Otonoha Vol.101 2012/04/15

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Sho’s first Otonoha from 15th~
Talking about his ski vacation~ 🙂

Title = Future


It’s me.

From “Nazotoki wa Dinner no Atode!



As if a snake is changing its skin.

Of course, i cant change my skin.

So i went skiing.
(Yes, the ski trip which i looked so happy when i mentioned it in Hanamaru)

It’s somewhere near my junior’s house.

Let’s “Shinkansen” ←means travel by bullet train

Travelling means non-reserved seat!!

And travelling means seat facing each other!!

“THE tourist”

I feel totally like that.

When we reached the station, we went straight to the reservation center where we booked for our jumbo taxi.

I went straight into the taxi and sat inside waiting.

Then i heard my friend’s conversation outside..

“Eh… where’s Sakurai kun?”

“Toilet maybe?”

“…Hmm.. why not we leave him behind?”

“Good idea!!!”

“He’s going to get panic ne (LOL)”

“Let’s go Let’s go Let’s go”


And they opened the taxi’s door….

And found Sakurai is already waiting inside.

“Uwaaahhhh !!!!!”

Hmm…. what are you guys doing??

All adults but behave just like small kids….

Well, this kinda happenings is not rare… for these 20 years.

…. Hmm… but I like it!!

When we reached our destination, my junior’s parents came and fetch us.

Junior’s parents:
“Ohh.. Sakurai kun!”

“Ah.. Hajimemashite ←Nice to meet you
I’m sorry to bother you this time.”

Junior’s parents:
“… You look thinner”

“Ah, yes, for my drama…”

Junior’s parents:
“The role of a teacher right. Looking forward to it”


As mentioned just now, this’s the first time we met.

Whenever i meet my friend’s parents for the first time, i always find that they’re very friendly and no distance between us.
I’m grateful for their hospitality.

I talked to his father for some time.

Junior’s father:
“Sakurai kun”


Junior’s father:
“Whenever a lot of people ski, it helps to build up the country.

Because it means that you’re healthy and sports help you stay healthy and you won’t fall sick so easily.

And, compared to staying in the city, sometimes relaxing here at this rural area helps to build up your mind and your heart.
(And the conversation continues…)

As mentioned this is our first meet.

And this kinda topic “The phenomenon to Japan’s future” always pop out when talking to the “adults”.

And we had a lot of these kinda talk in between our ski.


That’s the story of one of my off day.

Sakurai Sho

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  • Atena
    18 4月, 2012, 23:01

    thanks for sharing sho’s otonoha (^_^)
    I enjoy reading it ^__^

    rei125 Reply:

    happy to hear that~

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