Otonona Vol.102 2012/05/15

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Oh no……… it’s a very hard to understand diary today…
I think it’ll be hard to understand if i just translate it directly especially if you dunno japanese, so i’ll try to explain it in my own words, hopefully i can help to spread what he wants to say!
Let’s try to understand it ok? He’s writing hard ^^

It’s me.

In the “Face Down” special site, i’ve did an explanation on the song’s rhythm composition, and looks like it gets quite a good response from the staffs, so today i’m going to do it again here.

In today’s lesson i’m going to explain on :

“The 3 songs which i’ve spent my time in writing it”

First is
“Boku no miteiru huukei”

Sakurai’s solo song

(…what? T.A.B.O.O suddenly?)

The last part of the rap
“ニ回の~” (Ni kai no~)


And following it is

(蜂の~) OIU

If you realize, it’s using the same vowel sound 6 times continuiously..
and it ends with “OIU”.

My Explanation
This is the lyrics which he mentioned.
I wrote the pronunciation in english,
please focus on the capital letters to get the meaning.

二回のwink (nI kAI nO wI nkU)
額とリンク (hI tAI tO rI nkU)
左を見る (hI dArI wO mI rU)
“しないの?キス” (shI nAI nO kI sU)
光閉じる (hIkArI tO jI rU)
未開の地図 (mI kAI nO chI zU)

All the pronunciation ends with IAIOIU,
that’s what he wanted to say~

(heh….heh… heh…. ←surprise sound)
And the next one is

From Album


Ohno’s part
the part “嵐 探し~” (Arashi Sagashi)

Also in this part, i tried to use the same vowel in the lyrics, and sometimes changing it a bit to match the rhythm.

In short


(heh….heh… heh…. ←surprise sound)

And the next is also from “COOL&SOUL”

Sakurai’s last part

The part consists of lyrics with the same vowels too

That is


Oi…. Oi…. Sakurai…..

“マイクを持つ” (Mic wo motsu) part should be
isn’t it…?
Don’t tell me you made a mistake..?

IF your’re thinking that !!!!

YEAH!!! This is a very good question!!
(I’m not questioning at all…)
I dont actually pronounce the “U”..
So that’s the way i tried to make it sound like same vowels.
That’s how i create my rap.

These 3 songs which i mentioned this time consists of all same vowels throughout the lyrics, and it’s quite high level.
Most of my time, i’ll only try to make the ending the same vowel and not the whole lyrics.
Well, this’s not a general way to write a rap, i’m talking on myself ok?

Hmm.. after writing for so long, i realized something..

is very troublesome.. i guess i wont write on this anymore..
( ̄・・ ̄)


The only thing left is practise.

I hope this lesson will build up more rapper.


Stand up.


Check it.

Sit down.


(… Hmmm? Some more?)

As announced previously, i’ll be working as caster for the London olympics this year.


I wrote everything during interview in my small memo pad, and every night i copied them to my notebook.
This was my homework everyday in Beijing.

I hope it will be a good help for me if i have a chance to go to London 4 years later.

“Today” was the day for my “4 years ago”.

Now it has become real. And i feel very honour.


And now it’s London!!


Yoroshiku Onegaishimasu m(___)m

Sakurai Sho

I havent translate his Face Down message because i’m overseas now.
Will try to do it when i have the time~

And Sho-chan, congrats on being chosen as caster for london olympics~

4 years ago in Beijing

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  • therrygene
    18 5月, 2012, 12:29

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    I really love his rap and for him to explain how he made those is so amazing. 

    rei125 Reply:

    although we may not understand fully 100% what he is trying to say maybe, but at least he’s trying to explain it to us, really appreciate it~~~ (≧◡≦)~♥

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