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It’s me. Sakurai.

39th single.
“Your eyes” is going to be released soon.

I thought it would be quite an intense melody after hearing it….
But then it comes with a calm melody too…

Just like Aiba, cool and passionate!
(Reisei to jyonetsu no aida no Aiba)
※This is a corner title of Arashi’s radio very long time ago


Urm.. guess not much of you know what i meant…

One of the corner in radio where five of us host together “Arashi On” .

It was so fun~

And also the corner of Sakurai General (Sakurai Shogun) ne!

We also did the bean scattering ceremony during radio.

… oops.. what’s the original topic..


“Your Eyes”

Please, yoroshiku onegaishimasu m(__)m
(Persuasive power ZE-RO-)

Sakurai Sho

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