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The song this time ne,
is a medium tempo sentimental type, and i feel very good when singing it! exclamation
I think it’s a song suitable for karaoke too~
Ahdouble exclamation Wanna go to karaoke double exclamationdouble exclamation
Of course i love “Your Eyes” too,but i also recommend “voice” 黒ハート
It’s a summer feeling song and gives the impression of a tropical country.
For those who are busy and no time to go to those tropical country, maybe you can refresh yourself by listening to “voice” 黒ハート

Enjoy “Your Eyes” with the drama please.


Doumo~exclamation Ohno desuexclamation
Saexclamation We’re going to release new single again~double exclamation Unbelievable, it’s the 39th singleexclamation And we’ll reach the 40th in another pieceexclamation Sugoi na~exclamation This 39th single is “Your Eyes”. Aiba chan’s drama theme song~exclamation This time it’s a slow tempo song and nice songexclamation The set for PV is also very big and thanks to all the staffs nedouble exclamation I thought we’re not going to dance this time but still, we dance a little bit in between, do check it out neexclamation

Ohno Satoshi


Release of the 39th single, “Your Eyes”exclamation
I think many of you have heard it in Aiba-kun’s drama “Mikeneko Holmes no suiri”, it’s a slow tempo medium ballad song. Although it’s slow tempo but it gives a strong message too 🙂

Coupling song are good too. Most gives the feeling of summer, so i think it is suitable for the coming season. “Kimi ga iru kara” ‘ rhythm is good, “Hanabi” is a high tension one, and “voice” is a nostagic one. I love all of them ぴかぴか (新しい) Do check it out 耳ぴかぴか (新しい)

I love “voice” of all!!

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