, happy birthday)

Then the cake was pushed out.

They want Nino to eat the cake, but he was running away………..
Aiba wont give up and keep on feeding Nino… Nino cant help but to eat the cake…
(The following picture was taken by secret camera.. i dunno who took it.. i found it on the net, it’s wrong.. but this NinoAi part is just too cute that i really want to share it here… )

I was wondering why Nino doesnt want to eat it…….. OIC………………………..
the cake is made of sour plum!! HAHAHHHA
It’s actually a strawberry cake, but they use all sour plum to replace the strawberry.
Well, Nino’s fans should know the reason right? Nino’s mum always bring them sour plum whenever they have concert, so they decided to use sour plum this time :p
Nino saw the a big bunch of sour plum on the cake and he knows something’s amiss! *LOL*

Sho: Urm.. stop a while.. this’s different from our simulation. Our simulation was, the cake being pushed out → feeding Nino → Nino eating happily → suddenly shout out “WHAT’S THIS??” → sour plum story being revealed…
BUT, Nino already knows it when the cake is out! never expect that the sour plum is to be placed on top of the cake, so obvious!!!


Jun asked Nino’s mum a few questions.
■ What’s the origin of Nino’s name?
Nino’s mum answer:

I care about the strokes of it, and i hope he can be someone who cares about other people, who takes human relationship seriously, so i use the word “和” which means communication ring.

Matsumoto sensei: Yeah, indeed, Nino’s someone who cares about communication ne. He always try to talk to everyone in the rest room
Nino: ne~! *LOL*

Besides “Kazunari”, actually her mum has other alternatives too.
「大」 (Written as BIG and pronouce as “Hiroshi”)
The others keep laughing, they said it’s funny to imagine Ninomiya Kazunari is Ninomiya Hiroshi.

■ How do you spend your time with him?

I started working when he was two, and i tried my best to spend my time with him. We went travelling during his summer holidays, i hug him and kiss him, i wanna let him know that i love him very much

Then Jun said Nino’s mum prepared a letter for him too.

Jun: Actually ne, we also had this part in the AM session. Nino’s mum wrote a birthday letter to him. But she knows we’re having 2 sessions today, and she specially wrote 2 letters! Thank you Nino’s mum. I shall read on behalf of him
Nino’s mum…….. yasashii~~~~~~~~~~~

Dear Kazu,
Happy birthday. You entered Johnnys since secondary school, so i think most of your school memories comes from primary school. You were bullied during lower primary and you hate to go to school, always getting stomachache and late for school. During higher primary, you were always playing ball at the school ground. When you were Primary 5, there’s another bullying in the class b ut i heard from teacher that you never take part in bullying although you were bullied last time. And I heard from teacher that when the other kids asked you to join them to take a peep at the girls locker room, you said “I dont wish to do such a thing” and you reject them. I know it needs courage to reject. I am really happy to hear that. A lot of friends visited our house. You all were playing games most of the time while eating takoyaki ne. You’re always praised for taking off your cap and greet them when you saw someone you know at outside. The neighbours all called you Madam Killer.
Ojiichan , Obaachan, Jyun-chan, all of us are very pleased at your activity. Please continue to work hard to make everyone who loves you happy. I am always spirited when attending concert. I am always a big fan of you and Arashi.
2012.06.17 Nino Mama

Arashi members asked whether he still remember the girls locker incident.
Nino: 覚えてますよ。遠かったんですよ。。
Of course i remember. It was far….


Jun: So the reason you reject was….?
Nino: It was far, so troublesome…

Nino said he remembered he was bullied in higher primary and not lower primary but since his mum mentioned that it’s lower primary, he said… “maybe i was being bullied all the way?” ….. Nino….. 😥

Thanks to Nino’s mama for such a lovely and touching letter 😥
I remembered Nino talked about bullying topic in Zero many many years ago. He did mentioned that he was bullied at school but he didn’t talk much on it. I think he must have a hard time.. So sad… BUT THE GUY WHO WAS BEING BULLIED NOW IS A TOP IDOL IN JAPAN NOW !!! Anything can happen as long as you keep on being positive !!!

They asked Nino to comment.
Arigato gozaimasu. I think there’s not much changes, and i’ll still continue to live happily everyday. I think i will try to be in gold hair once in a while when i turn 30, 40 or 50. I will ganbaru. Arigato gozaimashita.

