Trip to Aiba’s chinese restaurant 2012.05.28

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Got up early in the morning, travelled for more than 2 hours, off to Aiba’s “俺の千葉” Chiba!
Yeah, target destination is “Keikarou” (桂花楼), Aiba’s chinese restaurant.
It has always been my wish to go there. I wanna meet Aiba’s mama, Aiba’s papa, and Aiba’s brother 😳
Although i know it’s almost impossible to see Aiba there, but you know, when you’ve decided to go, deep in your heart you’ll keep praying that you can catch a glimpse of Aiba there, maybe he dropped down there to pass something to his mum? Maybe he passed by there and just went in to have a lunch? *LOL*

But… all these wild imaginations vanished once i reached there..
Keikarou opens at 11am, my friend and I reached there at 10am but there are already fans queuing there. Looking at this queue, i know that the chance to meet Aiba there is almost ZERO~~~
Hey, it’s Monday man… it’s weekday man… i wonder why these people do not have to work! (well, i’m also one of them :p)
As time passed, more and more people came.
We were quite front in queue, but we still cant get in at 11am. We could only get in at 12am.

Queue outside Keikarou around 10:30am

Signboard changed to “OPEN” at 11:00am

Here we go!!!! Finally our turn to go in at 12:00 after waiting for 1 hour! あせあせ (飛び散る汗)

First, we’re greeted by a BIG BIG Green Label poster at the entrance! *LOL*
The poster is too big that i cant even capture a good picture of it!

Inside Keikarou. It’s much smaller than what i expect. There are many presents from fans at the table along the window side.

The scene behind my seat. Aiba’s commercial 😀 And also one on Arashi’s Nintendo Games 😀

Also one Kirin small advertisement on the table *LOL*

They have a lot of menu but most of people order set lunch. We ordered set lunch each. Mine is shrimp with cashew nut. It comes with Aiba’s favourite “Mabo Toufu” わーい (嬉しい顔), Soup, dessert and steaming chicken with sesame taste as appetizer. And we added in “harumaki” (spring rolls), which Aiba mentioned a lot of time in Music station, the one that his mum likes to bring it to the other Arashi members!!

Waiting for food to be served..

And the food is here!! WHAT A VOLUME !!!!

After taking our lunch, i walked along inside and took pictures of those presents from fans.
You wont be able to believe your eyes, fans are always very talented!!! They knows everything!! Some can draw very well, some can design very well, some can sew very well, and some have very good and interesting ideas!!!!

Alright, open your eyes WIDE !!! *LOL*

The bartender illustration is so well-drawn!! The figure is soooo cute!!!

I love this HNA Mannequin5 SP Figure!!! I voted for this coordination!!!

The jigsaw puzzle are present from fans from Malaysia!!!

Sugoi…………….. Look at the one drawing… and also those little strap at the bottom, they’re made of beads!!!!

Another set of bear made of beads!!!! How i wish i can decorate this in my room too!!

This one from Hong Kong fans! Photo taken when Aiba visited Hong Kong.

Not written from where but from the english message, this one should come from foreign fans too.

Even LEGO is here!!!!! All sorts of ideas ne!

JAL airplane is here too!!!! Beautiful World~

Another two types of JAL airplane. Hmm.. this was not sold everywhere, i remembered it was a present for people who sit JAL during the campaign. Fans tend to give their most precious things to their most beloved person ne 🙂

AMNOS color bear~ Looking at AMNOS color made me happy 😀

Lotus ♪

Cross-stitch?? Unbelievable!!

More and more…

Never thought of framing up the MarchingJ paper!! *LOL*

Another soft toy wearing Aiba’s mannequin SP coordination *LOL*

Still more to come, are you tired? わーい (嬉しい顔)

The cross-stitch.. i love it very much!!! Can anyone made it for me?? orz……. or give me the draft of it?

Look at this glass stone (?)… I am speechless. “笑顔の宝石箱” (Jewel box of the smile), that’s what Aiba wrote in the episode in HNA where he and Jun went and made their own namecard.
Fans made it into a glass stone.. yeah, Aiba’s smile is jewel!

This one is at the entrance too. The little Arashi badge is so cute~~

The mascot of Keikarou is a green color monkey (i guess so), so you can see many of the mascot inside the restaurant.

