Jun talks on recent member

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Happened to pass by the convenience store, grabbed a magazine and found one interesting page featuring Jun.
He was talking on the other members, u know i love this kinda story, where you get to know some little “information” on them *LOL*

Recent Leader

Well, everyone knows he’s busy for his drama now (LOL) He always hold his script on his hand and memorizing his lines very hard. That day i received a call from Sato Koji and he said “let’s go out for a drink 3 of us together”, and i haven’t tell leader about this, so taking this chance to tell him here (LOL)

Recent Sho-kun

This is also another information where everyone knows about it, ie his hair is short (LOL). Well, he cut it because of the drama. These few years he tends to cut his hair short from back upwards. I remembered he said this hairstyle is comfortable last year.

Recent Aiba-san

He always looks so happy and enjoying (LOL). Not only during recording for our regular varieties but also inside resting room. I really think that it’s sugoi. Oh yeah, he’s also trying to memorize his lines very hard. When i saw both of them , i really feel that it’s not easy to act in mystery drama.

Recent Nino

We mail each other quite a lot recently. Actually, i just started to play games recently. Quite unbelievable. And i played the same game as Nino so i used to ask him a lot. He’s a game master u know(LOL). I mailed him and asked him for a game together but we haven’t had the chance yet.

Recent Me

Playing game (LOL). My friend was absorbed in it and he asked me to join but i always reject, but there’s one time when a group of us gather together, and they started to play game together, in the end, i’m addicted to it too. Well, it’s fun when you start to play it.

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5 Comments on “Jun talks on recent member”

  • therrygene
    28 5月, 2012, 13:42

    It really looks like the two of them, Nino and Jun, has lots of free time compared to the three. They even have a time to play games. I wonder what game are they playing. 🙂

    Thanks for the translation. ♥

  • rei125
    28 5月, 2012, 19:37

    i m thinking of the same thing too!! nino has been quite free for few months….. jun, maybe quite free after lucky seven..

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