Jun then passed the letter to Nino. This looks like a big ceremony.
And Nino was flipping through the letter and reading slowly.. 😥

Sho: この文面って原文のまま?original wordings?
Nino: ya
Sho: the use of the word “anata” sound just like nino’s mum, and nino.
Nino: sou dayone
Sho: just feel like Nino inherits this from his mum
Nino: So dayone. Maybe this’s the so called skinship

Ohno Sensei: 「ゲラゲラ」の授業

Ohno sensei’s lesson taught us to laugh. Ohno sensei said in a research, it shows that laughing can kill the cancer cells in human’s body, people who laugh a lot are more healthier.

Then Ohno sensei said like last year, he’s going to spread rays. This time it’s “Gera Gera rays”, so when he spread it, people will start to laugh automatically.

And when he started to “dance” and spread his rays, Arashi members forced themselves to laugh *LOL*

Look at this Sho-chan !!!!!! I’m totally amused!! HAHAHHAHA

Then Ohno sensei said he’s going to hold one laughing competition. The winner shall be determined by the “bird” (computer). The final winner shall have the chance to compete with a special guest.

First it’s Sho VS Jun.
Sho was laughing HAHAHAHAH very loudly and Jun didnt make any noise.
In the end the bird stopped on Jun… and Sho was kinda shocked !! *LOL*

The second match, Aiba VS Nino.
Nino laughed like Sho, very loudly and Aiba just smiled. Wow, his smile is soooooooooooooo CUTE !!!!
Nino won it though :p

Sho said, the bird chose those who didnt make any noise! *LOL*

The final round between Jun VS Aiba.

They decided to laugh loudly and see whom will the bird choose.
And it’s Jun who won the match.

So…. Jun’s going to compete with the secret guest… and it turns out to be Ohno sensei himself… *LOL*
The result it…………. guess that the bird loves Jun most of all ~

Ohno sensei said, human is also called as “the laughing animal”, so we should laugh more in our every days.

That’s the end of the lesssons for the five senseis.

And… here’s the school theme, “Furusato” !!!!
I was soooooooooooooooooooooo happy, yappari nothing’s much better than to hear them singing!!!
Their beautiful voice roared the whole dome!!! I really love this song !!!

They split into different directions half way, Sho was just standing on the lane in front of me, but i was toooo far on the high seat.. 😥
But still, i was soo happy and so exited, keep showing my uchiwa and swaying my penlight!! Sho-chan, Did you see me??

Then they got up on the truck and walked around the dome 😥

That’s the end of Waku Waku School event.

Sho was very very very very very cute!!! He always look much much much better in real, if you think he’s already cute in tv, you’re wrong!! He’s much much better in real 黒ハート His deep V-line is driving me crazy~~! 揺れるハート Aiba-chan also looks kakkoii, he’s always so stylish, in this event, he looks extra good!! Maybe because his hair is short, i like him with this hair. Jun looks nice in this waku waku event also. Nino and leader looks just like what you see on tv~ of course kakkoii too!

And finally, my waku waku goods to show off *LOL*
Too bad, besides Sakurai sensei, the other sensei’s clearfiles were sold out………………….

Nothing to do with Waku Waku School, Jun went to the gynecology department and were there waiting for baby’s delivery. It reminds me Sho did the same thing 8 years ago. When the new born baby was put on his arms, he was very scared and he said “chotto kowai..” (if i didnt remember it wrongly) :p
The baby’s name that Jun went to was Yuu (優羽), and the baby’s name when Sho went to was Yuuka (優華), both similar name!! Isn’t this a big coincidence??

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    Sugoi ne.. These guys never fail to impress me. They weren’t your typical “idols” . 

    Thank you so much for making this report. I wish I could get a similar chance like yours.. You are so blessed and thanks for being a blessing to non-Japanese fans like me. 🙂

    rei125 Reply:

    hi, long time no see~
    your wordings made me happy, yeah i know i’m blessed 🙂
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    Aloha Rei, thank you for sharing your Waku Waku experience. It was very detailed and entertaining that I am not sad anymore that I was not able to get a ticket.  You did such a good job that I felt like I was there with you too!  Thank you for taking the time to update your blog all the time with the latest Arashi news!!! Lori

    rei125 Reply:

    u really touched me with your words.. i understand how sad it would be if cant get the ticket.. i cant imagine that… but i know… coz i failed to get my BW tickets too last year..
    i never think that my blog could cheer up anyone, maybe it’s just informative for those who cant attend, but i’m very happy that it brights up your day~ it’s worth spending nearly 7 hours writing it …. ^^

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    Sorry! A recent (2014) ARASHI fan. Not related to Waku Waku Gakkou but what was Jun and Sho doing at the Gynecology department? Was this for a TV show?

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    tv show very long time ago

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