And signature from Arashi’s member.
Someone’s “うまい!!” (Umai!!) caught my attention!!! 😀
The one at the middle….. And look at the date!!! Does it means there you went there to celebrate Masaki’s birthday, Sho-chan? :p

Keikarou sells a lot of things, like teapack, soya sauce, tea in pet bottle etc.

Besides those edible stuffs, they sell key chains, tote bags, straps, coin case etc too.

Basically, Aiba’s mama is not serving. She’s always at the cashier. Every staffs wears a name tag including Aiba’s mama, so if you dunno which is her, just look for the person with the nametag “相葉” (Aiba) :p
All staffs are in white uniform except Aiba’s mama in black.
She’s much much much younger than i expect her to be and very beautiful…….!!!
I am very regretful now, i should try to talk to her, some fans talked to her. I feel so shy when she is in front of me… HAHHAHAHAHA Very strange feeling, the mother of the TOP IDOL in japan standing in front of you, keep imagining of those scene when Aiba talks to him mum.

You can leave your message to Aiba or to Keikarou in this notebook. They actually placed one simple notebook there but fans again are so cute, they made this notebook specially and brought it there for Keikarou to use. Once again, i’m remorseful… i didnt write anything!! Out of sudden, i dunno what to write… orz..

Aiba’s bartender art on top of the fridge near the entrance.

Also a small truck!!! HAHAHAHHAHA

I bought something back to eat, the dumpling!! *LOL*

Didn’t manage to see Aiba’s papa and brother, they’re inside the kitchen all the while i guess…

Although of course Aiba didn’t appear, but still it’s so fun and “shiawase” to eat there~
Go there if you have the chance! But be prepared, you need to queue!!

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12 Comments on “Trip to Aiba’s chinese restaurant 2012.05.28”

  • s3mp0i
    29 5月, 2012, 23:32

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    lucky u..*pouting*..haha
    and the jigsaw puzzle was from my fellow malaysian? wa..i should put more effort like them then..really nice of aiba’s family to put fan’s gift in the restaurant ^^..i know that feeling when u suddenly can’t think of anything when u meet the person in real life..and thanks again for sharing ur experience..u always light up my day =)

    rei125 Reply:

    i am really impressed of them, all very talented and creative, i cant think of what i can make for Aiba-chan! *LOL*

  • japanlori
    30 5月, 2012, 13:35

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    Hi Rei, Glad you finally got to Keikarou.  I went there twice. Their ramen is very good. Aiba’s mom is very nice and beautiful. I got to take a picture with her too. I didn’t realize how many things are given by Arashi’s fans. Thanks for sharing!

    rei125 Reply:

    when did you go there? i never know that we can take photo with Aiba’s mum!! i wanna take photo too!!!

  • therrygene
    30 5月, 2012, 13:52

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    OMG! This is just so amazing. All of those stuffs are shown at their restaurant. 🙂 I love this. Thanks for the photos. ♥ I hope I could go there someday.

    rei125 Reply:

    ya, do visit it one day! you’ll enjoy just by looking at those stuffs~

  • Pung
    30 5月, 2012, 14:35

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    Thank you for sharing, now I am thinking , I will try to make the great present for him.also. Hope it will be decorated at the restaurant one day ^^

    rei125 Reply:

    i have the same idea too,but…. i dunno what i can make……. hmmmmmm…. ganbatte!

  • Jess Tan
    9 3月, 2013, 21:08

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    Hello! Woah I am so jealous that you get to visit there! I hope I can go there too! Does Aiba’s mom speak in English?? Or else I would have to learn more Japanese words :/

    rei125 Reply:

    i guess she only speaks japanese~

  • Samu-chan
    25 4月, 2014, 23:28

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    I really want to know Masaki-san, I want to be friends with him…and I will be a really good friend to him not because he is a superstar that I really idolise but because I am really that sort of person 😀 I will go there someday and bring him a gift, i’ll ask the mother to send or give it to him. 

  • Aury
    11 4月, 2015, 23:21

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    Hi! I’m an Arashi fan too! Aiba chan is my sun! His smile is very countagious and I love him! Next spring I’ll go to Japan!! It’s my dream! Arashi teach me to believe in dreams and this dream come true…Unbelieveble! *____________*
    I want to go to Aiba’s family restouant too but it’s difficoult to find? I’m so happy!!!!!!
    bye byeeeeeeeeee!!!

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