The unaired story behind Aiba’s mail

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In the Arashi ni Shiyagare last week, NTV shows the backstage of Aiba-chan in his one day promotion for “Mikeneko Holmes”. He mailed the other four and see who will reply him. The other four was kept in dark until the episode was aired! *LOL*

Aiba: “I’m working at NTV now, ganbatte-ing now, Have you watched it?”

One minute after the mail was sent out, Sho replied *LOL*

Sho: “It’s the first time i got a mail from member advertising his program. Will watch it. Ganba!”

Aiba then continued working, and 30minutes after his work, he checked his phone again and saw incoming mail from the other members. Look at his happy face~

Ohno: “Been watching it since yesterday. I have filming today, but i will watch it during intervals ne”
Aiba said he nearly cried when he read leader’s mail *LOL* because leader is now very busy shooting for his drama and yet he said he has been watching since yesterday.

Nino: “Watching it yo! Have been watching it since yesterday dayo”

Jun: “Sugoi-ne. You’re going to do this for 2hrs plus?”
Aiba said Jun sounds like not in the least concern at all *LOL*

Aiba said he received from every of them within one hour after the mail is sent out.

When he said Sho replied him within one minute, Sho’s expression was kinda funny!!

Aiba sent the mail to all of them together, ie multiple recipients. Nino said it was so real that none of them notice that it’s actually a prank (tv program).
They replied each other using the “reply all” function except Ohno because he doesnt know how to “reply all” *LOL*

I believe the contents of the mail was longer, just that Aiba summarized it because from the tv, it seems that he took some time to read the mail ne~

The tv program shows only a little bit of it, and here’s some of the unaired episode from people who went to the recording for this episode.

Sho was cleaning his own room when Aiba’s mail reached him. He knows Aiba chan is having live broadcasting for the whole day and he was kinda shocked and worried to get a mail from Aiba at that hour.. so he sent another mail to Aiba asking him if anything happened… Sho-chan yasashii!!! (≧◡≦)~♥

Ohno said to prove that he is watching, he replied with a photo of him and a tv in front of him showing Aiba on air.

Sho said he thought of sending picture to Aiba too.
He hold his handphone on his hand, putting his elbow on his knee, trying hard to capture a good picture of Aiba…. but he just couldn’t find the right timing.
Sho : “There’s always somebody around him”
Nino: “Well, this guy always cant sit still…”

Jun and Nino said they realized the mail from Aiba chan after Sho replied.

When the whole program finished at night, Aiba sent another mail telling them “I’ve finished!!”
Sho was drinking with his friends after his work, and he replied.. “Who cares!!” *LOL*

Kya~~~ Arashi SAIKOU !!

Oh yeah, looks like Aiba has been using this white handphone for a very long time.
He is using smartphone too, so guess he’s having more than one handphone~
From top, Hatenai Sora Making, Gasshuku, The recent Mikeneko Holmes promotion.

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10 Comments on “The unaired story behind Aiba’s mail”

  • Erika
    29 4月, 2012, 7:23

    The contents of this post can nicely be summed up into one sentence:
    “The reason I love Arashi!”
    Thank you so much for sharing!

    rei125 Reply:

    u’re right!! 🙂

  • s3mp0i
    29 4月, 2012, 15:20

    nice said erika-san! =)
    the fact that 4 of them reply to aiba’s message really makes me happy..”they r really nakama ne~”..makes me love them even more..aiba is so sincere when he said he’s nearly cried when he read leader’s message..
    thank u for sharing as always..=)

    rei125 Reply:

    yeah, u can see from his face that he really meant it. And i think leader’s mail was quite long, coz aiba went silent when reading the mail for quite a few seconds before he summarized it into one sentence~

  • cty
    4 5月, 2012, 13:39

    I just found this from tb^^ Fufufufu
    Am going to open this web daily from now on!

    rei125 Reply:

    thanks 🙂
    I dont update so often, maybe you can check out my facebook~

  • Nichanchan
    27 5月, 2012, 4:38

    HI, this episode has been aired? Because I’ve seen the episode with Fujiki Naohito, but I didn’t see the backstage part with Aiba send email to members; you know where I can find that part?
    Thank you very much for your time.

    rei125 Reply:

    Shiyagare 21 april

  • fatinie arianna
    17 6月, 2012, 13:50

    awww!! it melts me dowm!! this shows they’re real best friends!! I LOVE ARASHI FOREVER!! ever since i met them, their chemistry attract me!!<3 arashi for life!!!

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