Arashi’s condition for marriage partner (結婚相手の条件)

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Very “detailed” and very “real” :p Too honest….. orz
See if you’re eligible :p
Me…………. aihs…….. from the first day i like him, i know i can never meet Sho’s requirement… orz 😥


1. good at cooking
yeah, he doesnt cook AT ALL. So gals, start learning cooking now if you cant cook! *LOL*

2. knows how to separate garbage
Japan is very strict in handling garbage, you have to separate each type of garbage and there is specific date to throw them… hmmm.. i really find it troublesome.. but guess i must learn how to tolenrate with it!!

9. sociable
ORZ……………… i will start to learn to make more friends!!!

13. own a driving license
Sho-chan, why…? 😥
Should i go and get myself a license then?


1. Female
2. Above 16 years old
3. Can speak japanese


5. Don’t ask me “why are you not working?”
Nino wants freedom and scares pressure ne~

10. Wont complain on me playing game

11. Hate travelling
HAHAHAHHAAH oh……. Nino, how much you hate outdoor activities…? orz…..

17. Doesnt own a dress (gown)

18. Own sexy inner wear
Nino…… 😳


3. Good at arguing
what a condition?! HAHHAHAH

12. Beautiful walking
oops… is that so important?

14. short nail
HAHAHHAHAHAHHA ok, this one no problem for me :p


18. beautiful without makeup
OH…………… this is the most difficult part…


Of all, Ohno’s condition is quite normal and easy except for (13) Can fish.. hahhahahahahha

So,,, do you think you’re ideal for any one of them? :p

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19 Comments on “Arashi’s condition for marriage partner (結婚相手の条件)”

  • Dayse
    4 6月, 2012, 4:38

    LOOOOOL Nino’s are ver very funny!
    I can’t drink, so…no! ^^

    rei125 Reply:

    the “hate travelling” and “own sexy inner wears” made me LOL hahahhaa

  • Pung
    4 6月, 2012, 18:22

    OMG !!! I I give up for being Aiba’s ideal girl. I cannot drink, play golf and also cooking .  I don’t like anime at all  ..Huhhhhhhh sounds difficult to reach even only to  one their requirement. For my opinion, I think Jun ‘s requirement is the easiest among others’ , except have to be beautiful without make up.   How come ??, since even with make up I am still not…^^ maybe next life ^^^ will try again ^^^

    rei125 Reply:

    i think leader’s one is most normal and easy,
    i am not up to Sho’s requirement also 😥
    i don’t have a driving license also….><

  • Hikari~
    4 11月, 2012, 19:25

    I’m for Jun!! wait I’m coming dearr x33 (except 6. *-* I can’t wake up early easily xs ) and I dont do make up, but I don’t think I’m that beautiful.. xs 

    rei125 Reply:

    HAHAHAHA u’re lucky!! I cant meet most of Sho’s requirement… (ノ_・。)

  • jenice
    5 11月, 2012, 23:39

    at first, i have to learn Japanese refer to nino’s condition. 5555.
    I somewhat hate to live in city and I really love travelling . How shoul I do? ? ? ? ?
    And I have my own dress. lol Ohh NINOMI

    rei125 Reply:

    hahahhahaha that’s too bad, he almost NEVER gets out of his house….orz…

  • 10 11月, 2012, 11:17

    I can’t imagine how to meet Sho’s conditions no. 3, 10, and 17. I some close girls friend, am I loved? Maa, I almost always be their consult partner.. :p
    I almost meet all Nino’s conditions (YAAAAAAYYY!!! >.<) except no. 3 my inner wear almost all 'jimi' and some 'kawaii' not sexy. I have my own hobby but it's playing game (doushiyo???), I don't really like travelling, amari soto denai, hehe…
    Abunai!!! If with Nino, doko ni moi ikanai yo,, (O.o) Playing game whole day at home or work our own separately? not know each other schedule?

    rei125 Reply:

    hahahahhaha u’re so funny!!! my character is totally same as Nino!!! but i love sho the most~~ what should i do? hahaha

  • amivie neski
    22 11月, 2012, 9:10

    thank you, for this is! i laugh a lot when i read it!! this totally makes my day!! 

    nino’s is so funny
    1.female!~ XDDD (thank god, he’s not gay XP)
    2.above 16yrs (fuh!~)
    3.speak japanese.. (uh-oh (╥﹏╥) sorry, i failed….)
    11. hate travelling?? (nino doesn’t like outing much?)

    4. sharp five sense?? (i have to practice more!! XP)

    6. walking speed the same ^^ ( so they can walk side by side? so sweet XDDD)
    and i love ohno’s 14
    14.not calculative in money…
    oh well, since he will makes the money, the wife can just spend it leisurely… ^^

    but i give up, i can’t drink..  ^^

    rei125 Reply:

    hahahhaha u’re so funny!
    Yeah, nino hates travelling, he never gets out of his home, and he always dashed home straight away after his work..
    my character is totally same as Nino (although i love travelling hehe)

  • Niella-chan
    29 11月, 2012, 19:46

    Hahahahaha ! I’m so happy that I can meet ALL Jun’s condition. HahaI think. My heart is beating so fast! And I love it ! I love ART! very much. I’m very good at it. I’m also very tough, not falling sick easily, I love reading too! I can meet all of it ^^.

    rei125 Reply:

    wow, u’re so lucky to meet ALL jun’s condition!! i cant even mit a few of my sho’s…. >< 

  • Mika
    1 1月, 2013, 8:18

    omg i’m just so happy i meet nino’s age requirement lol ^_^
    but is this really like their perfect image of their future wife haha?
    thanks for posting this btw <3

  • AdjukiAngelzCcx
    25 4月, 2013, 0:12

    Nino!!!!!!!!!!!!! Female. HAHAHAHAHA xDD

  • umai
    10 8月, 2013, 0:44

    hiks…so sad, i’m fail with all condition…..but i still being they fan….thank you…ganbatte mina, and don’t give up, u can learn to that all condition….

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