Aiba Masaki & Nyan Nyan Vol.2 (2012.04.21)

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I forgot about Aiba-chan’s Nyan Nyan diary last week あせあせ (飛び散る汗)
Aiba-chan, gomen-yo….

Tonight, 9:00pm~ “Mikeneko Holmes no Suiri” Episode 2.
Many incidents are going to happen tonight.
Yoshitaro is getting on his nerves.
And today the “ghost soul” is another keypoint to the drama desune.

This photo is taken at the place where Holmes changed into Matsuko Deluxe in episode 1. Holmes really act well:D! It’s quite unbelievable and sugoi that he is willing to sit still on the bench !!

Besides filming hours, i often carry Holmes with me too 🙂 When i’m free, i’ll try to pat on it, it heals my heart. It’s touch therapy 🙂

And this’s Holmes favourite place. Sometime he just fall asleep inside 🙂
I’ll put in small blanket or cairo for him during cold weather. Maybe he feel so comfortable that sometimes he just doesnt want to come out of it (LOL).
Cats love warm places dane!!

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6 Comments on “Aiba Masaki & Nyan Nyan Vol.2 (2012.04.21)”

  • yuuki
    9 5月, 2012, 13:59

    im really jealous of the Holmes.. (>//<) he is so lucky coz Aiba took good care of him~
    hehehe…Aiba is really good with animal! (^_^) 

    thanks for sharing this~!!

    rei125 Reply:

    i see very less response on this diary and have not been updating it ^^;
    your reply is very important to me~

  • yuuki
    11 5月, 2012, 3:06

    ahaha~ im just catching up with the fandom! 
    bean seriously busy since Feb till this month, live v/out fandom +internet for almost 2month..alot of things i need to catch up..
    i just DL mikaneko, but didnt have time to watch it..tho, just finish watch L7 yesterday~ (>//<)
    so ur simple post (really like it!! esp wit the pics!) is the simplest way for me to no a bit bout the drama! (^_^) 
    thanks a lot for sharing~

  • 20 5月, 2012, 11:37

    thanks for sharing with us.. I really look forward to the next entry.. xD
    really wonder how they instruct holmes to act in the drama.. so real.. xD

    rei125 Reply:

    sorry.. havent been writing this … orz
    will try my best ok..?
    coz Aiba-chan uploads most pictures on Holmes (cat) and actually… i’m scared of cats… lol

  • kokosoko
    8 8月, 2014, 2:47

    uwahh.. kono futari suit very welllll. love them. don’t u wish to continue with this entry ^^
    mechha ki ni narou 

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