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OOhhhhhh BIG NEWS on Nino!!! *LOL*
The guy who always try not to bring his purse out and try to make others treat him.. :p

We’re now shooting for Face Down PV, and i’m writing this during our rest time.
The shooting is very smooth.
This morning, we took photo for the CD jacket, and moved to studio here for PV.

Today!! Ninomiya Kazunari gave a treat for lunch!
The Nino, the guy who is famous for his stingy character, gave a treat on “Shoga yaki” (←pork cooked with ginger sauce), which is consider quite expensive menu at our canteen 😀 Very deliciousexclamation

Sorry for this small little information.
The PV and CD jacket should be quite “Kacchoii” (Kakkoii) 😀
Do listen to itexclamation

プチ情報なんかじゃないよー 嬉しいよ、相葉ちゃんヾ(≧▽≦)ノ
Thanks Aiba for that information ムード
Wonder if Nino treat all of them or only Aiba? わーい (嬉しい顔)

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