Face Down message from Ohno

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The next after Aiba is Leader~
As usual, no new line and a lot of exclamation marks! *LOL*

Doumo~exclamationOhno de—suexclamation
Saexclamation We’re releasing new single againexclamation The 38th single “Face Down”exclamation It’s the theme song of drama “Kagi no kakatta heya”, and i think it suits the drama very wellexclamation Hmm… we danced a lotexclamation The dance is quite difficult (LOL). Have not been dancing in that way for quite some time~exclamation Looks like we always need to dance a lot for those theme song for my drama (LOL). New single “Face Down” and drama, yoroshiku desuexclamation


Ohno in "Kagi no kakatta heya"

Arashi performing Face Down in Music Station 2012.05.05

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