Enjoying the same scramble egg~ (Arashi ni Shiyagare)

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Arashi ni Shiyagare 2011.08.06, Takenaka Naoto (Nino’s dad in freeter) appeared as Aniki guest and he introduced this restaurant called Bills to them. I guess perhaps a lot of fans know about this Bills, it is described as the Best place for breakfast in the world.
Quote from the net:

There are many people for whom a trip to Sydney is not complete without a visit to one of Bill Granger’s restaurants. Breakfast at bills has become a sydney institution.

The one in Shichirigaoka in Japan is their first branch in Japan.
In Arashi ni Shiyagare, they invited the chef to make them the breakfast in the studio. The chef made them scramble eggs.

It’s ready~

Jun said it tastes very healthy.

Aiba, after tasting it for sometime, said the same thing too.

Sho said, if he can have this for breakfast, he will definitely sleep again, so that he can have it another time! *LOL*

Today i had a chance to go there, it’s really very popular and very hard to make reservation even during weekdays. My friend queued from early in the morning before it is opened (around 8am) but we can only get in at 11:15am! The building faces the sea, so you can enjoy the scenery while having your breakfast~

Of all the menu there, of course i chose the scramble egg that they ate!!!
I understand why Jun and Aiba said it’s healthy, to be frank, it’s quite “plain”.. i tried to add in salt and pepper ^^;
I feel so happy everytime i had the same thing that Sho had before 😳

The land beside Bills @ Shichirigaoka

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