Making of Nazotoki wa Dinner no Atode

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Sho-chan~~~♪ Kageyama~~~~♪
Feel like watching the drama again after watching the Making.
Cant stop laughing~ *LOL*


Crank in
Crank in day for Sho~ Look at the chubby face~~~ Ikemen~~
The white blouse and pants looks so good on him! 黒ハート

His first screen was the following scene, the time where he worked as a cleaner~

He did quite some cosplay in the drama, one of it is wearing the rabbit hairband :p
It looks so funny when he was talking with the staffs when they’re not taking the scene with the hairband on him *LOL*
Looks like Sho is not very used to the specs, he took it off away once the scene is “CUT”.

Looking serious during work

There were a lot of reporters on this day, when Sho & Keiko was acting, they were busy taking pictures of them and the whole atmosphere is roared with camera’s shutter sound. The staff said, “is this a kinda press conference?” *LOL*

Kageyama’s challenge
(1) Sommelier
He was taught by the professional sommelier the right way to open the wine, the right way to carry it, and there are so many steps to remember.

Sho was very nervous, when the take was finished, he rushed outside to check it, and he laughed so much when the scene showed his relax expression after the shot *LOL*

This’s his expression when he finished the cut.

(2) Cooking
Kageyama needs to prepare a lot of dinner for ojyosama.
Today they took the scene where he prepared omelette rice.
Staff: Sakurai-san, what is your pride dish?
Sho: barley tea!

Listening seriously to sensei’s teaching.

The sensei hit on her own hands to “move” the omlette, Sho was kinda astonished.. he asked her “Dont you feel painful?” Sensei said “of course it’s painful!”, and he still doesn’t understand why we cant just shake the frying pan to move the egg… Yeah, i dun understand either…あせあせ (飛び散る汗)

He tried to do the same too… and he screamed “OUCH..!!! ” *LOL*

There are many food during the shooting.
Sho had mentioned this in his nazodi diary previously.
So……………….. we got a lot of chance to see his “true colors” in the DVD *LOL*

This is the real Sakurai Sho !!!

The guy who is known as the most gourmet guy in Arashi! *LOL*

I just love to see the way he eat!!!

He said “I love omlette rice”
Hai, hai, we all know it! :p

Then there’s a scene where he needs to cut the egg into two, and spread them on the rice.

And……………. he cut the egg “nicely” splitting them into two parts………. *LOL*

The staffs were laughing so much, and he doesnt know what is going wrong.. *LOL*

The sensei gave him a briefing again *LOL*

And this time he did it! *LOL*

Look at his face when he finished the cut!!!

(3) Baseball
Kageyama needs to play baseball and Sho is not very good at it, he was practising it and when he finished the cut, the staffs praised that he’s “kakkoii” and he was so shy *LOL*
Sho acted as a catcher in Kisarazu Cat’s Eyes (Bambi), he said after the drama everyone thought that he is good at baseball, and when the tv commercial looks up on him, he felt so guilty.. *LOL*

Sho was always seen talking to the other staffs during free hour.
IIna~~~ envious of the staffs….

There is one very funny scene. Kitakawa Keiko had to blink his eyes continuously and she managed to did it in very high speed. Sho burst out laughing looking at the shot. I love his laughter~~

So envious of Keiko… getting the chance to talk to Sho everytime ><

Then the next scene, he has to do the same as Keiko, ie keep blinking his eyes.

He watched the take outside, and the staffs said “how come your nose is swelling when you blink your eyes?”
And he laughed so much.. “YEAH YEAH.. others said so too… why…”

Crank up

The greatest smile of all~


The interview was quite long… so i only pick up a few of the topics ne.. :p

He said he suffered from muscular pain at the backside when the shooting just started because he needs to stand very very straight most of the time.

And also he said he went to the nail salon for the first time in his life, he felt so embarrassed because that’s not a place for guys :p He was thinking that there’s too much screen focusing on his hands, and he thinks this character needs to have a very clean hand, so he decided to go and have his nails polished *LOL*
When asked if Arashi members know about this, he said at first he didnt tell them about it. Jun was shooting for another drama “Lucky Seven”, which is also FujiTV’s drama, so one day both of them happened to be inside FujiTV at the same time. Jun came to his room to have a chat with him but……………. he was having his nails being polished by staffs… (just like the photo below)

Jun saw it and was laughing at him, and then he began to spread the news to the other members*LOL*
Urm….. here’s a focus on his hands.. looks chubby at this time ne! *LOL*
His hand is much more beautiful than mine…….. orz あせあせ (飛び散る汗)

When ask who he wants him to be his butler among the Arashi member, after thinking for some time, he chose Nino.

He said Nino is always playing his game, during rest hour or even meeting… but he can listen to the talk and discussion and at the same time playing his game.. (Oh Nino….. reminds me of the Shiyagare SP), so he thinks that Nino should be someone who can listen to him. And as for the member whom he thinks is the most inappropriate to be a butler, he said it’s Ohno. The reason is he doesn’t own a driving license! And the license which Ohno is eyeing is not a driving license, it’s a ship license! *LOL*

Lastly, some other making shots~

Ah~~~~ Sho-chan, daisuki!! 黒ハート

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9 Comments on “Making of Nazotoki wa Dinner no Atode”

  • Erika
    3 5月, 2012, 5:08

    In all my omelette-making I’ve never seen a person hit their hand, but it’s pretty common to hit the handle of the fry pan. ^_^ I loved the scene where he cut the omelette in half and all the staff laughed ..
    thanks for the summary ^_^

    rei125 Reply:

    i love the scene where he was talking to the staffs or checking the monitor~

  • mijikai_kami
    5 5月, 2012, 5:30

    where can i find this making nazodi video to download or to watch??? can anyone help me….

    rei125 Reply:

    sorry… ><

  • 21 5月, 2012, 18:55

    sugoi sugoi~ ^^
    i really had fun reading this!! thank you so much!! i LOVE Nazodi~ it seems like I appreciated Sho more because of this drama! I love him already! ^0^ i hope i could watch this making.

    rei125 Reply:

    thanks for the comment~ happy~

  • 21 5月, 2012, 23:02

    i laugh a lot when reading this… hahaha. thanks. You’ve helped me a lot as i’m always curious about how can Sho act as Kageyama if he is bad at cooking and baseball…

    rei125 Reply:

    i wonder since the part where he cut the omlette does not need to show his face (just the hand), they didnt just ask the sensei to do it ne..

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