Otonoha Vol.103 2012/06/15

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OOhhhh i love this smile !!!


It’s me.

Kageyama again.

“Nazotoki” is going to the big screen.

It is very hisashiburi that i can film with Nakamura Masatoshi again, and i’m enjoying my days everyday.
Nakamura Masatoshi was Sho(Tamura)’s boss in Tokujyo Kabachi


Few days ago, when i was drinking with my friends, we talked about our story during travelling.

Title: “Best 3 of dull memories on overseas trip”


Let’s get on!


It was a time when my friend and i were going on travelling, and we had depart a few hours.

We were scheduled to arrive in another 2 hours, and my friend looked out of the window.

“WOW!! GOOD ne!! The weather looks good ne!!”

“… it’s because you’re on top of the clouds..”

And we reached our destination.

We’re waiting for our luggage.

“Hmm.. a lot of japanese ne…”

“… because this plane takes off from Narita na…”

On our way to destination, inside the car.

“WOW.. its so beautiful ne”


“Urm.. what’s that..

You see.. that one…

around the castle…”

Local guide:
“Jyou heki desuka?” (Meaning is it castle wall?)

That’s all.

Yeah.. dull story.

Thank you for listening.

And i’m filming seriously now.

Sakurai Sho (Kageyama now)

Urm.. anyone got his black humour? :p
Well he was saying his friend was so happy saying how beautiful is that “thing” he saw, the one around the castle, but the tour guide just mentioned it as merely a wall !! which means nothing to get so fuss up *LOL*

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