Aiba Masaki & Nyan Nyan Vol.1 (2012.04.14)

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As mentioned by Aiba in his mail this morning, his diary for “Mikeneko Holmes no Suiri” starts today.
He has uploaded the vol.1. Check it out.

Minasan, Yoroshiku onegaishimasu from today !!
“Aiba Masaki & Nyan Nyan”
The first shot is one which i think is quite rare :)
It’s a holmes which sit like a dog.

And this’s the holmes for rehearsal.
Of course we cant ask the holmes (※holmes refer to the cat) to rehearsal everytime, so we use this soft toy holmes.

While the soft toy holmes is doing his rehearsal, the real holmes is waiting inside his cage.
Waiting inside his home ne~ :)
Mecha kucha kawaii desho!!

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4 Comments on “Aiba Masaki & Nyan Nyan Vol.1 (2012.04.14)”

  • nik
    14 4月, 2012, 20:02

    kawaii na~
    thanx for sharing!!! ^_^

    rei125 Reply:

    and thank you for your feedback, it’s important for me to know what readers like to see :)

  • yuuki
    9 5月, 2012, 13:49

    kawaii~!! i thought that the 2nd pic is a real cat!! it is soooo cute~!!!

    rei125 Reply:

    me too~

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